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Ice cream is a staple on the Cape during the summer. Some people spend as much time planning which Ice Cream

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shops they’re going to hit as they do which beaches they’re going to. Cape Cod has the best ice cream shops in Massachusetts and they have become very popular with both locals and tourists. If you haven’t sampled what the Cape ice cream scene has to offer, you’re missing out big time. Below are just a few, in no particular order, of the shops you should consider visiting.

Sundae School Ice Cream

Sundae School Ice Cream has three shops in three different locations:

  • Harwich Port (606 Main St., Route 28 Harwich Port, MA),
  • Dennisport (381 Lower County Rd. Dennisport, MA), and
  • New Orleans (210 Main Street East Orleans, MA).

They are open throughout the week all year round.

The business was started in 1976 by a school teacher who enjoyed spending the summer break on the Cape with his family. It is still run by the same family. Over the years, it has grown to become a favorite ice cream spot in Massachusetts. Food and Wine Magazine named it one of the best ice cream spots in the United States. MassLive readers have voted it as one of the best 10 places to grab an ice cream in the state.

Their menu features the regular sundae (two scoops of ice cream) and the super sundae (three scoops of ice cream). The creations available in all the three locations are frappes, cones and dishes, ice cream soda, banana splits, and slices of ice cream pie.

Sundae toppings on offer include hot fudge, fresh strawberry, burgundy cherry, Hawaiian pineapple, chocolate syrup, hot butterscotch, maple walnut, and fresh blueberry. All sundaes have real whipped cream and Bing cherry.

The Brewster Scoop

The Brewster Scoop can be found at 1935 Main St, Brewster, MA. It is right next to the Brewster General Store off Route 6A. The Brewster Scoop is very popular and like many ice cream shops on the Cape has outside seating.

They have a lot of flavors on offer. Customer favorites include the pistachio, cotton candy, and the chocolate peanut butter flavors. The sundaes are named after the people who have owned the store over the years. You will find sundaes called Knutty Knowles, Cranberry Crocker, Doane Cone, Dibble Dribble, and O’Boyd.

Cobies Restaurant

Cobies Restaurant in Brewster has been a Cape Cod tradition since 1948. Ice cream is just one of the main offerings. This roadside clam shack is a local landmark and serves fried seafood, fried clams, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, french fries, whole wheat wraps, and fresh salads.

The flavors available are black raspberry, chocolate, butter crunch, chocolate chip, coffee health bar, cookies n cream, cookie dough, peanut butter pie, mint chip, toasted coconut, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, and vanilla bean. They also have awesome daily specials plus sorbets.

The restaurant is located at 3260 Main St, Brewster, MA just off 6A. It’s very accessible from the Cape Cod Rail Trail. They’re typically open for lunch and dinner during the spring and fall and a stay open a little later during the season.

Somerset Creamery (Somerset & Cataumet)

The Somerset Creamery has a long history on the Cape that spans over eight decades. It is a family-owned business that was started in 1937. They serve homemade ice creams that have earned quite the fan base on the Cape.

They currently have three locations: Route 6 (G.A.R Hwy), Somerset; County Street, Somerset; and Route 28A, Cataumet.

Available flavors include banana, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, coconut, coffee, coconut, orange pineapple, vanilla, orange, watermelon, and others. Their ice cream creations include sundaes, ice cream cones, peanut butter cup sundaes, banana splits, homemade waffle cones, ice cream sodas, and others.

The two shops in Somerset open for the season on in mid-April while the Cautamet shop opens for the season in early April. They are open throughout the week from 12 pm to 10 pm.

Four Seas Homemade Ice Cream (Centerville Village)

Four Seas is located at 360 S Main St, Centerville, MA. They have been serving some of the best ice creams on the Cape since 1934. Besides the great ice cream on offer, they also serve homemade sandwiches and is open every day from 9.30 am to 10.30 pm.

Ice cream flavors on offer include strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, chip chocolate, maple walnut, coconut, black raspberry, penuche, mint chip, peppermint stick, butter crunch, chocolate almond, rum and butter, caramel, pistachio, ginger, lemon crisp, banana, cantaloupe, and others.

The Toppings on offer are hot fudge, claret sauce, mocha java, blueberry, strawberry, Melba sauce, walnuts in maple syrup, marshmallow, caramel, apple cinnamon, peanut butter, red raspberry, and wild cherry. They also serve blueberry yogurt and orange pineapple yogurt.

Sandwiches they’re known for include: jumbo hot dog, chili dog, mac & cheese, chili hot dog, peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese date and nut, cream cheese and olive, tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, sliced ham sandwich, sliced turkey, ham and cheese, lobster salad, turkey and cheese, and lobster rolls.

Ice Cream Smuggler (East Dennis)

Ice Cream Smuggler is located at 1555 Route 6A, East Dennis, MA. They serve some of the best cakes and pies on the cape. The homemade ice cream cakes consist of layers of chocolate cake, hot fudge, chocolate cookie crumbles, and ice cream. The cakes are frosted with fresh whipped cream. Hot fudge, whipped cream, and candies are used as decoration.

Flavors available include apple pie, butter pecan, butter crunch, chocolate, black raspberry, coconut, coffee, chocolate peanut butter, coffee heath bar, French raspberry truffle, grape nut, ginger, mango sorbet, mint chocolate chip, maple walnut, orange sherbet, orange pineapple, pistachio, raspberry sorbet, rainbow sherbet, rum raisin, and vanilla, among others. They also offer four yogurt varieties: coffee oreo yogurt, vanilla yogurt, raspberry chip yogurt, and peach yogurt.

Smitty’s Homemade Ice Cream

Smitty’s Homemade Ice Cream has three locations:

  • East Falmouth (326 East Falmouth Highway, East Falmouth, MA)
  • Mashpee (538 Falmouth Rd, Mashpee, MA)
  • Barnstable Village (3261 Main St, Barnstable, MA

The three shops are open seven days a week from 1 pm to 10 pm during the season. All three shops serve low-fat frozen yogurt, several flavors of homemade ice cream, sherbet, waffle cones, sundaes, frappes, and ice cream cakes.

They offer 45 ice cream flavors. Notable offerings include coffee, banana, mocha almond, orange pineapple, black raspberry, coconut, butter crunch, butter pecan, peach, chocolate, peppermint stick, chocolate banana, ginger, chocolate chip, grape nut, maple walnut, vanilla, chocolate peanut butter. Coffee, vanilla, and caramel pecan are also available at no sugar added ice cream flavors. If you want to try a sundae, you can grab strawberry, wild cherry, hot fudge, caramel, pineapple, and maple walnut. Sherbet flavors available are orange and watermelon.

Twin Acres Ice Cream Shoppe (Sandwich)

Twin Acres Ice Cream Shoppe has a shop at 21 Route 6A, Sandwich, MA. The shop sits on a large spread of land of about 2 acres. They are open every day from noon till 10.00 pm during the season. They serve sundaes, shakes, and freezes. Their menu also has hot dogs, sausages, lobster rolls, and lots of soft drinks.

Ice cream flavors available include black raspberry, blueberry parfait, bubble gum, butter crunch, butter pecan, cake butter, cappuccino chip, chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, coconut, coffee, cotton candy, ginger, maple walnut, mint chocolate chip, peach, peppermint, pistachio, rum raisin, strawberry, and vanilla, among others. Caramel pecan and moose tracks are available as no sugar added flavors.

Frozen yogurt flavors available are chocolate almond, chocolate peanut butter cup, coffee toffee, and black raspberry chocolate chip. Sherbets available are watermelon and orange. Vegans are also covered with ice cream flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

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