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If you suffer from acidity and heartburn often after having a hearty meal, probably your dessert can help you fight those symptoms. Given that your dessert is one (or two) scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Wondering why we chose this flavour for your heartburn, out of all those other mouth-watering flavours? It is because vanilla ice-cream is just another version of cold milk (that is frozen) thought to be a good natural remedy for acidity. Here are top 10 home remedies for acidity that really work.

How does milk fight acidity?

While some studies suggest that dairy products can aggravate acidity, milk is known to be an effective antacid. Probably that s why eating other kinds of sweets after your meals might not help. Milk is rich in calcium and protein, both of which, after metabolism, help prevent acid build-up in the body and absorb excess acid to reduce symptoms of acidity. So, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream after your meal this will help to improve your digestion and also take care of heartburn and the acid reflex. Here is how Himalayan black salt can help you treat digestion.

When food reaches the stomach, the digestive juices secreted help in breaking down the foods for nutrient absorption. The stomach juices are acidic in nature and the food is supposed to stay in the stomach without going back to the throat or mouth. But in some cases, this can happen when the sphincter in your stomach opens due to excess acid. Here are eight foods that can help you detox and aid digestion.

This is when need an antacid to treat the condition. Instead of taking a pill, order for a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Also, it is low in sugar as compared to the other flavours. Even pregnant women who suffer from acidity and heartburn can benefit from having one scoop of vanilla ice-cream after their meals, says Dr Veena Zaveri, consultant gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon, Kohinoor Hospitals, Mumbai.

Note: Commercial vanilla ice cream could be laden with sugars and preservatives, please keep this in mind and opt for either a healthier version or a homemade one.

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