Vegan Ice Cream List – Dairy Free Ice Cream Brands (2021)


Vegan Ice Cream List (Non-Dairy, Dairy Free)Looking for a delicious ice cream that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home that’s 100% vegan and dairy free?

If so, then we have the ultimate ice cream listing for you!

Below, you’ll discover all the best vegan, dairy-free, and lactose-free ice creams that you can enjoy from some of the biggest ice cream brands across the nation.

So, with that being said, let’s jump straight to the listing!

Vegan Ice Cream List

Here are all the ice cream brands and flavors that are vegan and dairy free:

1. Ben & Jerry’s

Here are all the Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream pint choices. Best of all, they are all certified vegan meaning that they don’t include any animal products like eggs, dairy, and even honey.

  • caramel almond brittle
  • cherry garcia
  • coconut seven layer bar
  • chocolate fudge brownie
  • chunky monkey
  • coffee caramel fudge
  • pb & cookies

2. Breyers

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Here are all the Breyers vegan ice cream choices:

  • non-dairy vanilla peanut butter
  • non-dairy oreo cookies & cream

3. Häagen-Dazs

Here are all the Häagen-Dazs vegan ice cream choices:

  • non-dairy coconut caramel
  • non-dairy chocolate salted fudge
  • non-dairy coconut caramel dark chocolate bar
  • non dairy chocolate fudge bar

4. Halo Top

Here are all the Halo Top vegan ice cream choices:

  • dairy-free sea salt caramel
  • dairy free chocolate
  • dairy-free chocolate chip cookie dough
  • dairy-free candy bar

5. So Delicious

Here are all the So Delicious vegan ice cream choices:

  • chocolate cookies n cream (cashew milk)
  • very vanilla (cashew milk)
  • cappuccino (cashew milk)
  • creamy cashew (cashew milk)
  • dark chocolate truffle (cashew milk)
  • salted caramel cluster (cashew milk)
  • snickerdoodle (cashew milk)
  • creamy chocolate (cashew milk)
  • chocolate (coconut milk)
  • chocolate peanut butter swirl (coconut milk)
  • coconut (coconut milk)
  • mint chip (coconut milk)
  • mocha almond fudge (coconut milk)
  • vanilla bean (coconut milk)
  • no sugar added butter pecan (coconut milk)
  • no sugar added chocolate (coconut milk)
  • no sugar added mint chip (coconut milk)
  • no sugar added vanilla bean (coconut milk)
  • cookie’s n cream gluten free (coconut milk)
  • cookie dough gluten free (coconut milk)
  • simply strawberry (coconut milk)
  • oregon mixed berry (coconut milk)
  • chocolate (almond milk)
  • mint chip (almond milk)
  • mocha almond fudge (almond milk)
  • vanilla (almond milk)
  • cookie’s n cream gluten free (almond milk)
  • chocolate velvet (soy milk)
  • creamy vanilla (soy milk)
  • peanut butter zig zag (soy milk)
  • cookie dough gluten free (soy milk)

6. Coconut Bliss

Here are all the Coconut Bliss vegan ice cream choices. Plus, these are all gluten free, soy-free, and organic!

  • cinema chocolate fusion
  • chocolate chip cookie
  • salted caramel and chocolate
  • vanilla island
  • dark chocolate
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • chocolate walnut brownie
  • naked coconut
  • chocolate hazelnut fudge
  • mint galactica
  • mocha mama crunch
  • ginger cookie caramel
  • cappuccino
  • cherry amaretto
  • summer berry swirl

7. Talenti

Here are all the Talenti vegan ice cream choices:

  • alphonso mango sorbetto
  • strawberry hibiscus sorbetto
  • coconut chocolate cookie
  • roman raspberry sorbetto

8. Tofutti

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Here are all the Tofutti vegan ice cream choices:

  • vanilla almond bark
  • better pecan
  • chocolate
  • vanilla fudge
  • vanilla
  • wild berry supreme

9. Trader Joe’s

Here are all the Trader Joe’s vegan ice cream choices:

  • frozen coconut dessert with chocolate
  • frozen coconut dessert with strawberry

10. Double Rainbow

Here are all the Double Rainbow vegan ice cream choices:

  • vanilla bean soy cream
  • very cherry chip soy cream
  • mint chocolate chip soy cream
  • chocolate soy cream
  • mango tangerine sorbet
  • coconut sorbet
  • lemon sorbet

11. Ciao Bella

Here are all the Ciao Bella vegan ice cream choices:

  • mango sorbetto
  • blueberry passion fruit sorbetto
  • coconut sorbetto
  • chocolate sorbetto
  • blackberry cabernet sorbetto
  • raspberry sorbetto
  • limone sorbetto
  • peach sangria sorbetto
  • strawberry limonata sorbetto
  • blood orange sorbetto

12. NadaMoo!

Here are all the NadaMoo vegan ice cream choices:

  • chocolate peanut butter
  • birthday cake cookie dough
  • rockiest road
  • that snickerdoodle dough
  • himalayan salted caramel
  • chorale cherry fudge brownie
  • pistachio nut
  • lotta mint chip
  • vanilla ahhh
  • gotta do chocolate
  • cookies and cream
  • mmm maple pecan
  • chocolate almond chip
  • creamy coconut
  • java crunch

13. Van Leeuwen

Here are all the vegan Van Leeuwen flavors:

  • vegan honeycomb
  • vegan salted caramel
  • vegan sicilian pistachio
  • vegan chocolate
  • vegan choc chip cookie dough
  • vegan caramelized banana nut
  • vegan matcha tea
  • vegan mint chip
  • vegan peanut butter choc chip

14. Almond Dream

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Here are all the Almond Dream vegan ice cream choices:

  • cappuccino swirl
  • chocolate
  • praline crunch
  • vanilla
  • strawberry
  • mint chocolate chip
  • toffee almond fudge
  • vanilla dessert bites
  • chocolate dessert bites
  • peppermint dessert bites

15. Rice Dream

Here are all the Rice Dream vegan ice cream choices:

  • cocoa marble fudge
  • mint carob chip
  • strawberry
  • vanilla

16. Coconut Dream

Here are all the Coconut Dream vegan ice cream choices:

  • coconut dream bites

17. Soy Dream

Here are all the Soy Dream vegan ice cream choices:

  • butter pecan
  • french vanilla
  • vanilla fudge swirl
  • vanilla

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find the best tasting vegan ice cream that’ll satisfy your tastebuds.

Cheers and dig in!

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