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The primary difference between sorbet and sherbet is all down to the dairy contents of each. Sherbet contains a small amount of cream or milk, which gives it a creamy and rich tasty and texture.

On the other hand Sorbet has no milk content, no dairy at all in fact which makes it a suitable treat for lactose intolerant individuals as vegans too. Sorbet and Sherbet have a few more differences beyond just their dairy content difference. Both act as a lighter alternative to traditional gelato, or ice cream.

They are also both a spectacular choice in the water month when there is an abundance of fresh fruit to enjoy, and you need something cold and tasty to cool you down in the sun.

What are the differences between Sorbet and Sherbet?

Today we are going to take the time to talk you through all the differences between sorbet and sherbet.

So that you know exactly what you are getting next time you buy one of these at the store. And, so that you know which is best for you, your dietary preferences and your eating habits.

What is in it?

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One of the biggest difference between these two tasty desserts is their ingredients, since they are made from different ingredients they will be suitable for different people due to this.

Let’s have a look.


Sorbet has two main ingredients, these are fruit and sugar. Sometimes there will also be the addition of water, and other nature flavors too.

But, in its purest moments, sorbet is churned much like ice cream, just with fruit and water instead. Granita is also a lot like sorbet is, in regard to the ingredients it takes to be made. However, granita is not churned like sorbet is, and it is instead flaked off and frozen to have a more coarse and icy texture.


Sherbet, which is in many ways, is a lot like sorbet, is made with fruit and sugar, but also has the addition of cream or milk.

As per the FDA, sherbet must have between 1% to 2% of milk fat, in comparison, ice cream must have around 10% milk fat.

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When it comes to sherbet v sorbet, the only real difference between the two is in the milk or dairy content.

Texture Differences

Texture is important when it comes to frozen dessert, many people like the texture that really melts in your mouth, so the difference in texture can be a defining factor in which of these desserts is best for you.


While sorbet is churned like an ice cream, which gives it a smooth and soft texture, even without the milk content, it can have a slightly rougher and drier texture.

Due to this, sorbet is often needed to be left at room temperature for a little while before it is consumed. It softens at room temperature and then gains the smooth texture we know you are after. You will also have a fruitier and rougher texture with a sorbet than you would get in comparison to sherbet.


Thanks to its dairy content, sherbet is creamier in texture, and it is very, very similar to the texture of ice cream.

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It is smoother and easier on the tongue, it still has the fruity flavor, but it has the addition of a mild diary taste too. This dairy taste is something of a personal preference more than anything else. It also does not need to be left to soften at room temperature like sorbet does, so you can enjoy it straight from the freezer, why even bother getting a bowl right? Just eat it right from the tub.


Sorbet and Sherbet have different purposes, meaning they tend to be enjoyed on different occasions.


Sorbet is a popular dessert now, much more than it used to be. Before now, it was often used as a palette cleanser in high-end restaurants. This was thanks to its texture and lack of fat, and if you have ever tried sorbet, you will definitely see why. It is so refreshing!

It is also a great way to reset between courses in a meal, so it could be made with a plethora of different flavors and fresh ingredients, which allows it to be created from scratch to suit any meal.


Sherbet has always fallen into the desert category. With the famous rainbow sherbet coming into a craze taking place in the 1950s and still being a wildly popular option today.

Rainbow sherbet is a mixture of different color and flavored sherbets, swirled together in order to form a super colorful cup.

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