The Milk House Ice Cream: A Community Favorite

Embracing Quality, Growth, and Giving Back

A welcoming establishment with a rich history, the Milk House has been offering delightful hand-dipped ice cream since its inception in 2007. Founded by a passionate group of friends, the Milk House was born with a mission to fill the void left by London’s Dairy and bring high-quality frozen treats to the local community. But their aspirations didn’t end there. They also aimed to cultivate a strong work ethic, nurture customer service skills, and make a positive impact on the larger Blue Water Area.

A Place Steeped in History

Situated in the iconic Wurzel’s Flea Market building, the Milk House carries the legacy of its location. This very spot was once home to the Colonial Dairy Bar, a haven of delectable ice cream introduced by the Wurzel family back in 1941. Visitors would indulge in the finest ice cream while enjoying tours of the nearby farm and milk processing plant. Even today, the Milk House proudly showcases the original glass brick that once adorned the creamery, advertised as an innovative establishment “where milk is pasteurized and bottled without being touched by human hands.” In 1950, Wurzel Dairy Farms passed the torch to London’s Dairy, carrying on the tradition of exceptional ice cream.

From Hidden Gem to Internet Sensation

For years, the Milk House remained a cherished secret of the local community. However, in 2015, a Facebook post featuring their delectable desserts went viral, attracting ice cream aficionados from far and wide. The game further changed in 2018 with the introduction of the ice cream taco, a mouthwatering creation that quickly developed a devoted following. Every Tuesday, enamored customers would line up outside the door, eagerly anticipating their turn to savor a scrumptious ice cream sundae nestled in a homemade waffle cone shell. Building on this success, 2019 saw the addition of luscious frozen custard to their menu, ultimately earning the Milk House the coveted title of the Best Ice Cream in the Blue.

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Supporting the Community, One Scoop at a Time

Beyond satisfying sweet cravings, the Milk House has always been passionate about giving back to the community. Over the years, they have supported local schools and organizations through various initiatives, all while indulging patrons with generous servings of their beloved ice cream. In the summer of 2019, they organized the inaugural Ice Cream Saves Lives fundraising event, raising funds for the Dive Team Auxiliary. This nonprofit organization supports the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Volunteer Dive Team, ensuring safety on the water. The event proved to be a tremendous success, making a significant difference in the lives of these dedicated heroes.

Driven by their commitment to community service, the Milk House Foundation was established in 2022 as a 501(c)(3) organization. This foundation enables the Milk House to further serve the community by facilitating the collection and donation of funds to various local nonprofits. By partnering with these organizations, the Milk House Foundation actively contributes to the betterment of the community it holds dear. Additionally, the Milk House has offered valuable internship programs for high school and college students, providing them with unique experiences and equipping them with essential skills for their future careers. From serving customers to managing events and logistics, these programs have been instrumental in nurturing their professional growth.

A Cornucopia of Flavors and Exciting Future Plans

Today, the Milk House boasts an impressive selection of 40 hand-dipped ice cream flavors, alongside timeless favorites such as vanilla, chocolate, and twist old-fashioned custard. Yet, their journey doesn’t stop here. With an unwavering commitment to their community, the Milk House envisions bringing new experiences and opportunities to the table. Alongside their renowned ice cream and coffee offerings, they are excitedly planning to introduce a brick oven pizza counter, promising to further delight their loyal customers with a range of delectable options.

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Whether you’re a local seeking a creamy indulgence or a curious traveler hoping to uncover a delightful gem, the Milk House awaits with open doors and a warm smile. Come find your favorite flavor, share a laugh with the friendly staff, and join the Milk House in creating lasting memories in the heart of the Blue Water Area.

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