What Sets Ice Cream Apart from Frozen Yogurt

Introduction: A Shift in Dessert Paradigms

The day my mom introduced frozen yogurt instead of our beloved ice cream, my sisters and I were convinced she had lost her mind. We had been a loyal Breyer’s family for generations, so this sudden change both scared and bewildered us. However, we eventually adapted, being the well-behaved dessert enthusiasts we were. But deep down, we always knew that it simply couldn’t compare. So, what urged my mother to bring this impostor into our lives? Join me as we delve into the world of frozen yogurt versus ice cream.

Ice Cream: A Culinary Masterpiece

When it comes to dairy-based inventions, ice cream reigns supreme. Of course, cheese has its merits, and we can’t disregard the significance of pasteurization. But if we were to present a variety of milk-based delicacies to a Neanderthal, it’s safe to say they would instinctively choose the one that happily embraces cookie dough and an array of flavors. In essence, ice cream is the delectable frozen amalgamation of milk or cream, its richness defined by the USDA’s requirement of at least 10% milkfat.

Frozen Yogurt: A Lesser Indulgence?

At first glance, “frozen yogurt” fails to evoke the same level of excitement as its cream-laden counterpart. The term “yogurt” brings to mind a rather underwhelming food item typically consumed at breakfast. It’s no wonder that self-serve frozen yogurt establishments entice us with a wide assortment of tempting toppings—it takes quite an effort to elevate this treat to its full potential.

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Yogurt has been an integral part of human history ever since someone looked at a cow and thought, “Why not drink from that?” Its accidental discovery came about through the fermentation of milk by bacteria. As the bacteria consumes the milk’s natural sugars, lactic acid is produced, lending yogurt its characteristic tang and texture.

Frozen yogurt, initially known as “Frogurt” in the 1970s (a name seemingly more fitting for an amphibious creature than a dessert), was cursed, as humorously portrayed by The Simpsons. However, with advancements in recipe formulation by the 1980s, frozen yogurt gained popularity, aligning itself with the health food trends of the subsequent decades. In 2021, the American frozen yogurt market reached a valuation of $1.69 billion, while ice cream soared at an impressive $71.52 billion.

Ice Cream vs. Frozen Yogurt: Unveiling the Differences

Although both treats follow a similar production process, their dissimilarities become apparent simply by examining their names. Ice cream derives its creamy texture from milk and/or cream, while frozen yogurt utilizes yogurt as its base ingredient. Consequently, this disparity in ingredients results in divergent flavors; the lactic acid in yogurt imparts a tanginess absent in regular milk-based ice cream. Some mass-produced frozen yogurt brands compensate for this by incorporating additional sugar, leading to even higher sugar contents than traditional ice cream offerings.

From a health perspective, frozen yogurt appears to have certain advantages, boasting lower calorie and fat content per volume compared to ice cream. Commercial brands also claim that the probiotics found in yogurt contribute to a healthy gut. While this holds true for regular yogurt, the jury is still out on frozen yogurt due to the processing it undergoes. The potential benefits of probiotics in frozen yogurt may be counteracted. Therefore, it’s wise to approach the touted health advantages with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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After encountering the word “yogurt” countless times, it has now lost all semblance of reality to me.

Image of Ice Cream

Image of Frozen Yogurt

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