Osakas very first Okinawan ice cream! Blue Seals new America Mura location

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Hello! Clara here, ready to show you the famous new ice cream shop from OkinawaBlue Seal Ice Cream that recently opened up shop in the heart of Osaka. There are a few other locations in Kansai, the one at Suma Beach, on Awajishima, and in Wakayama prefecture, but this is the very first shop in Osaka! And it’s in the fun, vibrant, neighborhood of America Mura (Amemura).

■Blue Seal Ice Cream from Okinawa

Fans of this ice cream brand were jumping with excitement when they found out this official Blue Seal store was opening in Amemura, Osaka. In case, you’re unfamiliar with this brand, let me tell you a little about the brand and its history.

Blue Seal’s history began in 1948 when they opened on an American army base in Okinawa. Initially, their products were only available on base, but it soon opened a location in Okinawa’s Urasoe City and it became a popular local ice cream store. The hot and humid climate in Okinawa inspired Blue Seal to create a light and refreshing ice cream that is loved by Okinawa residents and travelers alike. Plant-based oil makes the ice cream melt cleanly on your palate and has won many fans for this ice cream brand.

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So, follow me. Let’s visit the Amemura location!

Blue Seal Ice Cream in Osaka

The Blue Seal shop is a short walk from Triangle Park (Sankaku Koen) in the heart of America Mura.

■20 flavors to choose from, plus seasonal favorites

When you step into the store, you’ll be greeted by this beautiful case of ice cream. The most popular flavor is Okinawan Salt Cookies(shio chinsuko), a traditional Okinawan cookie flavored with vanilla, plus a pinch of salt to compliment the sweetness. Many of the ice creams are derived from traditional Okinawan flavors like Ube (purple mountain yam) and Sugar Cane (satōkibi). Just looking at them reminds me of the endless days of summer in Okinawa! Flavors include guava and mango. All in all there are 20 flavors to choose from and seasonal favorites like strawberry milk.

Ice cream flavor selection at Blue SealBlue Seal ice cream cones and cups

Hmm… It’s hard to make a decision. It looks like the #2 favorite is Almond Pistachio, but the shop manager recommends the Ube (purple mountain yam). There is also Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea, Vanilla & Cookies, Tropical Marble, Neapolitan, Banana Susannah, Strawberry Cheesecake, Coconut… Oh, and San Fransisco Mint Chocolate Chip, and a citrusy Shiiquasa Sherbet. There’s an allergy-friendly menu as well, that has an amazing looking Passion Fruit Sorbet.

Blue Seal ice cream flavors

It is so hard to decide!!! I guess I’ll just have to come back multiple times… For now, I’m going with the number one flavor, Okinawan Salt Cookies in a cup and the colorful Tropical Marble in a cone.

Ordering ice cream at Blue Seal in Osaka

■Ice cream, crepes, frozen drinks, & more!

Blue Seal Okinawa Salt cookies ice cream

This flavor is based off of the popular gift from Okinawa, shio chinsuko cookies. If you’ve ever had them you’ll recognize the flavor in this ice cream. It’s the perfect amount of vanilla and sweetness balanced with a hint of salt.

Blue Seal tropical marble ice cream in Osaka

The colorful Topical Marble is a combination of three flavors, blood orange, kiwi and banana. It’s tart and refreshing, just what you want out of a tropical flavor that can send you back to memories of your time at the beach.

While I was there, I figured I might as well get a crepe and try the frozen drinks too! I ordered Vanilla, Beni-imo (Okinawan sweet potatoes), and Salt Okinawan cookies. The Beni-imo was soft and creamy which matched well with the crumbly cookies and sweet vanilla ice cream, all wrapped together in a delicious crepe. In my home of France, we usually fill crepes with simple fillings like jam or dustings of sugar, but in Japan I’ve noticed the crepes can get pretty elaborate.

My frozen drink was icy and delicious, the perfect drink for summer!

■Take out or eat in the 2nd floor dining space

Blue Seal Osaka location dining space

The shop also has a nice 2nd floor dining space where you can enjoy your frozen treats. It kind of feels homey, like an attic. Amemura is a great neighborhood to explore so take out is a great option too.

So, what do you think? When are you planning to visit the Blue Seal Amemura location? Be sure to post pictures of your ice cream on social media. And keep in mind that the Blue Seal Osaka Tsuruhashi location is scheduled to open in September. You could take advantage of the amazing yakiniku in Tsuruhashi and finish off with ice cream dessert from Blue Seal.

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