Peach Ice Cream (Quick and Easy Blender Recipe)

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Peach ice cream made in a blender is one of the easiest fresh summer peach recipes you’ll make! It’s so incredibly creamy and full of peach flavor, it’s the best peach ice cream ever!

three scoops of peach ice cream in a glass

After discovering the amazing lemon blender ice cream recipe last year, I went on to make the orange version and both have received wonderful reviews.

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three scoops of orange ice cream and a wafer in a martini glass

So when I realized I had a pint of whipping cream I needed to use, and there were two beautiful peaches sitting on my counter, can you blame me for thinking about trying out this homemade peach ice cream recipe? With only a handful of ingredients, you could truly call this peaches and cream ice cream.

peach ice cream overhead

To say it was a success, is an understatement. I honestly think I might like this fresh summer peach ice cream the best, although I do love the citrus ice creams, too! The acid in the fruit helps the cream to set, much as it does in posset. This recipe also has no eggs, unlike this easy peach cake which calls for three.

spoonful of ice cream

It’s so hard to choose because they’re all so flipping easy to make. I mean, throw everything into a blender, pour into a tray, stir a few times and voilà: homemade peach ice cream is served!

peach ice cream with a slice of peach

There’s really not much else to say about this frozen peach dessert, except that I’ve added a few notes below about peeling the peaches and which peaches to use, etc. so check them out before learning how to make peach ice cream.

peach ice cream

Peach Ice Cream (Quick and Easy Blender Recipe)

recipe adapted by Christina Conte from my lemon ice cream recipe yield 6 servings


Pour the sugar into the lemon juice and stir well (it won’t dissolve completely).

adding sugar to the lemon juice

Pour the sweetened lemon juice into the blender.

pouring juice

Next, add the cream and milk into the blender container.

pouring cream

Blend for about 20 to 30 seconds then add the pieces of peach.

adding peach pieces

Blend again for a few seconds. Pour into a metal pan and place in the freezer for about an hour. (Optional: if you’d like to add the remaining half a peach cut into tiny pieces, do so now. Just stir it into the creamy mixture in the pan.)

pouring peaches and cream into pan

Remove from the freezer and stir with a spoon.

stirring ice cream

Repeat this two more times (twice in two hours.) You will see the mixture begin to take on the texture of ice cream.

stirring ice cream

When it’s ready, scoop into bowls, cups, or cones.

scooping the result

Serve with a peach slice, if desired.

peach ice cream in a glass

Enjoy the creamy dessert you can say that you slaved over making all day long-haha!

spoonful of ice cream

What Peaches are Best for this Homemade Peach Ice Cream Recipe?

Ripe, sweet organic peaches are best for this recipe. Don’t use peaches that are not ripe, tasteless or hard.

close up of peach ice cream and slice of peach

Can I use Frozen Peaches?

Although I have not tried using frozen fruit, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. In fact, I think that home frozen peaches are the next best thing to the fresh ones!

overhead shot of peach ice cream

Do I Need to Peel the Peaches to Make Peach Ice Cream?

If you use homegrown or organic peaches, there’s no need to peel the peaches. Even if you don’t like peach skin, you honestly won’t taste it in this ice cream because it’s blended. I’d recommend leaving them on for two reasons: it’s easier and you’ll have the added nutrition and fiber from the skin.

If your peaches are not organic, you may want to peel them to avoid ingesting pesticides and chemicals. You can find my easy peach peeling tutorial in this peach cobbler recipe.

peeling a peach

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