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Classic Pistachio ice cream (also known as pista ice cream) is a wonderfully light and nutty frozen treat that’s perfect for summer. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions and photos to prepare our favorite easy Pistachio ice cream recipe using an ice cream maker. I also share on making the recipe without an ice cream maker in the recipe card below.

More on Pistachio Ice Cream

Cold and sweet pistachio ice cream is great to make once the weather gets warm. It’s a creamy, rich ice cream that is still on the lighter side since there is no chocolate or overly-sweet components. Just milk and cream, sugar, and lots of nutty and delicious pistachios.

Plus, this pistachio ice cream recipe is made with an ice cream maker, so it’s a no-cook dessert, too! (Because who wants to turn the oven or stove on when it is that hot outside?)

The ingredients are quick to prep, and then everything is simply added to the machine. The ice cream maker works it’s magic, and in no time you are enjoying a frosty homemade treat.

Serve the ice cream with pistachios on it’s own or with your favorite garnishes. You can freeze some for later, and use it make other dessert recipes like Fruit Salad with Ice Cream or Falooda.

You can also make this ice cream without an ice cream maker. I share handy steps in the notes of the full recipe card at the bottom of this post.

Give my easy recipe a try and be ready to crave this lovely ice cream all summer long!

How to Make Pistachio Ice Cream

Prepare the Pistachios

1. First add ¼ cup of pistachios to a food chopper, processor or grinder. Ensure that your pistachios are not salted or roasted or flavored.

2. Grind the nuts into a semi-fine powder like that in the photo below. You want the ice cream to have lots of pistachio flavor without being overly gritty.

3. Remove from the food processor and set aside.

4. Now add another ¼ cup of pistachios to the food chopper or grinder.

5. Process or grind them to small bits or chunks, but do not pulverize. Remove and set aside.

Make the Pista Ice Cream Mixture

6. In a large sauce pan add ½ cup cold whole milk and ½ cup sugar.

7. Whisk very well until the sugar dissolves.

8. Then add 2 to 2.25 cups of cold whipping or heavy cream.

9. Whisk the cream with the milk to fully combine.

10. Add the coarsely ground pistachio powder.

11. If you want that classic “pistachio green” color you can mix in a few drops of natural green food color. This is optional and you can skip it.

Make Pistachio Ice Cream

12. Now add this entire mixture to the ice cream maker. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions before operating the ice cream maker. Churn the mixture until the ice cream is frozen and set.

13. Lastly, fold in the chopped pistachios with a spatula. Save a small handful of extra pistachios to add as a topping to serve, if you like.

14. You can remove the pista ice cream and serve directly, or transfer it to a box or container to be served later.

There likely will be a bit of pistachio ice cream stuck to the walls of the ice cream maker bowl and it might be difficult to scrape it. So wait for 20 to 30 minutes to let the walls soften. Then you can easily remove the ice cream.

15. I froze the ice cream for a few hours before scooping and serving. But feel free to serve immediately after making the pista ice cream.

16. Serve pistachio ice cream as dessert or enjoy as a sweet snack anytime.


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This Pistachio Ice Cream post from the blog archives first published in March 2017 has been republished and updated on 25 April 2022.

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