The BEST Gluten and Dairy Free Ice-Creams in UK Supermarkets

Below is a list of the best Vegan gluten free ice cream voted by readers and compiled and edited by our team, let’s find out

When there’s a heatwave in town there’s only one thing for it – you need to get hold of some gluten and dairy free ice-creams!

You just know once the mercury rises the free from sections of the freezers will start to empty.

Whether you fancy a Cornetto, scoops of ice-cream, refreshing sorbets or an alcohol-based frozen treat, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve swept the supermarket shelves to see what gluten free ice-creams you need to have at the ready!

I first wrote this post back in 2018 so I’ve gone through and updated it (July 2021) – hopefully all of your favourites are still around!

All of those listed below are gluten and dairy free ice-creams, and most of them (if not all) are vegan too.

So what are you waiting for?

Of course always double check the ingredients as sometimes recipes change and it’s important to always check!

Little Moons Mochi Ice Cream

little moons mochi mango

I’ve heard good things about these mochi balls and I decided to try some when I spotted them in Tesco I had to try them.

And oh my word, these gluten free and vegan calls of goodness may be expensive at £4.50 a box but they are DELICIOUS!

Wicked Kitchen Chocolate and Red Berry Cones

wicked kichen chocolate raspberry cones

These Wicked Kitchen Chocolate and Red Berry Cones are another sneaky vegan find in Tesco which are accidentally gluten free.

They come with a gluten free cone and are delicious – I love the chocolate at the end of the cone!

Co-op gluten free strawberry & vanilla cones

These strawberry and vanilla cones from Co-op are gluten free and dairy free so perfect for everyone to enjoy.

I think these are new this year and look fabulous.

Swedish Glace vanilla and strawberry cone

I found these gluten and dairy free vegan vanilla cones with strawberry sauce in by Swedish Glace in Tesco.

I love the chocolate casing around the ice-cream which stops it dribbling down my hands!

Gluten free and vegan Magnums

Some normal Magnums are gluten free anyway, but not all of them.

These vegan Magnums are gluten and dairy free, so perfect for anyone to enjoy – in almond or classic.

Sainsbury’s gin & tonic sorbet

Ok, I know it’s not technically an ice-cream, but this gin and tonic sorbet from Sainsbury’s is gluten and dairy free and IT IS INCREDIBLE.

Booja-Booja ice-creams

If you want a real treat then you have to try Booja-Booja ice-creams.

Firstly, they have the best flavour names ever. And second, they’re all dairy free and gluten free! Found in Holland & Barratt.

Miiro gluten & dairy free ice-lollies

Miiro produce some fab vegan and gluten free ice-lollies, and the salted caramel one is definitely my favourite.

I discovered these in Holland & Barratt and they’re perfect if you’re dairy free too.

Gluten free & vegan Cornetto

There was a real buzz when these gluten free and vegan Cornettos first launched, and for good reason.

They taste great and I love the crunchy cone with a chunk of chocolate at the bottom. Found in Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s free from iced desserts

I’m still yet to try these gluten and dairy free iced desserts from Sainsbury’s, but it’s amazing to see a good choice of flavours!

Great if you have multiple allergens you’re trying to avoid.

Yorica ice-cream

Visiting Yorica’s ice-cream parlour in London was a game-changer for me, so actually being able to buy some of their flavours in Waitrose now is great news! Free from all allergens!

M&S chocolate and vanilla cones

GLUTEN FREE FINDS UK NEW JULY 2019 14 e1564577226518

I absolutely LOVE Northern Bloc ice-cream (you can buy it in Co-op) and recently tried their vegan flavours at a trade food show. It was absolutely delicious and I’m stocking up on more today!

Whole Creations raspberry swirl cones

Any gluten and dairy free ice-creams I have missed?

I’m sure I have by no means exhausted all the gluten and dairy free ice-cream out there, but I hope this gives you some ideas ahead of the heatwave!

If there are any of your favourites that I’ve missed out, please drop them in the comments below or share them in my Facebook group!

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