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Nothing says summer like creamy Homemade Peach Ice Cream made with simple ingredients like heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, eggs, and fresh, ripe peaches. The sweet taste of peaches and cream shine in this summertime favorite.

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Fresh peach ice cream in a loaf pan with a scooper and a scoop in a cup with fresh peaches around it.

Every summer when the peaches come on, we make all of our peach favorites, like Fresh Peach Cobbler and Peach Pie. We even grill peaches and serve them with vanilla ice cream for a quick and easy treat. But we always make sure to churn at least one or two batches of this old-fashioned homemade peach ice cream.

This fresh peach ice cream recipe is loaded with real peach flavor from 2 full cups of fresh peaches. It’s homemade ice cream at it’s best – indulgent and sweet and churned right at home, just like I remember from my childhood. I included it in my collection of recipes from Georgia (“The Peach State”) in my American Eats series, where I’m visiting recipes and flavors that each state is well-known for, one at a time.

  • A scoop of fresh peach icecream in a loafpan with a curled scoop and a scooper off to the side.
  • A peach ice cream cone in the ice cream container.

Why this Recipe Works

  • Cooked or uncooked. You can either make a custard base or skip cooking and just use two whole pasteurized eggs in the ice cream base while will also give a wonderfully rich, creamy ice cream. Both are delicious.
  • Real, fresh peach flavor. There are no artificial extracts or syrups used to achieve the peach flavor here, so the pure, natural taste of fresh peaches and cream really is the star of this ice cream recipe.
A cup with a scoop of peach ice cream inside and fresh peaches behind it.

Equipment Needed

  • Ice Cream Maker: I have a 1 ½-quart Cuisinart ice cream maker that came with an extra freezer bowl so you can make two batch of ice cream without having to refreeze a bowl in between. It’s nice to not have to worry about dealing with rock salt and ice like when I was growing up and we would actually hand-crank the ice cream maker to churn ice cream in the summer at my grandparents’ house.
  • Freezer-safe containers: A bread pan is the perfect size for a batch of ice cream, but you can also purchase ice cream-specific containers online or at kitchen specialty stores. These white pint-sized ice cream containers are so cute and you can write on them in sharpie.
  • A scoop of peach ice cream in a small bowl next to spoons with a slice of peach on top.

Ingredient Notes

This is a quick overview of some of the important ingredients you’ll need for this homemade peach ice cream recipe. Specific measurements and full recipe instructions are in the printable recipe card at the bottom of the post.

  • Peaches: We prefer using fresh peaches in this recipe for the best flavor, but unsweetened frozen peaches will work almost just as well. I don’t recommend using canned peaches.
  • Dairy: I like using a combination of heavy cream and whole milk for the smoothest mouthfeel and rich, creamy results.
  • Egg yolks: This is a cooked custard ice cream base, which has the best texture and flavor, but you could leave the eggs out entirely for a Philadelphia-style ice cream that doesn’t require any cooking.
  • Lemon juice: This keeps the flavors and natural coloring of the peach ice cream nice and bright without giving a lemony taste.
Ingredients for making homemade peach ice cream.

How to Make Peach Ice Cream

Don’t forget to stick the freezer bowl from your ice cream maker into the freezer the night before you want to churn a batch of ice cream so it has at least 12-18 hours to get completely frozen.

When you are ready to make the ice cream, peel the peaches by dunking them into a large pot of boiling water for 15-30 seconds, then immediately transfer them to an ice water bath. The skins should slide right off!

A blanched peach in an ice water bath to stop the cooking process.

Slice the peaches and place them in a large bowl with the lemon juice and half of the sugar. This will help soften the peaches and draw out their juices (a process known as maceration).

Let them sit for 30 minutes, then mash really well with a potato masher or fork. We like small bits of peach in the ice cream, but not large chunks, which will freeze icy and hard if they are too large. You could also just stick the peaches in the blender and blend.

  • A bowl of sliced peaches with sugar to draw out the juices.
  • Mashed peaches and juices in a glass bowl next to an custard ice cream base.

While the peaches sit, make the ice cream base by heating the milk and cream with sugar and salt in a large saucepan over medium-low to medium heat just until steaming, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, whisk the remaining ¼ cup of sugar and egg yolks in a medium bowl until they lighten in color.

Temper the egg yolks by whisking 1 cup of the hot liquid into the beaten sugar and yolks to gradually warm them up before adding them into the pan of hot liquid on the stovetop.

Continue to cook and stir until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. I like to use a digital thermometer to watch for the custard to reach 170 to 175°F to know when it’s ready.

Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Cool completely. This can be done faster by placing the saucepan in an ice water bath in a larger pan and stirring occasionally to speed up the process. Or you can just let the base chill in the fridge for 4 hours until completely cold.

Strain the mashed peaches through a fine mesh strainer and add the juices to the ice cream base, reserving the peach solids for later.

  • Sugar and egg yolks in a glass bowl.
  • Cooked peach ice cream custard base in a saucepan in an ice bath.

Once the ice cream base has cooled completely, transfer it to an ice cream maker and churn for 20-30 minute until it is thick, has increased in volume, and is the consistency of soft-serve.

Add the reserved peach pulp to the ice cream during the last minute or two of churning so that it can mix evenly into the ice cream.

Churning homemade peach ice cream in a cuisinart ice cream maker.

Transfer the soft peach ice cream into a freezer-safe container, then stick it in the freezer for 4-6 hours to harden completely so that it is scoopable and firm.

Because this is a fruit-based ice cream and fruit has more water content to it naturally, it tends to freeze on the hard side, so I find it best to let it sit out at room temperature for 10 minutes before scooping.

Scoops of homemade peach ice cream in a metal bread pan.

Recipe FAQ’s

  • A glass bowl of homemade peach ice cream with slices of fresh peaches in it.
  • An sugar cone with a scoop of peach ice cream standing in a glass jar next to sliced fresh peaches.

Recipe Tips

  • Use a 1.5- to 2-quart ice cream maker: The smaller size ice cream maker barely fits the full batch, but I can usually get away with it without overflowing the base. If you only have a 1-quart ice cream maker you will need to churn the base in batches.
  • Avoiding scrambled eggs: By adding the hot liquid slowly to the whisk egg yolks, this helps prevent them from scrambling. If your liquid is boiling or you cook the base too long after adding the eggs, this can occur.
  • Chunks of fruit: It’s tempting to leave large chunks of peach in the ice cream, but they freeze into little peach ice cubes, so it’s best to mash them pretty fine for the smoothest results.
  • Mix-ins: This ice cream base is delicious on it’s own, but if you wanted to add mix-ins you might consider something like chopped Golden Oreo cookies, small chunks of blondies or yellow cake, or a broken up graham cracker crust from the store.
  • Ice cream sandwiches: Make ice cream sandwiches with my favorite gingerbread cookies or molasses cookies. Peach + Gingerbread = Heaven.
  • An overhead image of a cup full of homemade peach ice cream.
  • An overhead image of three scoops of peach ice cream in top of the ice cream container.

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This post was originally published in July, 2017. The photos and content were updated in February, 2022.

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