Pretty Cool reveals CM Punk paid for all the Ice Cream bars at AEW


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Pretty Cool Ice Cream has revealed that CM Punk paid for the ice cream bars given to AEW fans at Rampage: The First Dance.

Punk’s AEW debut at Rampage: The First Dance on August 20th exceeded all the expectations. After delivering a heartfelt promo, The Straight Edge Superstar ended the now-iconic segment by announcing free ice cream bars for fans in attendance at the United Center in Chicago.

Taking to Instagram, Pretty Cool Ice Cream, the brand that produced the ice cream bars, has now revealed CM Punk’s idea to hand them to fans, and he paid for them from his own pocket. They also said Punk came up with this idea two years ago. Pretty Cool further revealed their team worked tirelessly to make every custom-made bar by hand as well.

Post-show, many fans present at the United Center shared pictures of the Pretty Cool ice cream handed to them, which had CM Punk’s catchphrase “Best In The World” imprinted on its cover.

CM Punk will make his AEW Dynamite debut this week

At Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite, which emanates Milwaukee, CM Punk will make his debut for the promotion’s flagship show.

With his match against Darby Allin at AEW All Out confirmed, fans can expect Punk to confront the former TNT Champion to build towards their highly anticipated clash.

On the September 5th pay-per-view, Punk will step back into the squared circle for the first time in more than seven years after his premature retirement in 2014. Fans can expect a back-and-forth clash between Punk and Darby Allin, with the former being the favorite to win.

What do you think about CM Punk’s gesture to hand free ice creams to all the fans in attendance at the United Center? Sound off in the comments section.

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