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Did you ever hate eating vegetables as a child or do your children detest eating vegetables daily, well there is a solution for the same? Have you heard of Peekaboo ice cream? A delicious veggie-flavored ice cream that gives you the most awaited benefits of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

This product has numerous flavors to choose from. The product is made up of natural ingredients that are natural and GMO-free.

Peekaboo Ice cream at a glance:

Peekaboo Icecream at a glance.


Founder Story:

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The founder of this enterprise Jessica Levison has kids who do not like vegetables, so she came up with an idea for them to get the goodness of vegetables in their favorite food Ice cream, which was loved by all.

The flavors for this product are bizarre but healthy at the same time. Definitely, all kids and adults love it. These flavors are made from organic products like cream, egg, non-fat milk powder, cocoa powder, cane sugar, and much more.

Did Peekaboo Ice-cream get a deal on shark tank?

Jessica entered the shark tank asking for an investment of $800,000 for 8%, She explains to the sharks her story which is her side of things and gives her pitch, and distributes samples to the sharks.

The sharks love the ice cream but dislike the valuation on offer. The sales do not justify the valuation and she claims to have 3000 stores selling the product which makes the sales go up to $5million. She receives offers from Lori and Kevin. Lori is the first one to make the offer of $800,000 at 6% interest for 5% of the business contingent. Kevin offers the same amount for 9% of the business and no contingencies. She asks the sharks to reconsider but they do not budge their offers. Jessica walks out without a deal.

What happened to Peekaboo Icecream after Shark Tank?

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Peekaboo ice cream has sustained the business despite not getting a deal on shark tank. The company has strived to make annual revenue of $3million till July 2021. They have reached 3000 stores after airing on shark tank and have seen themselves selling online as well. Jessica also wants to introduce vegan ice cream but couldn’t proceed due to the covid pandemic.


  • The product is made from organic ingredients.
  • The product has many delicious sorbets and ice-creams with a variety of hidden vegetables on offer to its customers.
  • The calories contained in the ice cream are 170.
  • There is 16g of sugar in this ice cream, 4% fiber, 15% vitamin A, 20% vitamin C, 10% riboflavin, and 8% phosphorous.

Competitors Of Peekaboo Ice cream:

Veggie cream is a competitor of Peekaboo ice cream.

What is the net worth of Peekaboo Ice cream?

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The founder of Peekaboo ice cream entered the shark tank with a valuation of $10 million as per the founders. They made an annual revenue of $3million as of July 2021 and expanded to more than 3000 stores.

Is Peekaboo Ice-cream still in business?

Yes, peekaboo ice cream is still in business and has flourished from when the show aired. They have made $3million in sales till now with the help of their 3000 stores. The company had a plan to introduce low-fat products and ice cream in a variety of flavors for its customers young and old alike.

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