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1. Ice cream– (Modern dream book) To dream that you are eating ice cream is a prediction of a happy completion of the work you have begun. Seeing children eating ice cream is a sign of prosperity and happiness. If a young woman dreams that she knocks over ice cream in the presence of her friend or lover, then she will be neglected because of her evil attitude towards people. Seeing spoiled ice cream in a dream means that some unexpected trouble will interfere with your pleasures and entertainment. If you dreamed of melted ice cream, then the anticipated pleasures will lose their charm for you in advance. 2. Ice cream– (Miller’s dream book) There is ice cream in a dream – portends you success in the business you have begun. Seeing children eating ice cream means prosperity and happiness that will accompany you all your life. For a young woman to knock over ice cream in the presence of her lover or friend means her infatuation with others and unjustified cruelty to her lover. Seeing melted ice cream is a sign that unexpected disappointment will overshadow your pleasure. 3. Ice cream– (Esoteric dream book) There is – to passionate love, hot feelings. They only offer you – a dream warns against the dangers posed by those who love you, betrayal is possible. To do it yourself – you yourself have prepared the ground for frenzied love and recklessness, it remains to use their fruits. 4. Ice cream– (Culinary dream book) Eating your favorite ice cream in a dream portends intimacy with a new lover (lover), intimacy that will give you a feeling of unprecedented bliss and overshadow all the previous ones with its passion. 5. Ice cream– (Intimate dream book) If you see in a dream how you eat ice cream on a hot day, then you will have a pleasant meeting with someone you have not seen for a very long time. You will get great pleasure from this meeting, but do not expect to return the past – nothing will come of it. Seeing in a dream how someone eats melted ice cream – you are trying to revive something that has long died. It seems to you that you only have to wish and immediately everything will become the way you want it. In fact, everything has changed a long time ago, and your happiness is already in another person. There is hard, frozen ice cream – you love life and strive to get only pleasure from it. Soon it may happen that your success will not be so unchanged. There is ice cream in a cafe – in the near future you will have a fun event where you will behave in such a way that no one can accuse you of being too modest. You will remember this evening with regret.

what does it mean if you buy ice cream in a dream

Eat ice cream yourself – predicts you a positive result in the business you have begun. Seeing how kids eat ice cream means the development of events that will accompany you all your life. If you saw hidden ice cream, this is a sign that something will upset your joy.

dream interpretation buy ice cream

The ice cream that you ate completely portends that all the things you have previously started will be completed with the best outcome. And if you saw a stranger eating ice cream, and you envy him, it means that in reality you expect big changes. You want to diversify your life and bring more pleasant moments into it. A dream in which you are an ice cream seller portends you significant unforeseen expenses. I dreamed of melting ice cream – a sign of the unexpected. In a dream, you stained your clothes with ice cream – a symbol that the meeting you are expecting will not come true.

buy ice cream in a dream what is it for

To see ice cream ice cream means that your beloved (naya) will cool off for you. And popsicle means that a loved one will ask you for help. Love joys await you if you dreamed of chocolate ice cream. You buy ice cream in a dream – means the emergence of a new hobby, but soon this relationship will come to naught.

dreamed of buying ice cream

There is ice cream – the plan will come true, you will be satisfied with the result. If you saw children eating ice cream, a happy and prosperous life awaits you.

Do you love ice cream? If yes, and you also dreamed about it in a night vision, then you are a happy person who is successful in all endeavors, the dream book promises. However, the interpretation of dreams about ice cream may be different. Much depends on the emotions experienced by the sleeper, and even his attitude to this cold delicacy. So why dream of ice cream?

Ice cream in a dream, according to dream books, is a positive omen. Such a dream in most cases prophesies to the dreamer happiness and good luck in business. If you dreamed of ice cream, it is safe to say that you are doomed to success.

At the ice cream shop

If in a dream you bought a treat from an ice cream maker, then you will soon meet a person who will become your faithful life partner. At the very least, you will dream of linking your fate with him. But, unfortunately, sometimes the same plot, according to the dream book, predicts parting with an old friend.

Enjoys popsicle, ice cream

Remember that you ate ice cream in a dream? Such a plot promises a meeting with a character with whom you had a romantic relationship in the past. But do not try to revive the old feelings, nothing good will come of it anyway. Better just remember the past years, pleasant moments, joke, laugh.

In Aesop’s dream book there is a different interpretation of such a plot. So, if in a dream you tasted ice cream or sorbet, then soon after waking up you can fall in love. Perhaps this passion will be mutual.

k chemu snitsya morozhenoe 2

Why does a woman dream of such a thing? To the fact that the lady will not only fall victim to love, but will also experience previously unknown sexual pleasures. But a married dreamer needs to remember that she is faithful to her husband and that all her secret adventures can become known to others – the likelihood of exposure is very high.

If you dream that the ice cream has melted, then in real life you will have to face chagrin. In a dream book authored by Shereminskaya, a product that has melted in warmth is a sign that a friend will commit a stupid, rash act, which will greatly upset the sleeping person. It is possible that we are even talking about infidelity, betrayal of this person.

Wealth of assortment

Cold dessert is made from various products. So if you saw chocolate ice cream in your night dreams, then the dream book tells you: soon you will forget about everything, as you plunge headlong into voluptuous joys.

k chemu snitsya morozhenoe 3

Popsicle on a stick in a dream is a sign that you pay little attention to your relatives. But the ice cream indicates that the feelings of the sleeping man for his beloved are no longer so hot.

Interestingly, glazed ice cream precedes the discovery of a secret that has not given peace to the sleeper for many years. But having noticed fruit ice in a dream, do not rush to take the word of sweet-tongued fans, the dream book recommends.

Miller’s opinion

Miller’s dream book claims that if you dreamed of ice cream, then you will be able to implement even the most daring plans. Stability and prosperity await you.

American Miller assures that ice cream in night dreams is a promise of success and successful completion of the work begun. When in a dream you notice children eating popsicle or ice cream, then life will delight you with pleasant surprises. And others will talk about you as a nice, pleasant person, an optimist.

If in night dreams you eat melted ice cream, it means that in reality you are trying to resurrect a past relationship. Leave useless attempts and try your luck with someone else.

k chemu snitsya morozhenoe1

The dream in which you enjoy this cold dessert in a cafe promises you a pleasant pastime in a fun company. However, you should monitor your behavior so as not to make mistakes for which you will be ashamed later.

If in a dream you eat hard frozen ice cream, then by nature you are a purposeful and cheerful person. You always achieve what you want, despite the fact that circumstances are against you.

There is reason to be concerned

The dream that a lady, enjoying ice cream in the presence of a familiar and close man, accidentally drops a treat, may portend a very dramatic development of events in reality. The dreamer can seriously get carried away by another character and thereby painfully injure a sincerely devoted person who is in love with her, this is what such a development of the plot is about in a dream.

Freud is of the opinion that ice cream in a dream is a sign that the sleeper is trying to return his former love, but unfortunately, his attempts are unsuccessful and look ridiculous.

The interpretation of the vision that you ordered a cold dessert in a cafe or restaurant prophesies a celebration, a banquet or other gathering of people at which you will “shine” so brightly that you will later regret your immodest behavior more than once.

Other interpretations of sleep

k chemu snitsya morozhenoe 4

  • The dream in which you buy ice cream promises you a short love affair. Do not build big plans with a new partner, so as not to feel the bitterness of disappointment. If in a dream you sell ice cream, then in reality you will face large material costs.
  • If you dream that you are making ice cream yourself, the dream indicates your prudence and commercialism. These qualities can be the reason for your failures.
  • Seeing melted ice cream in a dream is a sudden big chagrin.
  • If in a dream you get dirty with ice cream, there is a chance that your friend will not come to the appointment.
  • If a young woman dreams that she dropped ice cream, this means that in life she will show excessive coldness and alienation towards her partner. The reason may be a passion for another young man.
  • A dream in which children eat ice cream promises a carefree, happy life, full of joy and fun.
  • If in a dream you treat a lady with ice cream, then in reality old age is inevitably approaching you.
  • A dream in which ice cream looks strange or tastes too sugary indicates insincerity and falsehood in a relationship.

k chemu snitsya morozhenoe 1

Children eating ice cream dream, as a rule, for fun, joy, and celebration. The same can be said if in a dream a mountain of ice cream appeared before you.

But men need to cool their ardor a little. After all, such visions indicate that they are too attracted to the fair sex. One must fight temptations, and not engage in promiscuity, the dream book instructs.

How to define a prophetic dream

After interpreting sleep, we think. Whether a dream will come true or not depends on what lunar day he had a dream and on what day of the week. Let’s look at the lunar calendar – what and what lunar day.

Comparing the data on the lunar day and the day of the week, we can assume whether the prophecy of sleep will come true.

Dreams from Sunday to Monday 03/25/2019

Dreams from Sunday to Monday carry the psychological and emotional characteristics of the sleeping person. Through the pictures that appeared during sleep, you can analyze the degree of congestion, …


Ice cream is a favorite treat for children and adults. On the shelves of shops you can find a wide variety of types of this cold dessert. You can enjoy ice cream not only in reality, but also in night dreams. Interpreters of dreams will help explain the meaning of such a vision.

The opinions of dream interpreters about night dreams about ice cream diverged. Some promise joyful events, others – illnesses and problems in relationships. Here is the information offered in famous dream books:

English. You will yearn for the past. Babushkin. Experience severe pain. Big. To pain. Vanga. Indicates a desire for radical change. Spring. Your feelings will go cold. Grishina. To intimate relationships with different partners. For lovers. To joyful events. For the bitch. Success in business. Winters. fleeting joys. Culinary. To a new sexual experience. Summer. To a cold. Miller. To victories and achievements. It’s bad if the ice cream melted in a dream. Newest. To cool feelings between lovers. Such a vision can also promise a sore throat, so you should not get too carried away with a cold dessert in real life. Autumn. Get unforgettable pleasure. From A to Z. To a love interest. Peter Leiman. Something you don’t tell a loved one, because of this, your relationship may crack. Family. For happiness and prosperity. Simone Cananita. For a fleeting infatuation. Modern. Successfully complete what you started. Wanderer. Have fun, but with bad consequences. For lovers, a vision promises discord in business. Universal. To avoid trouble, deal with the problems that have piled up. Felomena. Beginnings will end successfully. Freud. To a pleasant meeting. Esoteric. For a passionate relationship. Erotic. For sensual pleasure.

If in a dream I had a chance to watch with envy how another person swallows ice cream with pleasure, then in reality I want changes, but the fear stops before the first step.

deti edyat odno morozhenoe na dvoih

There is one ice cream for two in a dream – to successful undertakings

Ice cream in male and female dreams

The interpretation of the vision depends on who dreamed it:

For girls and unmarried women, the vision portends joyful events, especially if you dreamed that you enjoyed a cold dessert on a hot summer day. Have you tried several types of ice cream in the kingdom of Morpheus? Soon there will be several boyfriends at once. Married. You will participate in an interesting and fun event. If you had to eat ice cream with a spoon, you will be embroiled in an adventure. At first, the event will seem very exciting, but later you will regret that you agreed to take part in it. Pregnant. The work started will be successfully completed. If the dreamed ice cream was delicious, then you will be made a tempting offer. But a tasteless dessert promises quarrels and disagreements with a loved one. Man. Meet an interesting girl. Initially, the relationship will develop rapidly, but later the feelings will cool down, and there will be a separation.

If a woman dreamed that she knocked over ice cream on her lover, then soon her feelings for this person would fade away. She will meet another man, and her former partner will begin to be treated rather cruelly. For such behavior, others will condemn her.

prodavec morozhenogo

Selling ice cream in a dream – to big expenses

What ice cream did you dream about?

Be sure to remember what the cold dessert from the dream looked like and how it tasted:

In a waffle cup. Something keeps getting in the way of reaching your goal. But soon friends will come to the rescue, and then everything will be decided in your favor. For lonely people, a vision can promise a quick marriage. If in a dream you managed to eat the contents, and the glass itself was thrown away, then in reality you deny yourself pleasure. Horn. Be under the influence of another person and try your best to hide your feelings from strangers. In chocolate. You will find out interesting news, or you will be privy to someone’s secret. If the layer of chocolate was dense, then the information received will be simply stunning. Dreamed of ice cream covered with thin chocolate icing? Embark on an exciting journey. With strawberry. To happy events. It is also important what the berries were like in the dream: fresh – for success on the personal front, frozen – for an interesting journey, whole – for a good rest. If the dreamed strawberry was cut into pieces, then your loved one has prepared a surprise for you. Blueberry. For gifts and fun. Chocolate. To great and passionate love. Eskimo. Such a vision can portend both pleasant surprises and hidden enmity. Melted. Unfortunately. According to the modern dream book, you are trying to renew a relationship that has given a serious crack, according to the combined one, the planned meeting will not bring joy. According to the dream interpreters Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, you have a habit of postponing deeds and pleasures “for later”. Big. You will receive an invitation to a grand celebration where you can relax and have fun. Small. To the simple joys that will beautify life. Tasteless. To trouble and disappointment. Sorbet. To a meeting with an obsessive fan. Communication with him is pretty tiring. Pistachio. For a romantic walk and declarations of love. Vanilla. To the difficulties and problems that need to be addressed immediately. Creamy. For a nice gift.

If you dreamed of very cold ice cream, then there is a possibility that in this way your body signals the development of some kind of ailment.

morozhenoe s malinoy

Dreamed of ice cream with raspberries? Go on a trip soon

Actions in a dream

In the kingdom of Morpheus, a variety of events can occur with ice cream:

See from the side. Most dream interpreters view such a dream positively. If you dreamed that the ice cream was in the refrigerator, then now there is a period of calm in life, but grandiose changes will soon occur. Feed the baby. There will be an invitation to visit. Meeting with friends will be held in a warm and sincere atmosphere, you will learn a lot of new and interesting things. To choose. A dream indicates that you can’t make a choice in any way. However, you should hurry, otherwise the situation will not be decided in your favor. If it’s hard to decide, then consult with friends or relatives. Sometimes from the side it is clearer how to do it right. Buy in the store. The dream portends a fateful meeting. Meet an interesting person with whom you want to connect your life in the future. Another vision may indicate a breakup with an annoying fan. According to the dream book from A to Z, such a plot in night dreams portends fleeting love interests. Take out from the freezer. You will find out the relationship with your loved one. Steal. Success is expected in the business started. A vision in which they were caught stealing takes on a negative meaning. This promises difficulties and obstacles along the way, as well as disappointment in love. Treat. According to the dream book for a bitch, it will be unspeakably lucky throughout your life.

If in the kingdom of Morpheus before your eyes the children enjoyed a cold dessert, a happy and prosperous life lies ahead. This is reported by Gustave Miller, as well as modern, family and oriental dream books.

There is a dessert alone in night vision – for a love adventure. According to Miller’s dream book, the work begun will be completed successfully.

morozhenoe v piale

The dream in which you had to make ice cream indicates your prudence. Excessive commercialism can cause many failures

Sometimes ice cream in a dream can be eaten in company. For a woman, a dream in which she enjoys dessert in the company of a man promises increased interest from representatives of the strong half of humanity. It is also important what kind of ice cream you ate in the men’s company:

fruity – to an unpleasant acquaintance; ice cream – to the fading of feelings; popsicle – you pay little attention to your loved one.

If in the kingdom of Morpheus it happened to eat ice cream on both cheeks in the company of a friend and at the same time enjoy delicacies, then soon this person will offer to participate in an interesting project. If the dessert in the dream turned out to be tasteless or spoiled, then it will not be possible to avoid conflicts in communication with a friend.

Smeared with ice cream in night dreams – to troubles, the cause of which will be an inattentive attitude to work.

Other Interesting Ice Cream Dreams

Seeing a lot of ice cream in a dream is good luck in any endeavors. If the type of dessert for some reason was unpleasant, then there is a risk of getting sick.

Dreamed of ice cream in the fridge? Achieving your goals will not be easy, but everything is in your hands. Do not be afraid of obstacles and failures, sooner or later you will be able to achieve what you want.

morozhenoe s ezhevikoy

Did you see blackberry ice cream in a dream? Do you have a secret admirer

If you dreamed about ice cream sticks, then you should not make big sacrifices for the sake of others. They won’t appreciate it anyway.

Sometimes you may dream that a priest treated you to a cold dessert. A similar plot often warns of health problems.

Did you see or eat fruit ice in night vision? Don’t believe everything they say. A woman after such a dream can become a victim of a marriage swindler or find out that she has a rival who is trying in every possible way to take away her beloved man.

Most dream books agree that dreams of ice cream are good. There are negative interpretations, but there are not so many of them. If the dream about ice cream was really sweet and gave you pleasure, then happy events await you ahead.

Ice cream in a dream, like a treat in real life, is truly a sweet dream and portends a sleeping person success in business and other endeavors. If you had a dream in which there is a lot of ice cream, then you should know that a lot of fun, various entertainments and a lot of laughter await you. We offer you the most complete interpretation of dreams about ice cream, which is offered by modern and old dream books and which will help you get an answer to the question “why dream of seeing ice cream in a dream.”

Modern meanings of dreams about ice cream


Aesop’s dream bookAesop’s dream book tells us the following. Eating ice cream in a dream is a favorable symbol, sometimes it can be a harbinger of the birth of passionate and passionate love. For a woman, this dream tells that she will meet a person on her way with whom she will have a sweet intimate relationship. However, for married ladies who succumbed to such a temptation in real life, such a dream predicts an early exposure.

Dream Interpretation of ShereminskayaInterpretation according to Shereminskaya’s dream book, a dream in which melted ice cream was a dream, speaks of a rash action or act of a loved one that will bring you great grief. Sometimes such a dream can mean the infidelity of your lover or lover, which you will become aware of soon.

Dream Interpretation GrishinaAccording to Grishina’s dream book, a dream about ice cream promises a large number of intimate relationships with different partners. Married, such a dream portends a struggle with temptation.

Dream Interpretation of Z. FreudZ. Freud interprets the dream about ice cream as follows. To dream of ice cream that you eat on a hot day means that in reality you will find a very pleasant meeting with someone you have not seen for a long time. There is every chance to get unearthly pleasure from this meeting, but you should not expect to revive the past – nothing will come of it. A dream in which you enjoy ice cream, but it melts, tells you that you are trying to recreate something that has long died. It seems to you that you just have to wish and feelings will flare up again and everything will become as you want. But in fact, this is not so, everything has changed a long time ago, and you will find your happiness in another person. Why dream of eating ice cream that is hard and frozen is a sign that you love life and strive to get only pleasure from it. But in the near future the situation may change and your success will no longer be so unchanged. The dream about which the sleeping person tells “I dreamed that I was eating ice cream in a cafe” says that soon the dreamer will have an entertainment event where he will behave completely immodestly. And in the future, a person who had such a dream about ice cream will regret this evening. frukt morozh

Miller’s dream bookAccording to Miller’s dream book, eating ice cream in a dream often portends us success in the business we have begun. Prosperity and happiness, which will accompany us all our lives, are foreshadowed by dreaming children eating ice cream. For a young woman to drop ice cream in the presence of her lover, or for a young man to see how a girl gave ice cream to another, means passion for others on the part of her lover or mistress and unjustified cruelty to her lover. Melted ice cream seen in a dream is a sign that unexpected grief will overshadow your pleasure.

Esoteric dream bookTo the question “why dream of eating delicious ice cream in a dream?” the esoteric dream book gives the following answer – dreams portend passionate feelings and passionate love. You are only offered or treated with ice cream – this dream is a kind of warning that people close to you who love you can betray you, such a dream warns you of the danger threatening them. The dream in which you make ice cream yourself means that you yourself are to blame for recklessness and frenzied love, you have no choice but to use these fruits.

Dream Interpretation of the Apostle Simon KananitThe dream book of the Apostle Kananit interprets the dream of ice cream as a passing hobby.

Culinary dream bookAccording to the culinary dream book, eating ice cream in a dream that you love predicts an intimate relationship with a new lover or mistress. This intimacy will give you a feeling of unprecedented pleasure and will overshadow all the previous ones with its passion.

Spring dream bookThere is ice cream in a dream according to the spring dream book – to cooling feelings. shok morozh

Summer dream bookThere is ice cream in a dream according to the summer dream book – for a cold.

Autumn dream bookThere is ice cream in a dream according to the autumn dream book – to enjoy.

Women’s dream bookWomen’s dream book: Ice cream is in a dream for a woman dreams of successful undertakings. The ice cream has melted – in reality you will find an unexpected grief that will overshadow your life. Children enjoying ice cream are a sign of continued prosperity and happiness.

Dream Interpretation of the WandererDream Interpretation of the Wanderer: Why ice cream is dreaming – to a pleasant event, which, however, will not end very well. The dream also portends the alienation of the second half.

Big dream bookBig dream book: What does ice cream mean in a dream – ice cream in a dream dreams of unbearable pain. Treat a lady with ice cream in a dream – in reality, close old age awaits you. morozh 0

ConclusionIn conclusion, I would like to remind you that a dream about ice cream, like the dessert itself, if it is sweet, frozen, tastes good, then its meaning, according to dream books, will bring you joy and pleasure. But if ice cream melts in a dream, you don’t like its taste, you feel sick, then in real life grief is possible. The expectations that you had hopes for will not bring such significant results. Our dreams are a reflection of our reality, fears and joys buried in the subconscious come out and give us food for thought, give us the opportunity to understand what we really expect from ourselves, from our actions.

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