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rick and morty s04e01 This is a topic that many people are looking for. bluevelvetrestaurant.com is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, bluevelvetrestaurant.com would like to introduce to you Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser Trailer – Bonus Episode Easter Eggs Breakdown – YouTube. Following along are instructions in the video below: “Mean. This is just a conversation between me and rick. But if anyone else is is eavesdropping on this conversation like you should seriously try ice cream. If you have tried it yeah.

If you haven t tried ice cream you got to give it a shot it s i mean what are you waiting around for it s not gonna one cup of ice cream isn t gonna kill you yeah. It s i mean let s be real you re not gonna die from one cup. I mean you know unless you re unless you re lactose intolerant. Oh.

Yeah. Of course you ve got a there s always one of those in the crowd man. I want to try ice cream. I heard it s pretty good.

It is pretty good morty. It s pretty good it s ice cream. You gotta get you gotta get that delicious taste of ice cream. And the delicious taste of ice cream that d be a good slogan for the ice cream corporation.

I m already the ice cream corporation. Let me tell you that they are in need of slogans. You should have heard their last slogan. What was it it was ice cream come and taste it slips down your throat.

Oh that s kind of i don t know. It s not that s not too bad. A slogan rick well maybe. It s not so bad you re right.

It s not too bad. I got it i got a good slogan for them ice cream get your ice cream here step right up huh that s a pretty good slogan. It s got a nice bell to it it s got a nice ring to it i meant. Hey rick um.

We should start an ice cream company. That s a good idea morty. I d be honored to start an ice cream company with you morty yeah. Rick i d started ice cream company.

With you he s the old son of a bitch. Shut your mouth. Morty. You little piece of f.


rick and morty s04e01 0 Ha. Ha. You little piece of s. We re gonna start an ice cream corporation morty.

We re gonna take over the entire ice cream corporations of all of them man. We re gonna take over a whole ice cream corporation. Calm freakin or ice cream morty. We re gonna make so much ice cream.

We re gonna drown the whole world in ice cream. I m gonna take a big ice cream all over somebody s face whoa morty whoa that s not cool. I don t know what you re implying with that phrase the way you phrased that i don t know i just i meant like you know you put ice cream in your mouth mount your mouths on your face. I figured that was kind of you know okay okay i m sorry say no more i apologize huh brick.

Who morty it s a nice day out there there s five of them. And i ve had five forties. Oh. That s cannon alert memory collection.

What did you do it s not useful to me alive. It s better this way. You kept the chip inside him this whole time. Yeah morty.

I hide all my secrets in morty s you should know that by now you re like a walking safe what the fuck. What what are you even talking about rick. I can t begin to comprehend how stuff you need to be in the brain to even begin to allow this to happen maybe you eat chicken morty. What do you think happens to them you know it s a cold universe factory farming morty you know if you if you if you want to sit here and preach you might want to consider putting your money.

Where your mouth. Is going vegan or or whatever and leave me out of it. It s not my problem. If you really tore me apart with that rick you know you re right.

I m going vegan. This is canon morty is now vegan. This is canon canon. I m vee.

I m a full on vegan now season for all vegan season for 100 vegan morty hertz shut up forty welcome back everyone. It s charlie. We have brand new rick and morty to break down before season four starts were almost there this is a bonus episode that was done between seasons. With some bonus content in a collab between t.

Ara y..

And justin roiland. They recorded some new dialogue for the episode. But as you probably spotted there s a whole bunch of easter eggs. I m actually working on a new collab with tiara why for rick and morty season four right now as we speak.

And there s a special collab that i m working on for special merch for rick and morty season. 4. That i ll explain at the end of the video. I ll be doing easter egg videos for all the episodes this season just like previous years so if you re new to my channel be sure to subscribe to get everything i do merch giveaways every week.

Too so like i said. This is meant to be an expansion on a bit that goes all the way back to season two from the butthole ice cream shop from interdimensional cable to justin roiland. Was actually teasing interdimensional cable. 3.

Earlier this year in the sound booth. While they were recording voice over for season 4 episodes. And if you listen to the commentary for season 3. Episode.

8. Morty s mind blowers. They actually tell a story about how they originally plan to do interdimensional cable 3. During season 3.

But it was when season 3 was originally supposed to be 14 episodes instead of 10. They had an unspecified production issue that prevented them from doing the extra four episodes. So they canned interdimensional cable 3 for a future season and just did the episode as morty s mind blowers. But big surprise it turned out great so now i m hoping that they actually do more teas mind blowers too in a future season.

So the bit is just meant to be a tongue in cheek fake pitch for them to actually go to this ice cream shop. Surprisingly are not surprisingly. There s no szechuan flavored ice cream. Either.

You also probably notice. The doc and marty graffiti. That s actually the original project that justin roiland created based on back to the future that wound up turning into the rick and morty cartoon. When it went to adult swim.

There s a bill cipher of gravity falls symbol some meeseeks they re having that awkward kind of conversation you have someone when you don t have anything to say and you re just riffing off of each. Other s comments. Rick even censors himself within the episode like he stops in himself from cursing instead of them bleeping. It these dogs aren t based on the lawnmower dog episode from season 1 episode 2.

Through actually based on justin roiland..

rick and morty s04e01 2 Original dogs from a dog world series. That he was doing a long time ago boy. I thought our lives would be relatively unaffected by taking and talking humans. But they behave so differently here s t ara wise icons signature strike lock is one of the vfx people that worked on this another big gravity falls easter egg.

Stanford pines in another version of rick playing with his portal gun. I will do a really big gravity falls easter egg video from all the rick and morty episodes. At some point because without fail. Within a couple separate episodes almost every single season.

They have some sort of gravity falls easter egg hidden in the background lawyer morty not a real lawyer. Talking to judge morty based on the state of georgia versus. Rick allen. If you haven t seen that animation tiara.

Why also animated a version of that but it s the most insane real life court case that justin roiland recorded voice over for is if it were a rick and morty case. It s him reading the transcript from a real life insane court case. It s the most ridiculous thing you ll see your entire life in it s almost two nsfw for me to include in this video that s how hardcore it is you re gonna tell me listen shut up listen to me there s a planet express logo from futurama. There s the characters from olin rogers final space cartoon.

The red balloon is a reference to jerry s game. I think that adult swim. Even turned that into an actual mobile game for a little while or at least a flash based game. When it glitches out like they re inside the m night shyamalan episode that s from the rick and morty vr game.

There are five of them in the i ve had five morty s lul. That s cannon joke is just a reference to our morty. Not being rick s original morty. I know there are a lot of theories about evil morty being rick s original morty.

I don t think they re gonna answer that definitively anytime soon during season four. But they did say that it would be important that you re watch season three so that you understand some of the plot lines happening during season 4 just implying that they re continuing evil morty s story as we all expect it in some of the other more serialized elements. There s a couple of fourth wall breaks. When rick says.

It s canon and morty speaks about himself in third person on his desk. Here you can see he s got a new pickle experiment. Running with pieces of robot morty all over the garage. The chip.

That rick pulls out of robot morty is from the pocket morty s game. The face on robot morty also kind of reminds me of the robot morty from the old intro as well as season three episode two rick dancing. The stone. When rick had the fake morty in summer to mislead beth.

So she wouldn t know that they were gone toes my thread in the morning..

rick and morty s04e01 3 He just became my backup toaster lot of people wondering about the last part where morty says that he s going vegan vegan for season four that s canon that s just a joke from the vr game. I don t expect morty to show up vegan in season four or anything like that dan harmon and justin run also make jokes about including stuff in the canon to like where they re playing with mr. Poopy butthole and his promo here structural problems for a particular obstacle on this episode. No problem.

Mr. Penhall. Mr. Poopy butthole adult musics that s canon morty floating here in the vacuum of space is just a reference to the campaign manager morty from the end of season 3.

Episode. 7. And then there s a clip with a phone call from summer trying to yell at him for being bad about his phone skills and texting so it s an awesome collab. I hope we see more bonus content like this in the future just because it s really cool especially between seasons.

When there s such a content draught. But the big idea was season 4 and their restructure deal with adult swim and turner is that they can deliver as many episodes as they want i know there s a ton of questions about why they re saying. There s only five episodes coming during season four in the first big trailer that they release. But that s just for the first half of the season before the big holiday break.

So if it wasn t clear. There will be five more episodes after that they haven t said exactly when that s going to premiere. But i m assuming for now unless we hear otherwise it s gonna be really early next year in january sometime. They did the exact same thing when they premiered season one where they aired half the season went on break for the holidays then came back with more episodes in january.

So don t freak out too. Much now. I ll be doing merch giveaways and all my rick and morty videos. All you have to do to enter those just be a subscriber and leave your best rick morty season 4 theory on the video.

There is a special merch collab that i m working on with adult swim. But that hasn t quite been locked down. Yet i ll explain it in a future rick and morty video. If that actually winds up happening.

Congratulations david crooks you re the giveaway winner from my last big rick and morty giveaway please email me on the about page of my channel. So can get your details while you wait for everything click here for all my rick and morty season 4 trailer easter eggs and click here for all my other rick and morty season 4 videos. Thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome. I ll see you guys tonight.

” ..

rick and morty s04e01 4

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Covering new Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser Trailer. Bonus Episode Easter Eggs. Interdimensional Cable 3, Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 and 5 Episode Schedule Explained. There will be a break for the Christmas and New Year s Eve Holidays after Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5.

I ll be doing Season 4 Episode videos and Easter Eggs all season long. And I m working on a few collabs that I ll announce if everything works out!

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