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Turn fresh or frozen strawberries into a tasty homemade sherbet with just four simple ingredients. The berry flavor really shines through in this refreshing dessert.

Strawberries are really the shining star in this frozen treat. Sherbet is the perfect balance between lots of fruit and just enough dairy to give you a creamy texture.

It is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. Luckily it takes very few ingredients so you’ll be churning away in no time!

The boys at my house are huge sherbet fans. If they end up at the grocery store together there is a good chance they are coming home with at least one container of sherbet.

Sometimes they come home with two under the guise that they couldn’t agree on a flavor. Somehow they are always both able to enjoy both kinds once it makes its way home though.

With our strawberry patch giving us tons of delicious berries right now, they were very adamant that some got turned into a frozen treat. They originally requested sorbet, but we just made a refined sugar free strawberry orange sorbet not too long ago.

Ice cream was tempting but that would take a trip to the store to get some cream. I hate going to the grocery store to grab one item.

So we settled on the in between and I’m sure glad we did! Besides the strawberries it only takes three ingredients and they are items that we always have on hand: sugar, lemon juice and milk.

This sherbet does freeze relatively solid due to the high fruit content and low fat content. I promise you it is absolutely delicious though.

If you want a creamier final texture, use half and half in place of the milk. Either way it is absolutely worth making.

After the success of the key lime sherbet, I knew this one would be a winner in my house. It certainly was! We are planning to make another batch this weekend before our homegrown strawberries are done.

We served our sherbet with the tender and delicious fresh strawberry bundt cake. I also had a little strawberry puree mixed with a splash of lemon juice and a bit of powdered sugar to spoon over the top.

The sherbet is fabulous on its own, but they are even better together! Watch how easy the sherbet is to make in our YouTube video. Little Dude and I show you how from start to finish!

What is your favorite flavor of sherbet? We can’t wait to make more varieties!

Favorite ice cream makers

MiMi has a couple kitchenaid ice cream maker attachments for her stand mixer. She loves them and makes all of her ice cream with them.

I recently got a cuisinart ice cream maker. You freeze the bowl ahead of using it much like the kitchenaid attachment.

Both work great and are relatively affordable. You just have to remember to get the bowl in the freezer in plenty of time to get it cold, but that is a whole lot better than making sure you have enough ice and salt on hand!

Great sherbet storage options

My mom loves the Tovolo Glide-A-Scoop containers that fit in the freezer well, stack easily and store nicely. She already has a couple and is getting ready to order more.

I got fun quart sized containers that are reusable and dishwasher safe that I like as well. No matter how it’s stored, sherbet tends to disappear quickly around here!

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