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If you’re familiar with the local businesses in Greenfield, then you must have heard of Stewart’s Shops. It’s an absolute Upstate New York favorite and a staple in the community. Nestled on 60 acres, Stewart’s boasts an impressive complex that encompasses manufacturing, retail distribution, and development operations. With approximately 350,000 square feet, it’s hard to miss!

Last year, Stewart’s Shops contributed a significant 3% to Greenfield’s overall tax collection, making them the highest taxpayer in the area. It’s clear that they hold a special place in the heart of the town.

When it comes to local recognition, Greenfield Town Supervisor Kevin Veitch and New York State Assemblyman Matt Simpson, along with their staff, were fortunate enough to receive a personal tour of the Stewart’s Ice Cream Plant. Leading the tour was none other than President Gary Dake, a third-generation member of the Dake family who has dedicated 38 years to the company. It’s worth mentioning that Gary Dake was a resident of Greenfield for two decades and even served as the chair of the Planning Board.

During the tour, we witnessed the incredibly impressive operation that is the Stewart’s Ice Cream Plant. It’s hard not to fall in love with the brand when you witness the passion and dedication that goes into their process. The plant employs a workforce of 550 individuals, each contributing to the company’s commitment to vertical integration. This integration ensures that Stewart’s can maintain higher quality products at a lower cost.

We had the opportunity to explore various sections of the facility, from the dairy to the ice cream shop, the Stewart’s kitchen, and the expansive warehouse. It was fascinating to learn that Stewart’s milk comes fresh from 20 local family farms, guaranteeing the highest quality. In fact, most of the homemade menu items and all of the 60 flavors of ice cream are created right here in Greenfield.

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To maintain their commitment to excellence, Stewart’s has implemented numerous safety and testing procedures. We had the chance to see the Plating Room and Food Lab, which are just a couple of the many areas where rigorous testing takes place. It was quite the experience, donning our hairnets and disposable shoe covers as we navigated our way through the bottle manufacturing and filling rooms, the ice cream making area, the flavor blenders, and the cooling rooms and freezers. The kitchen showcased on-site preparation of popular menu items like chili, tuna sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese. It’s clear that Stewart’s commitment extends beyond just ice cream – they have a growing segment for prepared food, offering an expanding menu of grab-and-go and take-home dinner options in their local stores.

What sets Stewart’s apart is their unwavering dedication to every aspect of their business. From having a full-time carpenter who collaborates with a local Greenfield business, Zanetti Architectural Millworks, to supply custom craftwork for store counters, to having their own print shop, maintenance division, and technical teams dedicated to ensuring smooth operations at their stores. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best experience for their customers.

You can always count on Stewart’s milk to be fresh. From the moment it leaves the farm, it takes just 48 hours for the milk to be processed, bottled, and shipped to your local Stewart’s. With the plant operating 24/7, you can rest assured that freshness is their priority.

To get a glimpse of the amazing Stewart’s Ice Cream Plant, check out our photo gallery below. And if you find yourself craving some sweet treats, make sure to visit the Stewart’s Shops website for an online photo factory tour. It’s no secret that the Town of Greenfield is proud to house one of the leading dairy manufacturers and convenience store brands in the country. Stewart’s Shops has rightfully earned its place as the 23rd largest convenience store chain in the United States. So, if you’re ever in the area, don’t forget to indulge in some delicious Stewart’s ice cream!

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Stewart's Ice Cream Plant
Stewart's Ice Cream Shop
Stewart's Dairy
Stewart's Warehouse

For more information about Stewart’s, visit Ice Cream.

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