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Are you wanting to share some ice cream with your dog?

Listen! We know it’s difficult to say no whenever a furry friend turns on the charm. Nevertheless, we’ve got to shoot straight with you…

Can I Give My Dog Ice Cream?While only chocolate ice cream is potentially poisonous for your pet dog, it’s a bad idea to offer any flavor.

Feeding of sugary foods, no matter how delicious, is a bit irresponsible.

Dogs that eat ice cream will eventually have health problems. Obesity and diabetes are of particular concern.

Don’t Make a Habit of Giving Your Dog Ice Cream

Throw in the dairy aspect and your buddy could experience bad gas, diarrhea, bloating and vomiting.

With that being said, providing much less than a single scoop can reduce the likelihood of harm.

That’s right! Giving your dog a small taste, if you are strict, typically won’t be detrimental (though we still do not recommend it).

At the very least, never feed your dog more than a very small serving of ice cream in order to limit the amount of fat, lactose and sugar.

A Dessert to Cool Down a K9

Looking for a better option for your dog?

Make homemade popsicles!

But, again, ice cream is best avoided.

Ice Cream And Dairy In General

The fact is lots of dogs cannot digest dairy very well. Most are lactose intolerant to some degree.

Understand that lactose is a type of sugar in ice creams.

You’ve got to be familiar with the different levels if sharing dairy foods with your dog.

For example, ice cream has lots more than cottage cheese.

Don’t Downplay Digestive Downsides

Dogs should be fed foods that help to aid digestion. By contrast, this dessert is counterproductive to that goal.

Ice cream, more than anything, tends to make dogs have loose stools and/or gastric upset.

And all the negatives from a nutritional standpoint should be plenty enough to convince pet owners.

But things could be even worse…

Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus

Beware of Dog Bloat!

Sometimes it’s a life threatening condition. It happens quickly and can absolutely be fatal.

You can easily avoid such a serious scenario by simply rationing the dog’s consumption (ice cream included).

Fact: Bloat occurs more often in large breeds.

Eating too much and too fast are known causes of Dog Bloat.

And this applies here because the sugar in ice cream will tend to make a pet dog want to ‘go to town’. Be sure to prevent it from happening!

Concerning Ice Cream Accidents

Has your dog already eaten a bunch of ice cream?

Well, hopefully it wasn’t a chocolate variety.

Chocolate ice cream can be terribly toxic for dogs.

You need a vet’s urgent help if you’re dealing with such a scenario.

Thankfully, more often than not, a modest amount of any other type of ice cream isn’t a total disaster.

More Excellent Alternative Ideas

Besides homemade popsicles, frozen yogurts are better than ice cream.

And we highly recommend chilled pumpkin because it will make for a very nutritious treat for your dog.

Most recipes that can be whipped up at home are healthier than store-bought ice cream.

The Bottom Line

Do not give your dog any ice cream.

It lacks nutrition and may disagree with their stomach in some unpleasant ways. Serious harm is not out of the question either.

There are no shortage of reasons not to share with lactose (dairy) and high fat content being the obvious factors.

The only good news: Your dog will be fine if they had just a bit of ice cream.

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