The Perfect Recipe for Goat Milk Ice Cream

Video recipe for goat milk ice cream

Here’s a fantastic recipe to help you put your extra goat milk to good use. And if you’re one of those with lactose intolerance issues, then goat milk ice cream is the answer to your cravings.

Goat Milk vs Cow Milk

While both goat milk and cow milk share similar tastes, fresh goat milk tends to have a slightly sweeter flavor. Goats have an advantage over cows when converting the carotene they consume into vitamin A, giving their milk a whiter appearance.

The main distinction lies in the size of the fat globules. Goat milk contains much smaller fat globules compared to cow milk, which prevents the cream from rising to the top. Additionally, goat’s milk lacks agglutinin, a chemical that causes fat globules to join together and rise. This natural homogenization process makes goat’s milk creamier and easier to digest than cow’s milk. However, when making goat milk ice cream, this can pose a challenge since cream is essential for achieving that creamy texture.

Goat Milk and Fat

Due to the difference in milk fat content between goat milk and cow milk, a substitute thickener is needed for goat milk ice cream. That’s where egg yolks come in. The lecithin present in egg yolks acts as an emulsifier or stabilizer. It helps evenly distribute the fat in the cream throughout the milk, preventing separation.

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Ice Cream and Ice Milk

If you’re lactose intolerant, you can make your ice cream using only goat milk. However, the consistency will resemble that of ice milk. Keep in mind that if you choose to freeze it, it will become as hard as a rock. If you prefer a softer and creamier version of ice cream, adding cream to your goat milk ice cream recipe is recommended.

Goat Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Gather the following ingredients:

  • 3 cups of goat milk (or 4 cups if not using cream)
  • 1 cup of cream (if using cream)
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 3/4 cup of sugar (1/4 cup initially, and 1/2 cup later)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla

For chocolate ice cream, you’ll also need 3/4 cup of chocolate chips.

Making the Cream

In a heavy pan, combine the goat milk, cream (if using), and 1/4 cup of sugar. If you’re making chocolate ice cream, add the chocolate chips as well. Stir the mixture continuously over heat until the chocolate melts and incorporates into the milk and cream. Once done, remove the pan from the heat.

Adding the Eggs

In a medium-sized bowl, place the egg yolks and add the remaining 1/2 cup of sugar. Whisk thoroughly to ensure proper mixing. Gradually add one cup of the hot milk mixture to the egg mixture, stirring well. This gradual addition helps to prevent the eggs from scrambling. Whisk in another cup of the hot milk mixture. Finally, combine the egg mixture with the remaining hot milk mixture in your pot. Stir well.

Turn the heat to medium and cook the mixture while stirring continuously until it thickens. Add the vanilla and chill the mixture for several hours until it reaches a pleasantly cold temperature.

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Making Ice Cream

After chilling for several hours, transfer the mixture to your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make your ice cream.


Beware, this creamy and delicious ice cream is addictive! Your children will keep pestering you for more! 🙂 This recipe makes one quart of mouthwatering goat milk ice cream.

Looking for a Healthy Treat to Complement Your Goat Milk Ice Cream?

Indulge yourself in guilt-free brownies sweetened with stevia or enjoy a healthy pumpkin pie. These cake recipes contain wholesome ingredients, making them a perfect treat. Just remember to avoid excess sugar, as it can harm both your blood sugar levels and your teeth.

Learn more about frugal recipes at Ice Cream.

Note: The original article has been rewritten in English and follows the guidelines provided.

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