John Cena’s Love for Chinese Ice Cream: A Surprising Journey

Video what did john cena say in chinese ice cream

A delightful video of John Cena discussing ice cream (冰激凌) in Chinese recently took the internet by storm, amassing millions of views. It seems like every time I scroll through TikTok, there’s new content related to Cena’s ice cream escapades. But this isn’t the first time the world has seen Cena showcase his Mandarin skills. From speaking Mandarin at a WWE press conference to hilariously ‘insulting’ Piers Morgan in Mandarin on Good Morning Britain, Cena has consistently surprised us with his linguistic prowess.

Cena’s Mandarin Journey

So, you might be wondering, how did John Cena become so fluent in Chinese? Well, in an interview, Cena revealed that his interest in the language stemmed from WWE’s efforts to break into the Chinese market. This endeavor sparked a deep fascination with Mandarin within him. Cena actively engages with his Chinese fanbase by creating weekly videos on WeChat, slowly winning over hearts one by one.

To enhance his understanding of Mandarin, Cena even hired a private tutor who would spend hours helping him learn the language. His motivation behind this linguistic endeavor was to make WWE a truly global company, reaching out to audiences from all corners of the world.

Cena’s Learning Method

When it comes to mastering Mandarin, Cena has a unique learning style. He carries a bag filled with flashcards containing Mandarin words and phrases, which he diligently goes through whenever he has spare time. Initially, it took him an hour and a half to review the cards, but now he can accomplish the same task in just half an hour. Cena humorously admits that on days when he feels like casually scrolling through Instagram, he reminds himself to invest at least half an hour in language practice before indulging in leisure activities.

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Embracing His Chinese Identity as Zhao Xina

Did you know that Cena has a Chinese name? In Chinese, he is known as Zhao Xina (赵喜娜), which carries a cheerful and vibrant connotation. Cena himself mentioned his Chinese name in one of his videos, further strengthening his connection to Chinese culture and language.

Cena’s Apology: A Wise Move

One incident that showcased Cena’s thoughtfulness and commitment to maintaining a strong bond with his Chinese fans was his quick apology after referring to Taiwan as a “country” during promotional work for Fast and Furious 9, where he stars as Vin Diesel’s brother. Cena’s 68-second Mandarin apology video revealed the depth of his sincerity and how seriously he values his relationship with his fans. This genuine act of contrition ensured that The Fate of the Furious scored a massive $392 million in the Chinese box office. Cena’s ability to act swiftly and thoughtfully solidified his position as a true champ.

Memes Galore: The Zhao Xina Effect

Of course, Cena’s adventures in Chinese culture haven’t gone unnoticed in the world of internet humor. Memes featuring Cena under his Chinese name, Zhao Xina, have been circulating, providing endless amusement to fans worldwide. These lighthearted creations only serve to further cement Cena’s endearing connection to his Chinese admirers.

Join the Ice Cream Conversation with Cena

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Final Words

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