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Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s to time to indulge in all the yummy summer food about to come our way! From ice cream, to burgers to watermelons, the list of foods is endless for us to enjoy in the beautiful warm weather. However, did you know that some of your favorite summer foods can be the reason you’re up all night? Some foods you may not have even thought of can be the cause of your heartburn. Take a look at some popular, and surprising, summer foods that cause heartburn, alongside the alternative you can have instead.

Corn on the cob with butter: butter is known to be a heartburn trigger. Try sweetcorn boiled or grilled, without butter. Corn in the summer is usually naturally sweet and flavorful.

Ice Cream: the perfect summer food can be problematic for many. High in dairy and fat can cause heartburn for many people. Avoid chocolate and mint flavors, as both are known to trigger heartburn. Instead try a tasty sorbet, which is dairy free, fruity, and sweet!

French Fries: very greasy and high in fat. Try baked potatoes instead or making your own fries, baking them instead of frying.

Lemonade: made with acidic fruits, causes heartburn. Instead, sip on apple juice or cold water with a slice of lemon.

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Lemon Meringue Pie: another citric based dessert, causing heartburn.

Ketchup and Mustard: ketchup is made from tomatoes, a known trigger; however, mustard is also made from another heartburn trigger, vinegar. Try something varied and different for your sandwiches. Try hummus, fresh herbs, or fresh slices of avocado.

Chili Dogs: the chili is spicy and tomato-based, two common heartburn triggers, while hot dogs can be high in fat. Instead, try a veggie, lean beef, or turkey dog and scratch the chili.

Beef Kabobs: beef can be high in fat and greasy. Try chicken, veggie, or fish kabobs instead for a healthier alternative.

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Pineapple: an acidic fruit. Instead try papaya or mango, both of which can help in digestion.

Chocolate Mousse: a sweet treat for all! Chocolate and dairy products, such as mousse and puddings, can trigger heartburn. If dairy foods are one of your trigger foods, try a fruit-flavored gelatin to satisfy your sweet craving.

Funnel Cakes: high in fat and deep fried.

Root Beer Floats: root beer is carbonated, while ice cream can trigger heartburn due to its dairy and fat content.

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Hamburgers: high in fat and very greasy. Try a lean chicken, veggie, or turkey burger instead.

Grilled Onions: great on hotdogs; however, onions are common triggers for digestive distress.

Grilled Peppers: spicy peppers, especially, can cause heartburn.

Hot Salsa: the two major culprits for triggering heartburn – spice and tomatoes. Tomatoes are acidic, which can cause heartburn. If you are more prone to spices causing heartburn, rather than tomatoes, try mild salsa. Even better, dip your chips in mashed avocado instead for a heartburn-free snack.

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The above foods all contain common triggers of heartburn. Often, some people can eat some or all the foods without any problems. To identify which foods cause your heartburn, keeping a journal of what you eat and the effects it has on you, is a great way to begin.

If you are concerned about your heartburn and feel all these foods are already on your “no-go” list, make an appointment with Dr. Darido at Houston Heartburn to get the answers you need.

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