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Halo Top is a pretty magical dessert.

It’s much healthier than normal ice cream, but somehow it still manages to be creamy and delicious. Not only is there no guilt about purchasing a pint (or five), the brand continues adding flavors to bring the best low-cal ice creams to the health-conscious.

We’ve totally hopped aboard the Halo Top train, so we decided to share our view on the best and worst flavors. Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of every Halo Top flavor.

24. Pistachio

Sadly, Pistachio ranks the lowest on our list of beloved Halo Top flavors. The nuttiness of the pistachios adds a slightly grainy texture to the ice cream, and it just tastes a little too healthy. Sure, we want healthy ice cream, but we’re not willing to sacrifice flavor.

23. Mochi Green Tea

Much like pistachio, Mochi Green Tea just feels too healthy. It has a fragrant aroma, but it tastes a little too plant-based. If we want green tea we can make our own drinkable version, so we’d prefer that it’s kept out of our dessert.

22. Pancakes and Waffles

Combining two of our favorite breakfast foods might sound like a great idea, but this ice cream just missed the mark for us. The maple flavor is a little overwhelming and the undercurrent of buttery flavor running the ice cream made the whole combination a little too rich.

21. Lemon Cake

Ugh, lemon cake—our ultimate disappointment. We had high hopes for this dessert, but the actual flavor just falls short. It’s a little too muted and there’s nothing to kick the ice cream up a notch. We just felt kind of “meh” after eating it, which is not how we want to feel after a scoop of ice cream.

20. Black Cherry

We aren’t big fans of Black Cherry Halo Top. The actual taste comes off a little processed and unnatural. We don’t totally despise it, but we definitely don’t feel the need to buy it again.

19. Oatmeal Cookie

This is the most controversial of our Halo Top rankings, as we’re fully aware everyone loves the Oatmeal Cookie flavor. However, we’re still firm believers that oatmeal does not belong in a dessert, ice cream or otherwise. Sorry, Oatmeal Cookie, we’re not a fan of your new and improved attempt to ruin our dessert time.

18. Chocolate Mocha Chip

The texture of the Chocolate Mocha Chip Halo Top is just off for us. It was dry and lacked that creamy texture that we crave out of our ice cream. Plus, the mocha flavor is a little muted, so we don’t get that hit of coffee that we want.

17. Chocolate

Just barely sliding ahead of Chocolate Mocha Chip is the regular Chocolate Halo Top. Now, we understand that Halo Top is a healthy, low-cal ice cream substitute, but this flavor is lacking the richness and total indulgence that we need from chocolate, earning it a low spot on our ranking list.

16. Strawberry

The Strawberry Halo Top is another flavor that’s just “eh.” It has a nice creamy texture that we enjoy, but the actual taste of strawberries is a little muted, so we mostly just felt like we were sucking down some crushed ice cream. Not terrible, but could definitely be better.

15. Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream is a classic flavor, so Halo Top really had a lot to live up to with this pint. The chunks of cookie included in the ice cream give it that classic Cookies & Cream texture that we crave, but it’s still missing that huge hit of cookie flavor. We could definitely eat it, but we might veer towards the normal version if we really want to indulge.

14. Chocolate-Covered Banana

Reminiscent of a hot fudge sundae, the Chocolate-Covered Banana flavor brings in the best of creamy and fruit flavors, but the balance is a little off. The chocolate definitely takes a backseat to the banana, causing the ice cream to become a little overwhelming after a few bites. A stronger balance of chocolate would definitely up the taste of this flavor, in our opinion.

13. Peanut Butter Cup

We might’ve set our expectations a little too high for the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. It was missing actual chunks of peanut butter cup that we were hoping for, and the peanut butter flavor didn’t come through quite as strong as we wanted. Still, it was creamy and perfectly satisfactory, just not one of our favorites.

12. Chocolate Almond Crunch

We love ourselves some almonds, so this flavor is a nice addition to the Halo Top line-up. The almonds add a wonderful texture to ice cream that’s perfect for when you really need something sweet, but also crunchy. Sadly, it needs a stronger chocolate flavor, kicking it down to No. 12 on our list.

11. Vanilla Bean

With so many great flavors left, we just couldn’t let Vanilla Bean break the ranks of our top ten. However, the Vanilla Bean Halo Top is everything you want out of a vanilla ice cream. It’s creamy and delicious, and the perfect base to add some yummy mix-ins. A top choice in healthy vanilla ice cream for sure.

10. S’Mores

Coming in at No. 10 on our list is the delicious S’Mores flavor. You can really taste the ideal s’more combination: creamy melted marshmallow, decadent chocolate and crunchy graham crackers. It’s a wonderful substitute to actually building your own, and the array of graham cracker chunks throughout give it a yummy texture that you’ll want to keep munching on.

9. Red Velvet

The Red Velvet Halo Top is a wonderful nod to a classic flavor. There are chunks of delicious cake throughout the ice cream, beautifully paired with a yummy cream cheese flavor. It’s exactly like biting into a Red Velvet cupcake, which makes us easily in love with this delicious choice.

8. Cinnamon Roll

We can’t think of anything better than starting our day with a yummy cinnamon roll, so why shouldn’t we end our day with one as well? The Cinnamon Roll Halo Top might not be appropriate for breakfast, but the real chunks of cinnamon roll and swirls of cinnamon and sugar make this ice cream a rich and exciting treat.

7. Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl is the perfect option when you’re craving a more tropical ice cream choice. This light and fruity flavor will transport you to your favorite beach, making us fall completely in love with this delicious flavor. Plus, the look is totally Insta-worthy—what could be better than that?

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

A low-cal version of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough already sounds a little disappointing, but it’s shockingly delicious. Usually cookie dough ice cream is packed with massive chunks of chocolate and cookie dough, but we actually enjoyed the smaller pieces stuffed into this ice cream. It was easy to eat, and it still had the creamy deliciousness that we expect from our cookie dough ice cream.

5. Caramel Macchiato

We’re big fans of a steaming caramel macchiato, and this Halo Top flavor brings the power of ice cream to one of our favorite coffee drinks. The delicious Caramel Macchiato concoction has decadent caramel swirls combined perfectly with a rich flavor of chocolate, creating a lovely taste that is oh-so-yummy.

4. Birthday Cake

When you think Birthday Cake, you probably think of an overwhelming dose of sweet cake and sugary frosting that will have your teeth aching with newly formed cavities. The Birthday Cake Halo Top, however, brings you that sugary flavor without bombarding your senses with cloying sweetness. It tastes like a yummy birthday cake, but it’s creamy and light so you don’t go into sensory overload. Plus, it has sprinkles, so it automatically wins.

3. Sea Salt Caramel

Sea Salt Caramel is the ultimate example of a salty-sweet dessert, and the Halo Top version definitely doesn’t disappoint. You get a nice dose of rich caramel in each bite with just enough saltiness to perfectly balance out the sweet taste. Definitely one of our favorite Halo Top flavors.

2. Candy Bar

The Candy Bar Halo Top has everything you could want in an ice cream in a version that definitely doesn’t taste low-calorie. The swirls of chocolate and pieces of nuts included in the pint give it a great texture, and it’s creamy and indulgent enough that you won’t miss the high-sugar ingredients. You’ll want to eat the whole thing, and you totally can because it’s only 360 calories.

1. Mint Chip

Mint chip is a pretty great ice cream flavor on its own, so we had pretty high standards when sampling this low-cal version. But unlike so many of the others, it totally met our expectations. The creamy flavor and bursts of chocolate chip earned this minty ice cream the No. 1 spot on our Halo Top list.

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