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oreo ice cream recipe | oreo biscuit ice cream | homemade oreo ice cream with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple refreshing ice cream recipe made with just 3 ingredients – biscuits, cream and condensed milk. technically there is no added sugar but the condensed milk does contain sugar and more than sufficient for this recipe. basically, it is an extension to the flavoured vanilla ice cream with toppings of crushed oreo biscuits for that crunchy and biscuit flavoured ice cream.oreo ice cream recipe

oreo ice cream recipe | oreo biscuit ice cream | homemade oreo ice cream with step by step photo and video recipe. summer season is just around the corner and we need more and more desserts and beverages to welcome it. the basic beverages and ice creams like vanilla flavoured are a good option, but we always crave something better. to make it better i am posting this recipe of oreo ice cream recipe made with thickened full cream, condensed milk with oreo biscuits toppings.

as i was explaining earlier, this recipe is an extension or a fusion of the plain and creamy vanilla ice cream recipe. it goes the same set of ingredients like the full cream or whipping cream with condensed milk and vanilla flavour. well everyone likes this basic vanilla flavoured ice cream but trust me you would fall in love with this ice cream with a simple extension. in other words, i have just crushed the whole oreo biscuits with its cream and mixed it with stiff peaked full cream. also once i have transferred to the freezing tray, i used some more chopped oreo biscuits to decorate the tray. you may very well call this ice cream cookies and cream ice cream, but according to me it is slightly different and hence i would call it a different recipe and post it soon with a video.

oreo biscuit ice cream

finally, i would like to add some more additional tips, suggestions and variants to the oreo biscuit ice cream. firstly, i would heavily recommend using plain cream or white vanilla cream stuffed oreo biscuits for this recipe. with oreo biscuits, you get a lot of variants, which can also be used for ice creams but not for this recipe. secondly, if you think you do not need the sugar from condensed milk, you may use evaporated milk as an alternative. the oreo biscuits do have sweetness in them and can be sufficient for less sweet eaters. lastly, the tray has to be properly sealed before freezing. otherwise, moisture can tap in and can make the ice cream hard. also, if you time and patience, i would recommend mixing the cream every 2 hours of freezing. it makes it more creamy and rich.

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oreo ice cream video recipe:

recipe card for oreo biscuit ice cream recipe:

how to make oreo ice cream with step by step photo:

  1. firstly, in a large bowl take 600 ml heavy cream and 1 tsp vanilla extract.
  2. whip the cream at low to medium speed. make sure the bowl is super chilled if you are leaving in a hot climate.
  3. beat until the cream starts to have ribbon-like peaks.
  4. now add 395 grams of condensed milk and mix well.
  5. further crush 133 grams oreo into a coarse powder.
  6. transfer the powdered oreo powder onto the whipped cream and mix gently.
  7. mix until everything is well combined.
  8. now transfer the ice cream mixture into the cake tin or box of your choice.
  9. decorate with broken oreo pieces to make it look attractive.
  10. cover with cling wrap and freeze for at least 8 hours.
  11. finally, scoop the ice cream and enjoy oreo ice cream or prepare oreo milkshake.oreo biscuit ice cream


  • firstly, make sure to use whipping cream with at least 35% milkfat to have a creamy texture.
  • also, you can adjust the amount of sweetness by increasing or decreasing condensed milk.
  • additionally, if you have an airtight box then recommend storing it as it prevents it from crystallizing.
  • finally, oreo ice cream recipe tastes great when prepared creamy.

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