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This raspberry ice cream is sweet, tangy and bursting with raspberry flavor. Make it fresh raspberries in season or frozen raspberries for a year round treat.

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If you have made my strawberry ice cream you will be familiar with how to make this berry ice cream. Normally I would make a fruit ice cream Philadelphia style, that is without eggs. However raspberries have such a robust flavor they can really handle the extra creaminess and richness that ice cream made with an egg-based custard gives.

Raspberries are a bit more delicate than more robust strawberries so they can be a little more expensive. If it’s peak raspberry season and you can get beautiful fresh raspberries at an affordable price than you can absolutely use those. But I find frozen raspberries are a more economical option and makes this ice cream a treat you can make all year.

Of course if you don’t have an ice cream maker you might want to try making my raspberry popsicles. Bright, fresh and dairy-free.


Raspberries: you can use fresh or frozen raspberries in this recipe. If you can get raspberries cheaply when in season you can use fresh. You can sometimes get jamming raspberries cheap which are absolutely fine to use. Failing that I find frozen raspberries are a cheap alternative to fresh and makes these easy fruit popsicle a year-round treat.

Thickened cream: I use thickened cream in Australia which has a fat content of about 34%. You could also use heavy cream or heavy whipping cream which is similar.

Milk: this recipe uses full-fat milk with a fat content of about 3.5%.

White sugar: white sugar is best in this recipe. You could use castor sugar if you prefer. I don’t recommend using other types of sugar, they will be hard to dissolve and will compete with the flavors in this ice cream.

Eggs: this recipe uses egg yokes from large eggs (approx. 2oz/55gms per egg including shells before separating). You can put aside the egg whites to use in another recipe, such as my amaretti cookies or pretty rainbow meringues.

Vanilla essence: you can use real or imitation vanilla essence in this recipe as your tastes and budget allows.

Lemon juice: this recipe uses freshly squeezed lemon juice to add some brightness. Do not be tempted to use bottled lemon juice, it won’t taste the same.

Glucose syrup: also called confectioner鈥檚 glucose. You can get in from specialty baking shops, online and some supermarkets. A small amount of glucose syrup helps lower the freezer point of ice cream and improves the texture and scoop-ability of the ice cream. You can substitute with the same amount of light corn syrup or powdered dextrose. Measure carefully, preferably using a digital kitchen scale, and don’t add to much or your ice cream will melt in a red hot minute!

How to make raspberry ice cream

  • Blending raspberries with an immersion blender.
  • Straining blitzed raspberries.

If using frozen raspberries allow these to thaw first, either at room temperature or you can zap them briefly in a microwave-proof dish in the microwave. Put into a jug or deep-sided bowl you can use an immersion/stick blender in and blitz well until smooth. Sieve to get out the seeds.

  • Adding sugar to strained raspberries in pot on stove.
  • Reducing down raspberry puree.

Add the raspberries to a small pan with sugar and simmer till the mix thickens up and becomes jammy and has reduced to about 1 and a half cups (400mls). Transfer to a heatproof container, cover and chill in the fridge until needed.

If using a double boiler, put the water onto boil. Put the milk into a separate small saucepan and put it on warm to simmer.

  • Warming up milk on stove.
  • Starting to blend egg yolks and sugar, showing bright yellow color.
  • Blended egg yolks and sugar, showing pale foamy color.
  • Adding warmed milk to blended egg yolks and sugar.

Separate eggs and put egg whites aside for another recipe, such as my amaretti cookies or pretty rainbow meringues. Put the egg yokes and sugar for the base into a bowl. Beat together with an electric hand mixer until mix goes from deep yellow to pale almost white and creamy. To temper the egg yokes slowly add the warmed milk to the sugar and yokes a bit at a time, mixing well in between.

  • Adding egg mix to top of double boiler.
  • Adding cream to ice cream mix.
  • Adding glucose syrup to ice cream mix on stove.
  • Adding vanilla essence to ice cream base.

Once fully combined pour into the double boiler. Add the cream, vanilla and glucose syrup if using. The double boiler is an option but it makes it much easier to cook custard ice cream bases. It evens out the temp and makes it less likely to curdle.

If you’re not using a double boiler put the mix into a pot and have the heat on very low. You will need to watch it very carefully to prevent it from catching and curdling.

Simmer gently and stir stir stir ‘until it coats the back of a spoon, stirring frequently and ensuring to scrape the bottom and sides. Basically until it holds the line when you run your finger through it. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly, then transfer to a large heatproof container.

  • Adding raspberry reduction to rest of chilled ice cream mix.
  • Adding lemon juice to ice cream mix.

Add the cooled reduced raspberries and mix well. Juice the lemon, add the lemon juice and mix well. If you are having trouble getting a smooth mix you can blitz it briefly with an immersion blender.

Put your ice cream storage container into the freezer to chill. If you are using a self chilling churner turn it on ten mins before to chill. Churn the ice cream. It will be the consistency of soft-serve when done.

Transfer to a chilled storage container and freeze for four hours or until firm.

How to serve

To serve remove from the freezer, scoop and enjoy! Fabulous on its own, with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a handful of almond flakes, or pairs beautifully with some of my eggless brownies. Delicious!

How to store

Store this ice cream in a sealed, airtight container in the freezer for up to two weeks. After this the ice cream may start to become a little icy, but it will still be delicious.

Have you made this recipe? Tell me how it went in the comments below and tag me on instagram so I can see your delicious creations! @keep_calm_and_eat_icecream

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