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Oreo ice cream recipe - Lilie Bakery

A very easy ice cream recipe: the Oreo vanilla ice cream ! A very smooth homemade ice cream with crunchy Oreo pieces, which can be enjoyed all year round …

The Oreo cookies you certainly know, it’s those little black circles with cocoa. It is a cookie that I like to use in baking, for its taste and for its well-defined color: as a base for cheesecake, topping for layer cake etc. In this ice cream, he brings a delicious crunchy, and goes well with the fondant of ice cream …

The result is as I wanted: not too sweet and refreshing. And besides, I am delighted to have mixed crème fraîche and brown sugar in the preparation: it brings a tangy touch – hard to describe – but it is this difference that I like!

What ingredients to use to make this Oreo ice cream?

  • Milk : it must be very cold to make this recipe a success. I used semi-skimmed cow’s milk. For even more creaminess, you can use whole milk.
  • Light brown sugar : it brings an even more delicious touch than white powdered sugar.
  • Whole fresh cream : useful here for a very smooth and creamy texture.
  • Vanilla pod : it gives all its flavor to ice cream. It is left to macerate overnight with the other ingredients.
  • Oreo cookies : the stars of the recipe! They are incorporated in large pieces in the recipe.

How to make this Oreo ice cream?

It is really very simple! the day before, mix all the ingredients (except the cookies) in a container. This allows the aromas to develop well (especially vanilla).

Oreo vanilla ice cream - Lilie Bakery

Le D-Day we take his ice cream maker or ice cream maker. For my part, I prepared this recipe for Oreo vanilla ice cream using my ice cream maker. If you want to equip yourself, I give you a selection of equipment at the bottom of the recipe.

Why not do it without an ice cream maker or turbine? Well, the difference will be seen in the texture obtained: the ice cream will be more compact and less creamy, perhaps even with small ice crystals. Personally on this recipe, I like the abundance, the sparkling effect created by the ice machine.

Once the ice cream maker or turbine is running, you pour the preparation and let run for about 10 minutes (this varies depending on the machine). Ice goes abound, that is to say take volume.

How to taste this Oreo ice cream?

You can enjoy the ice cream at the outlet of the ice cream maker or the turbine for a consistency very smooth (like an Italian ice cream). Alternatively, you can place it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes for texture. firmer (and form balls).

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If you make this recipe, don’t hesitate to tag @liliebakery on Instagram so I can see your beautiful ice cream!


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