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The fresh strawberry flavour in this will blow your mind! A no churn Strawberry Ice Cream that’s incredibly creamy, no ice crystals and perfectly scoopable. 5 ingredients, easy to make, no ice cream maker required!

Creamy No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream in a small white dish topped with fresh strawberries, ready to be eaten


OK, so you might know an ice cream specialist or a fancy pants restaurant that makes a stellar strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries, and it really truly tastes of strawberries. So it’s a bit bullish to say this homemade strawberry ice cream recipe has flavour money can’t buy.

But if we’re talking about everyday strawberry ice cream sold in tubs at supermarkets and even gourmet stores, then this is off the charts compared to them.

And the reason is simple. The flavour and colour in this recipe relies solely on a whole heap of fresh strawberries that is intensified with roasting. Whereas supermarket ice cream uses artificial flavouring – and artificial colouring!

Creamy No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream in a glass dish being scooped with an ice cream scooper

No churn ice cream

A traditional ice cream starts with a sweetened mixture of cream and eggs which is then poured into an ice cream machine which churns as the ice cream gradually freezes.

This no churn version is made with condensed milk and cream that requires no ice cream maker and yields an ice cream remarkable similar to churned ice cream. To read more about this no churn method, including the difference between No Churn and ice cream made using an ice cream maker, pop over to the no churn Mango Ice Cream recipe I’ve previously shared.

Preparation of No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

Iciness is the bain of fruit ice creams

If you’ve ever tried a homemade strawberry ice cream recipe before and been disappointed by the crunch of ice crystals from the strawberry juice, be prepared to jump for joy because this is the recipe of your dreams!

Avoiding this problem is actually quite simple – just roast the strawberries. Not only does it remove water which causes the ice crystals, it actually intensifies the strawberry flavour (oven trumps stove for flavour).

And the added bonus for strawberry ice cream is that the caramelisation of the strawberries deepens the pink colour of the ice cream!

Preparation steps for No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

How to make no churn strawberry ice cream

Here’s a summary of how to make this magical strawberry ice cream – the numbers correspond to the process photos above and below:

1. Halve strawberries, sprinkle with just a bit of sugar (just to kickstart the juicing process), then roast on a low heat for 1 hour.

2. Scrape into a food processor and blitz. Do not – I repeat, DO NOT taste test. Every drop is precious and I don’t trust you to stop at one tiny taste! 😂 (OK, I mean me, not you)

3 & 4. Once cooled, whip with condensed milk and vanilla to combine and aerate.

5 & 6. Whip cream until stiff peaks form. Gently fold the strawberry and cream mixture together – do not beat furiously and destroy all the fluffiness!! Watch video for folding technique (pretty please!)

7 & 8. Pour into container then freeze for 12+ hours.

Preparation steps for No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

What comes out of the freezer is quite extraordinary. It looks like store bought ice cream. It scoops like store bought ice cream. It’s creamy like store bought – no ice crystals at all.

It even holds its shape when it softens like store bought ice cream – unlike other shortcut ice creams that seem to go from rock hard to a puddle of liquid in an instant with only a split second window of opportunity when it’s scoopable.

Close up of Creamy No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream in a glass dish being scooped with an ice cream scooper

But most of all for me, the thing that makes homemade strawberry ice cream so precious is that true taste of strawberries which, in this world of artificial flavourings, is actually quite rare.

The flavour of this really will blow your mind.

REAL strawberry flavour – in vast quantities. When was the last time you tasted that – other than eating fresh strawberries?? – Nagi x

PS Also – no churn Mango Ice Cream. The flavour…. swoon…

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Creamy No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream in waffle cones, ready to be eaten!



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