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Little Debbie’s Favorite Snack Cakes Are Now Ice Cream Flavors. We tried several flavors and broke down our honest feedback down below!

We’ve probably all had a Little Debbie snack cake, possibly on several different occasions, and undoubtedly we all have our own favorite of all the varieties. Partnering with Hudsonville Ice Cream, Little Debbie has announced some of your favorite(s), available now in pint-sized ice cream. We couldn’t resist trying what we could find in our Walmart freezer section, available starting February 1.

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Little Debbie Ice Cream

What are the Little Debbie ice cream flavors?

Oatmeal Creme Pies

Vanilla creme ice cream with soft oatmeal cookie pieces and a hint of molasses.

Cosmic Brownies

Brownie batter ice cream filled with mini rainbow chips and brownie pieces.

Zebra Cakes

White cake ice cream with yellow cake pieces and a milk chocolate fudge swirl.

Nutty Bars

Peanut butter ice cream swirled with chocolatey waffle cone pieces and a thick fudge swirl.

Swiss Rolls

Chocolatey cake ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and a swirl of whipped cream.

Honey Buns

Honey bun flavored ice cream with glazed honey bun pieces and a sweet cinnamon roll.

Strawberry Shortcake Rolls

White cake ice cream with yellow cake pieces and a tart strawberry swirl.

What does Little Debbie Ice Cream taste like?

We were lucky enough to get our hands on 4 of the flavors and here are our reviews.

Cosmic Brownies Ice Cream is for those chocolate ice cream lovers. The soft brownie bites are exactly what you would expect, while the rainbow chips pack a little bit of crunch.

Zebra Cakes Ice Cream is just the opposite and for those white cake lovers. The yellow cake pieces are the perfect bite size and isn’t a strong overall chocolate flavor with just a swirl mix throughout, just the right amount.

Oatmeal Creme Pies Ice Cream is exactly what you would expect. Delicious and full of flavor. Basically their classic, soft oatmeal cookie mixed throughout vanilla ice cream.

…and last but not least, our unanimous favorite, Nutty Bars Ice Cream. We love peanut butter ice cream so had no doubt this might be the one. The crunchy waffle cone pieces are a nice little treat mixed among the thick fudge swirl. It’s worth every calorie and amount of indulgence.

Little Debbie Ice Cream

How much is each Little Debbie Flavors of Ice Cream per Pint?

Available exclusively at Walmart, each pint is $2.50. You should be able to find yours today as they started stocking the freezer shelves on February 1, 2022. Some additional wonderful news, these ice cream flavors won’t be limited edition and will be available for purchase year-round.

How did Little Debbie get its name?

O.D. McKee named Little Debbie after his 4-year-old granddaughter at the time. Inspired by a photo of Debbie in her play clothes and favorite straw hat, he decided to use the name and image of her on the logo. Not until the first product cartons were being printed did Debbie’s parents discover that their daughter was the namesake of the new brand.

Little Debbie Snacks

How many products does Little Debbie make?

While the products are primarily cookie and cake-based dessert snacks, they come in dozens of varieties and offer over 75 products.

McKee Foods Corporation makes Little Debbie and is a snack food and granola manufacturer headquartered in Collegedale, Tennessee. The corporation is the maker of Little Debbie snacks, Sunbelt Bakery granola and cereal, Heartland Brands, and Drake’s cakes. O.D. McKee began selling 5-cent cakes in 1933. It was the middle of the Great Depression, in 1935, when he first developed the oatmeal creme pie. In 1954, the McKee Family purchased King’s Bakery, later renaming it in 1962. The first Nutty Bars wafer bars were first sold in 1959 and in 1960 the brand was officially born. 2020 marked the 60th Anniversary of the Little Debbie brand.

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