The 10 Most Insane Ice Cream Shops You Must Visit In Los Angeles

Video The 10 Most Insane Ice Cream Shops You Must Visit In Los Angeles

With so many uncertainties in life as of late, it’s nice to know that there’s always one thing you can count on to make you happy—ICE CREAM! Doesn’t it make you smile just thinking about it?!

Here are 10 different Los Angeles ice cream shops that are guaranteed to bring your life some joy:

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Bumsan Organic Milk bar soft serve is an Instagrammer’s dream; they put so much love into each cone! They use a special technique to coat your cone by mixing melted marshmallows with your favorite cereal using chopsticks. This colorful soft serve is 100 percent organic USDA certified, non-GMO, antibiotic-free dairy. Upon first bite, I was blown away because it was creamy and thick, yet so soft! I tried their chocolate and taro milk tea swirl and it was delicious!

La Michoacana Plus

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Don’t come here hungry! They have over 100 paletas, over 50 ice creams and 10 different aguas frescas. There was so much to choose from but I managed to narrow it down to a Mango Mangonada and an Oreo paleta. They were fantastic. Their Mangonada reigns supreme due to them making their ice cream in house with fresh mangos—the only thing it was missing (in my opinion) was tequila!

One of my favorite ice cream flavors is cookies & creme—turning it into a paleta did not disappoint.

Mashti Malones

I have never had ice cream like this before I. WAS. BLOWN. AWAY! Where to even begin? The store has been open for more than 40 years, which tells me right off the bat that they are passionate hard-workers, and that their ice cream has to be one-of-a-kind. After visiting I can confirm that all of the above is true. The owners took me to the back (safely with masks and six feet apart!) where they make their ice cream to show me their high-quality ingredients that they import overseas (that includes their saffron from Iran). I tried their most popular flavor, Saffron Pistachio Rosewater, with a side of their Faloodeh. This Persian ice cream had a beautiful floral, herbal taste that I’d never experienced before. Not only was the ice cream an experience, but the shop as a whole was as well; you feel the love here.

Salt & Straw

You can smell Salt & Straw a mile away. The aroma from the shop will hypnotize you and will have you eating dessert for dinner. The shop is known for their unconventional ice cream flavors: The flavor of the month when I came was their Huckleberry Cast Iron Cornbread. I love S&S but this flavor was a hard pass for me. Being that I am from Texas, cornbread should always be served warm—it just doesn’t work in ice cream.

Sweet n’ Hollow

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I know this list is all about the best ice cream in LA but we can’t neglect the cones! This European chimney cone from Sweet n’ Hollow is innovative and delicious. The dough is rolled on a wooden cylinder and baked in a rotisserie grill. It’s crunchy on the outside, dusted in cinnamon sugar and warm on the inside (oh, and it’s coated with Nutella!).

The Dolly Llama

ULTIMATE COOKIEEEEE MONSTERRRRRRR! Sorry, I got excited. This is my favorite ice cream of ALL TIME, rather, it’s two of my favorites mashed in one—cookies & creme and chocolate chip cookie dough. That’s it, that’s all. There is nothing else to be said. I love you, Dolly Llama. Thank you for the greatest flavor creation ever.

Little Damage

This ice cream is made for Instagram. Exhibit A: My Instagram.

They have black cones AND black ice cream… need I say more?

Sul & Beans

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I have never had Korean shaved ice before, and, boy, was I in for a real treat. It was such a hot day when I came so they suggested I order their Watermelon Bingsu. The ice was fluffy and the amount of condensed milk was perfect in adding some sugary goodness. To my surprise, the ice wasn’t crunchy. Less surprisingly, the watermelon was so refreshing. I would also like to note that since you can’t dine in due to new regulations, they package your order in a thermal bag so that it doesn’t melt.

Holy Roly Ice Cream

When you visit here you’re getting a full-blown experience. It is so fun to see them make the actual ice cream right in front of you. Similar to Cold Stone, the ingredients are poured onto an ice-cold surface that is hand-mixed with a selection of toppings, smoothed into thin sheets, and then rolled into delicate scrolls. It offers a different texture that you can’t get anywhere else.

Wanderlust Creamery

You can take a trip around the world without having to step foot on a plane—just step into Wanderlust Creamery. The entire menu, which rotates month to month, is inspired by different parts of the world. I traveled to Thailand & the Philippines via my taste buds with their flavors Ube Malted Crunch and Sticky Rice Mango. I love everything about this place.

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