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This Thai Tea No-Churn Ice Cream is one of the creamiest, most flavorful ice creams you will ever have. Spicy and sweet, this cold treat mixes things up a bit!

thai tea, but make it ice cream.

I love Iced Thai Tea more than most beverages out there. I just always have. The unique warm and spicy flavor mixed with the creaminess of the sweetened condensed milk just does it for me. The obvious next step for me would be to make it into an ice cream. It’s practically begging to be an ice cream, am I right? It already utilizes sweetened condensed milk, which is key to a no-churn ice cream, so just whip up some heavy cream and you’re practically done.

Tips for making Thai tea no-churn ice cream

Heavy cream must be COLD when you whip it. This is because the fat emulsifies faster and stays emulsified for longer this way!

Salt in ice cream sounds weird, right? Well, almost all ice cream uses salt! You add salt in so that the overall temperature of the ice cream gets colder and freezes faster.

The best way to scoop ice cream: Take your ice cream out of the freezer 3-5 minutes before you want to scoop, and then run your ice cream scooper under hot water before scooping.

Ingredients you’ll need

Thai Tea: In this recipe I use theseThai Tea bags, which I cut the top off and dumped the mix straight into the mix. This way the Thai tea mix can really saturate the heavy cream it’s being steeped in. You can also use this already loose Thai tea mix.

Heavy Cream: This is going to be the base for your no-churn ice cream. When you whip heavy cream it becomes fluffy whipped cream. When you freeze it, it becomes silky smooth soft serve ice cream.

Sweetened Condensed Milk: Used to sweeten and thicken the ice cream, and this is also a staple flavor for sweetening iced Thai tea.

Vanilla Extract: Vanilla flavoring for half of the ice cream mix. You can add more or less of this to make the Thai tea flavor more or less strong.

Salt: Adding salt to ice cream mix lowers the freezing temperature.

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How To Make Thai Tea No-Churn Ice Cream

Simmer 1 cup of heavy cream until it hits around 180°F or is warmly heated throughout. Add in loose Thai tea and mix well. Turn heat off and steep for 30 minutes.

Strain the Thai tea mix from the heavy cream with cheesecloth. It’s okay if some of the mix remains in the heavy cream, just get out as much as you can with the cheesecloth. Place in refrigerator until cold, for about 1 hour.

In a separate bowl, pour the rest of your COLD heavy cream (1 1/2 cups) and vanilla extract. Whip until stiff peaks form, about 4-5 minutes. Stir in 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk and the rest of the salt (1/2 teaspoon).

Once the Thai tea heavy cream is cold, remove from fridge and whip until stiff peaks form, about 4-5 minutes. Stir in 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk and the 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Pour the vanilla heavy cream mixture in a loaf pan, then pour the Thai tea heavy cream mixture on top. Use a figure 8 pattern if you want to get the visual white and orange swirls.

Cover with cling wrap and set in freezer for at least 8 hours or overnight.

Different no-churn ice cream flavor options:

Now that you know how to make a basic no-churn ice cream base, the flavor combinations are literally limitless. Here are a few of my favorites!

  • The Flavours of Kitchen’s Coconut Ice Cream (No Churn)
  • The Yummy Yenta’s No Churn Cookies and Vanilla Passionfruit Swirled Ice Cream

Other frozen treats you’ll love!

  • Chocolate Banana Nice Cream
  • Frolic & Fare’s Decaf Green Tea Popsicles with Coconut Water and Lime
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