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Welcome to today’s Paper Plate Ice Cream kid craft tutorial! I’m so glad you landed on it today 🙂

I know some of us don’t want to think about it – but summer is coming to an end and fall/Halloween crafts are going to be consuming us very shortly. {The trend is already starting on Pinterest!}

So before I start on my own crafting kick here on Glued To My Crafts, I want to share one more summer kids craft tutorial with you all today. Most importantly – a kid friendly one.

Today’s craft is calorie free, melt-less and fun for all ages! As always – my kid craft tutorials are super simple and made with everyday supplies. With a paper plate, tissue paper and glue – you too can make this End of Summer – Paper Plate Ice Cream Kid Craft with your child today!

Happy crafting, my friends! Don’t forget to share a few pictures of your child’s paper plate ice cream creations on our Facebook wall! #gluedtomycrafts


Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft Supplies: * Large Paper Plate – one makes TWO ice cream cones at once * Basic Craft Scissors * Pink Tissue Paper * School Glue * Red/Brown Cardstock Paper * Paper Heart Punch * Hand-Held Office Stapler * optional materials – Black Sharpie Marker, Loose Craft Glitter

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Directions: * First cut your paper plate in half. Straight up the center to create TWO equal halves. * Save one for your ice cream craft and the other half for another craft {maybe for our jellyfish tutorial!} * Take your brown cardstock and cut a “cone” out of it. * With your red cardstock – punch out a heart shape. This is the cherry on top. * Cut your tissue paper into small squares. * Put a good layer of glue all over the paper plate half. * Have your child place the tissue paper on the plate, until completely covered. * Now staple the cone and cherry on to the plate, to complete the Paper Plate Ice Cream Cone kid craft idea. * If desired, use the black Sharpie marker to give your cone some dimension. You can also glue on some loose craft glitter on top of your ice cream craft, for added flair as well! * Finally, when everything is completely dry, display it proudly for ALL to see! * Don’t forget to share pictures with us when you can! #gluedtomycrafts

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Paper Plate Pom Pom Popsicle - Kid Craft

One last idea before you go! If you are looking for “another” ice cream craft to do this summer, take a look at our picture example above! For this crafty idea I cut the large paper plate into a “popsicle” shape and then added tons of pom poms and craft stick to the bottom! I hope you give it as try as well!

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