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Have some fresh peaches in hand? Want some ultimate homemade Peach ice cream that can be made without an ice cream maker. And you need just three ingredients for it. The steps are so easy and simple and you don’t need eggs. Scroll down!

The scorching summer heat can drain all your energy and you might want to hate the summer season altogether. But the fact that summer brings a vast variety of sweet mellow fruits which can be used to make drinks, lemonade, shakes, and ice creams too make this season a dream for fruit lovers.

Some seasonal fruits like peach last for a very short time and you just can鈥檛 have enough of it in the season. But you can enjoy this no- egg peach ice cream throughout the year.

In winters, you can make this peach ice cream with frozen peaches and enjoy the sweet memories of warm summers.

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Here’s my recipe for delicious ice cream packed with fruity flavors. This no-egg peach ice cream is made with cream, condensed milk, and peach.

Peaches: Since peach is the main ingredient, use the best quality fully ripened peaches. For more info about peaches here.

Cream: Fresh cream, double cream, tetra pack cream, whipping cream, and heavy cream all work here but are not low-fat cream. I used whipping cream or heavy cream that doubles upon whipping. This allows the ice cream to develop volume and make it light.

The other two-ingredient are condensed milk and orange food color. You can skip food color.

How to make it?

Making this no-egg peach ice cream is very easy and the pictorial makes it even easier. For skinning peaches, you can simply peel the peaches with a knife. But blanching is the easiest way if you have a large number of peaches. Here’s how to blanch.

  1. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Add peaches and boil for 1 minute. Then transfer to cold water. (Blanch)
  2. Now the skin will easily slip off the flesh.
  3. Deseed the peaches and chop them roughly. Transfer peach to a pot and cook for 5 minutes until soft avoid cooking which can make taste mild.
  4. Mash peaches if you like pulpy ice cream, or blend it if you want smooth ice cream.
  5. Keep simmering the puree on low heat for 5 minutes until thickened. Remove the pan from heat and wait until it stops bubbling. Then make the line with a spatula as shown in the photo. If the line stays and doesn’t melt, set it aside and let it cool. Transfer puree to a bowl which will let the puree cool quickly.
  1. Take chilled whipping cream in a large bowl. Whip it with a beater until you see stiff peaks. That is when you remove the whisk the cream holds its shape and doesn’t melt in smoothness.
  2. Add cooked peaches, condensed milk, and lemon juice. Mix with the help of a spatula. Do a taste test and add one extra tablespoon of lemon juice if you like it sour.
  3. At this stage, after mixing you have slightly orange-colored ice cream. If you want richer color, you can add 1-2 drops of orange color, and keep stirring until the color is evenly mixed.
  4. Transfer ice cream to a container, preferably with a lid. I used a brownie pan. Then cover it with butter paper or cling wrap. It should touch the surface of ice cream. This doesn’t allow icicles to form on the surface.
  5. Chill homemade Peach ice cream for at least four hours in the freezer. Remove the ice cream 10 minutes before serving so it is soft set and then scoop into the ice cream cups. Serve immediately, Enjoy!


Peach cinnamon ice cream: If you like to add some flavors to your ice cream you can add vanilla and/or cinnamon to your peach ice cream.

Can I use Pie filling: Using pie filling in peach ice cream would easiest thing to do as you can skip cooking and peeling altogether. In that case, add 1 cup of peach pie filling directly to the whipped cream.

But because pie filling has added sugar, you need to use half amount of condensed milk in the ice cream base or adjust the condensed milk to taste. If you like crunchy texture you add any caramel biscuit chunks like lotus Biscoff once the ice is frozen halfway. This makes your ice cream taste like peach cobbler ice cream.

Recipe FAQs

Hungry For Ice creams? Check these.

If you try the Peach ice cream recipe without eggs, I’d LOVE to hear your feedback in the comments. Your 5-ratings motivate me to do my best. Stay connected for more recipes and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

馃摉 Recipe

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