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Discover the Turkey Hill Experience

I was first introduced to the exquisite flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream during my high school days in Northern Virginia. Since then, their luscious Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream has remained my ultimate favorite. Even after 15-ish years, it’s still my go-to choice whenever I crave a sweet treat. So you can imagine my excitement when I received an invitation to visit the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

The Turkey Hill Experience is not your typical ice cream factory tour. It’s a unique blend of a museum and an interactive exhibit. But the real highlight is the opportunity to create your own ice cream flavor, both in the virtual world and in real life!

Interactive Ice Cream Creation

The adventure begins at an interactive computer station where you can explore an array of flavorings, inclusions, and syrups to customize your dream ice cream. Afterward, you’ll move on to choose the perfect packaging for your creation and even have the chance to make a video commercial showcasing your mouthwatering treat.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what to say during your commercial. Turkey Hill provides several entertaining scripts for you to choose from. I must confess, I had a blast acting silly and filming my very own commercial.

Curious to see my masterpiece? Take a look at my fantastic Turkey Hill Experience commercial below. I believe it demonstrates my potential as a great spokesperson for Turkey Hill ice cream!

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Me standing in a large tub of Turkey Hill ice cream
Me standing in a large tub of Turkey Hill ice cream.

Indulge in the Taste Lab

While creating your ice cream virtually is a thrilling experience, why stop there? With the Turkey Hill Experience’s Taste Lab, you can bring your virtual creation to life and enjoy it right away!

Upon entering the Taste Lab, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into one of those “create your own” frozen yogurt shops that have become so popular. However, it does operate with a unique twist. You begin with a batch of vanilla Turkey Hill ice cream and then select from a range of approximately 10 exquisite flavorings. I opted for the classic combination of chocolate, but you can explore more adventurous choices such as apple, cotton candy, cinnamon, and many others.

Next, you’ll choose your desired inclusions from a wall of approximately 15 delectable options, including various nuts, candies, and dried fruits. Although the virtual creation allows for only two inclusions, feel free to let your creativity run wild and add three or four, just as I did, to craft your ultimate masterpiece.

Lastly, you’ll drizzle a syrup or two on top before everything gets mixed together and placed in a blast chiller for a few minutes. While you wait for your ice cream to cool down, you’ll be treated to a brief and engaging presentation on the history of Turkey Hill Dairy and the art of ice cream making. Although some of the information may overlap with what you’ve already seen in the museum, it’s worth hearing again, especially when you know the delicious reward that awaits you.

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Making my virtual ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience
Making my virtual ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience.

Leaving the room with a pint of freshly made ice cream and a spoon in hand is truly an enjoyable experience. Although I couldn’t help but wish I had a cozy pair of sweatpants, a comfortable couch, and a TV to enhance my ice cream feast.

A Journey of Discovery

Through the Turkey Hill Experience’s interactive exhibits, I not only enjoyed endless ice cream indulgence but also gained valuable knowledge about the company’s history and the process of ice cream production.

While you can visit the museum without partaking in the Taste Lab, I highly recommend investing a bit more to create your own ice cream. It not only deepens your understanding of ice cream making but is also an incredibly fun experience.

However, if time constraints prevent you from doing the Taste Lab, fear not! You can still create your own virtual ice cream flavor and even make a silly commercial. Additionally, there’s a small ice cream area where you can enjoy a complimentary scoop.

I had an amazing time exploring the Turkey Hill Experience in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In many ways, it reminded me of the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA. Both places offer more than just factory tours; they allow you to immerse yourself in the company’s products and enjoy interactive elements that bring pure joy.

Planning Your Visit

The Turkey Hill Experience is housed in a spacious building located in Columbia, near the intersection of Route 30 and the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County.

Tickets for both adults and children are priced at $11. If you’re eager to delve into the highly recommended Taste Lab, the price per person is $19.95.

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If you have your heart set on experiencing the Taste Lab, I suggest booking your visit in advance through their website to secure a reservation. You can also find the Turkey Hill Experience’s operating hours on their website.

For those who wish to make their time in Columbia a full-day adventure, the Turkey Hill Experience offers a combined ticket with the nearby National Watch and Clock Museum. Although the combined ticket costs $4-5 more than a regular Turkey Hill Experience ticket, it offers excellent value if you’re interested in exploring the fascinating world of timekeeping.

Note: I would like to mention that my visit to the Turkey Hill Experience was hosted by Turkey Hill. However, the opinions expressed in this article are wholly my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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