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Drinking a glass of water after the ice cream is perfectly good and recommendable for all ice cream lovers. In summer, it’s fun to eat ice cream because of the high temperatures that leave you thirsty. What Happens If You Drink Water After Ice Cream?

  • You feel quenched; eating ice cream will leave you dehydrated and drinking water is the best solution to quench your thirst.
  • It washes away the sugar taste from the taste buds.
  • Water also plays a major role in preventing throat and dental problems that may arise.

There are different types of water to drink, they may include: chilled water, hot water, warm water, and water that is at room temperature. For a better insight on what happens when you drink water after ice cream, check out the following.

What Is The Best Type Of Water To Drink After Ice Cream?

Water that is at room temperature is the best and suitable. This type of water is advisable, because of the varying temperatures between the mouth and water. In a situation where water is extremely cold or hot, galvanic current results in leaving you with sensitive teeth or making you uncomfortable.

What Happens If You Drink Water After Ice Cream?

Unfortunately, anyone with cavities or older people, because their dental enamel has undergone wear and tear, are the most affected groups. Hot beverages such as coffee are unlikely to affect your teeth or gums besides burning your tongue. For the ultra-cold substances, they interfere with nerves in the soft palate, part found at the back of the upper jaw, resulting in headaches and migraine attacks.

Why Drinking Water After Eating Ice Cream Is Important?

Drinking water after having fun by eating your favorite ice cream helps you from experiencing a sore throat. Ice cream can trigger an attack of a raw throat where the throat is infected in the upper parts causing sore throat and ear pain. The earache arises, because the nose, throat, and ear are interrelated, any slight change in the throat may be felt in the nose or ear. To do away with the sore throat, you need to gargle with saline or warm water. However, drinking a glass of water after eating ice cream can save you all the trouble.

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Does Ice Cream Maintain Body Temperatures?

During summer, the body temperatures should be maintained within a smaller range at all times. Factors such as food and environment may play a role in changing body temperature. Body temperature is mainly regulated by the skin and lungs, however, it’s significant to look at the temperature in the context of eating ice cream and drinking water.

Surprisingly, ice cream makes the body warmer rather than colder, this is given to the fact that foods with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats will raise the temperature a little during digesting. However, a cooling sensation in the temperature difference is felt before the digestion process starts. But water tries to cool the body temperatures despite the type of water, as long as it is helping you out.

Why You May Consider Warm Water After Eating Ice-Cream?

After a cooling sensation, it is better to have hastened the digestion. This way you can maintain the needed range of body temperature. Warm water aids digestion since it acts as a mild laxative and aids in enhancing intestinal motility. For babies, children, and older people, it is good to ensure they drink boiled water because of the purity. Bottled water can be good but is suspect to purity, however, boiled water should be allowed to cool to room temperature before being given to infants. Infants and children tend to lose heat faster because their skin surface is greater than their bodies. For this reason, it is important to control the temperature of their drinks.

Why Do You Feel Thirsty After Eating Ice Cream?

Generally, when you eat food especially sweet ones, sugar enters the bloodstream as it starts a circulation throughout the body. The particles of sugar in blood suck water from your body cells. Once this happens, a message is relayed chemically to the brain indicating that it’s okay to drink fluids. In turn, the brain tells you to drink water the most. The part of the brain that often triggers thirst is called the hypothalamus, it’s often triggered when the brain senses sugar overloads.

Ice cream constitutes a ton of sodium, whose purpose is to bring all other ingredients in ice cream below the cooling point without changing into an ice cube. Salt has the same reaction as sugar once it is absorbed into the bloodstream, the blood becomes concentrated. Hypothalamus does the same as sugar by letting you know it’s time to drink water. This explains why you have the urge to drink water after you have finished your ice cream.

Does Drinking Water After Ice Cream Cause Cold?

You can comfortably drink water after eating your ice cream and expect not to catch a cold. The likely effect is teeth sensitivity depending on the type of water you drink. There is no scientific proof that illustrates any involvement of ice cream in causing cold. However, there exist ways in which ice cream can be an agent for causing cold, like poor handling.

In remote areas where electricity is hardly available, ice cream undergoes several freeze-thaw cycles hence creating loopholes for bacteria and viruses. Hygiene is crucial in the handling of ice cream and should be prioritized especially for kids. It is equally possible to contract cold from contaminated water that you drink after eating ice cream. For these reasons, you might catch a cold, not by eating ice cream. To be safer ensure you eat quality ice cream and purified/boiled water

It is great to understand that eating ice cream is fun but doesn’t happen in complete isolation from the entire population. In the human population, viruses and bacteria that cause the common cold are found in plenty. Therefore any food, be it ice cream or chicken or soup, eaten outdoors can pose a risk of contracting cold, especially in places with many people. What happens is that someone carrying the virus or bacteria coughs or touches your hands. It would be wiser to clean your hands before enjoying your ice cream or get quality ice cream from the best eatery.

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What Are The Alternatives For Water After Eating Ice Cream?

During summertime, everyone is expected to have fun eating ice cream, because of the soaring temperatures. Interestingly, ice cream triggers you to drink water, because it makes you thirsty. There are some ideal options to drink in the place of water at room temperature, they include milk, fruit juices, broth, and sports drinks. It is important to ensure that you avoid alcoholic beverages and drinks with high protein content because they can easily dehydrate you. In case you want to enjoy your favorite ice cream and you don’t have water to drink after, worry not, order for the alternatives above and you are good.

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What Happens After Eating Ice Cream?

After finding out that ice cream doesn’t cause common colds, you might want to know the exact effects of ice cream. Eating ice cream poses a risk of diabetes and obesity, the most common risks. However, ice cream that has been contaminated with bacteria is more dangerous and can result in worse outcomes. Amazingly, the contamination cases are rare due to the strategies played by the manufacturers to ensure the safety of ingredients. But in the case where contamination has been identified, the manufacture has to recall all the products.

Ice cream can equally pose danger even after purchase, especially when it has melted and you are trying to refreeze it. This happens when you take out the ice cream from the freezer, leave it out to thaw and return it to await the next time you want to eat it. Ice cream quickly melts fast even at room temperature resulting in a liquid that is ideal for bacteria, essentially when you’re digging the tub for the second time. To avoid a combination of stomach ache and brain freeze, don’t leave the tub out and only return it to the freezer after scooping out enough amount of ice cream.

Can You Eat Ice Cream When Experiencing Cold?

It is absolutely a bad idea, because ice cream contains some sugar that will worsen the situation for you. Instead, drink saline water or warm water to help kill the bacteria. But by eating ice cream or candy products, the situation worsens because the germs feed on sugar to become more active.

Another thing you should avoid while having a cold is dairy products, they increase phlegm and help in the thickening of the mucus that has already formed. Even though ice cream worsens the situation for someone with a cold, it doesn’t mean that ice cream causes cold for both kids and adults.

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In short, it’s fun to eat ice cream be it in the winters or the scorching summers. Often at times, people try to associate ice cream with summertime, because of the increased number of parlors selling ice cream along the beaches, which is false. Before you start enjoying your ice cream ensure you have double-checked the expiry dates and that the shop has maintained its storage requirements.

And when it is time to enjoy, remember you have a glass of water next to you, because ice cream dehydrates you. To be safe from the common cold, try buying your ice cream from quality shops where hygiene is prioritized. It is good to enjoy your favorite ice cream while considering all the health precautions. We hope that you have found this article beneficial and that we have answered the question; What Happens If You Drink Water After Ice Cream?

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