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Were you looking for a “ goal for a walk ” in good weather? Going for a walk to treat yourself to a crazy ice cream is the gourmet goal of the moment, to be combined with a sun break in the park. The dream ! Tour of the capital’s best frosty delights.


Tired of working in finance, Jean-Michel de Tarrazi called on his cousin Nadim Kettaneh (who owned a sort of trampoline Disneyland in Beirut ) to make his dream come true: open his Lebanese ice cream address. Brand new and beautiful, Bältis is selling its 100% organic sorbets and ice creams, created hand in hand with MOF Jean-Thomas Schneider .

Obviously, we find the signature flavors achta (a milk cream flavored with orange blossom and pistachio) and halawa with white sesame and pistachio, not to mention the very sweet sorbets of rose water, lemon, passion or apricot (ice cream and sorbets between €4 and €6, €13 for a 500 ml jar) made so silky thanks to the use of an amazing wood gum.

Where to find them ? Bältis , 27 rue Saint-Antoine, Paris 4th .

© Pierre Lucet-Penato


The Crillon ‘s pastry chef , Matthieu Carlin , remained a big child. To win over his family and all Parisians, he sets up his gourmet cabanon in front of the mythical palace on Place de la Concorde and we bet that, oddly, you’ll start passing by more often. It must be said that his summer creation, the frozen cookie , appeals to all our regressive instincts.

Include a stick planted in a cookie covered with ice cream and a crunchy topping, with a choice of pistachio-raspberry, passion-macadamia, strawberry-almond or even the demonic pecan-chocolate flavors (€10). With, each week, a new reason to come back to bite into ephemeral creations such as hazelnut, coconut, buckwheat coffee or lemon meringue, to accompany a homemade iced tea (€6) before settling down on a bench in the beautiful gardens of the Champs-Elysées , a stone’s throw away.

Where to find them ?Crillon , 10 place de la Concorde, Paris 8th. Open until September 11, from Wednesday to Sunday inclusive from 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Take-out only.


Totally in tune with the times, the chocolate maker marvelously produces seasonal products only in his address in the Marais for ice creams made right in front of our eyes. The secret ? No added sugar, or very little, and a creamy texture, but above all quality sourcing thanks to small trusted producers for ultra-tasty strawberry , apricot or raspberry sorbets.

Jacques Génin develops his talents as a chef with highly original creations such as pea ice cream, but also signature herbs and vegetables offered as ” The good news of the day ” according to the finds at the market (1 scoop €5, 2 scoops €8).

Where to find them ? Jacques Génin, 133 rue de Turennes, Paris 3rd.


Esthete and obsessed with good food, Alain Ducasse is doing it again with his address opened last year in the 11th arrondissement, a few steps from his chocolate factory, whose excellence is no longer praised.

The 3-star chef went to find Matteo Casone , Bologna’s best ice cream parlor (and a handsome one to boot) to import his extraordinary know-how and whip up the best gelati and granite ever served in Paris. We’re going to Sicily this summer with a tradition from there: a delicious ice cream served in a very soft homemade brioche garnished with candied citrus fruits to be filled with sorbets, granita or ice cream of your choice.

Brioche with ice cream: €8.

Where to find them ? Alain Ducasse 38, rue de la Roquette, Paris 11th.

plan d

At Plan D , the hot spot on the canal where Alice Tuyet deals vegan food porn, there are two specialties. The ‘dwiches… and lick ice creams urgently.

Understand a lactose-free sundae, between the taste of McDo and Snickers, better, of course: oat milk ice cream and organic peanut butter, sweet and salty peanut, caramel sauce, chocolate shavings and fleur de sel (4, €50).

Where to find them ? Plan D 22 rue des Vinaigriers, Paris 10th.

© Alice Tuyet


We had already told you about the small gastronomic club Rigmarole , given an ovation by Le Fooding and starred by the Michelin . Avant-garde Franco-American chef Robert Compagnon and his wife, pastry chef Jessica Yang , couldn’t stop there.

A few steps from their extraordinary table, the duo opened Folderol , a wine bar-glacier. A mix of simplicity and ultimate precision, there is genius in their homemade ice creams and cones (big cake!). Banana with raw cream, stunning raspberry sorbet, perfect vanilla, captivating pistachio or strawberry shortcake… We have fun creating classic or pop culture mixes . One thing is certain: you will come back.

Count 3 € the scoop, 5.5 € the 2 scoops.

Where to find them ? Folderol , 10 rue du Grand Prieuré, Paris 11th.


The latest Parisian chic? Lebanese ice cream . Especially if they come from Chez Bachir , the rue Rambuteau ice cream parlor (also located in Montmartre) where there is always a queue.

Its 100% organic achta ice cream made from milk and orange blossom coated with crushed pistachios (€7.10) is an unforgettable must-eat.

Where to find them ? Bachir 58 rue Rambuteau Paris, 3rd, 7 rue Tardieu, Paris 18th.


Obsessed with fruttini , memories of their Italian holidays, Laure and Olivia have decided to bring frosted fruit back to life in Paris, in a very couture style with Fruttini by MO, which now has two Parisian addresses: the historic one a stone’s throw from Bon Marché and a new Rue des Martyrs.

As beautiful and tasty as a cake, as light as an ice cream, these life-size jewels of absolute refinement offer a creamy sorbet placed in the shell of the seasonal fruit. Yum: apple (€10), tangerine (€9), baby mango (€10), lemon (€9), apricot (€9), date (€4.50) or strawberry ( €4.50).

Where to find them ? Fruttini by MO 24 rue Saint-Placide, Paris 6th, 32 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9th.

la glacerie

Meilleur Ouvrier de France David Wesmael uses his holiday memories to imagine a range of 100% Breizh ice creams. It gives Madame butter and cider flavors, buttermilk and kasha ice cream, Plougastel strawberry sorbet with sea water and oyster pepper, all accompanied by salted butter caramel from Maison Le Roux.

Another curiosity to try: the chocolate bars filled with ice cream, a real killer. Raspberry sorbet with passion fruit mango and praline coulis, muroise matcha, peanuts, hazelnut caramel or all chocolate, we try them all (€18).

Where to find them ?La Glacerie Paris , 13 rue du Temple, Paris 4th and at the Galeries Lafayette stand 35 boulevard Haussmann, Paris 9th.

© Thierry Malty

a la mere de famille

The oldest chocolate factory in Paris, renowned for its addictive sweets and artisanal confectionery , hits the mark by revisiting the Eskimos: chocolate flavor only, Madagascar version 70% and red fruits, dark 75%, the chocolate-caramel signature covered with “ follies of the squirrel ”, their star delicacy with roasted almond and hazelnut slivers or even the simple chocolate sorbet (€5.50). Yummy! A little luxury you can’t live without…

Where to find them ? To the Mother of the Family 35 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris 9th. All shops in Paris here .

© Laurent Rouvrais

il gelato del marchese

In Rome, we don’t laugh at all with gelati : this Italian master ice cream maker based at Odéon bears witness to this . Home-made roasting, daily production, top-flight products: they claim gourmet ice cream (from €3.40). Promise kept!

Where to find them? Gelato del Marchese 2 rue de Condé, Paris 6th

pierre marcolini

The favorite Belgian chocolatier of Parisiennes always finds a trick to attract them like flies! Latest treat to date that you won’t be able to resist: its “ Frisson ” collection with, among other things, an ice cream made from farmhouse milk and fresh cream, available in vanilla and dark chocolate leaves, caramel, hazelnut or even Exquisite coconut or raspberry sorbets topped with a raspberry coulis topping. Did you say foodporn ? (€5.50 for 150ml).

Where to find them ? Pierre Marcolini 235 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris 1st, 89 rue de Seine, Paris 6th.

emki pop

The cool Marseille label EmkiPop is a hit. His signature ? Revisiting the old-fashioned Eskimo to the taste of the time with seasonal products + sourcing from the best local producers + artisanal production made in Marseille in a lab in Aubagne. You can then pimp your stick (rhubarb, sesame, dark, lactose-free coconut or downright marbled vanilla chocolate) and dip it in chocolate and stylish toppings (coconut, cocoa nibs, etc.). Joy !

Delicious novelty for the summer, a 100% fresh ice cream in collaboration with Gimber ginger soft drinks with a hint of lemon on a wooden stick (€3.9 each, €19.90 for a box of 10 ).

Where to find them ? Café Emikipop , 13 rue Antoine Vollon Paris 12th. Pop-up in front of the Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvres, Paris 6th.

Also discover the best summer picnics and the star pastries of the moment .

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