How to Make Creamy Oat Milk Ice Cream

Are you craving a refreshing treat this summer? Look no further than this homemade vegan vanilla ice cream recipe, made with creamy oat milk. It’s the perfect dessert to cool down on a hot day. Plus, it’s nut-free and can even be made without coconut! Forget about soaking cashews or using expensive equipment. We’re going back to basics to create the creamiest and most delicious dairy-free ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

What Makes Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream So Special?

You might be wondering what sets vegan vanilla ice cream apart from its traditional counterpart. Well, the secret lies in its ingredients. Unlike regular vanilla ice cream, which contains dairy and eggs, vegan vanilla ice cream is 100% free of animal products and byproducts. Achieving that custard-like texture without using eggs may sound challenging, but it’s actually quite simple.

The Key Ingredients and Substitutions

Let’s take a look at the key ingredients that make this oat milk ice cream recipe so delightful:

  • Oat milk: Instead of using traditional nut milk, like almond or cashew milk, we’re using creamy oat milk. This makes the ice cream completely nut-free and a great option for those with allergies.
  • Coconut cream: If you prefer a coconut-free alternative, you can easily swap it with soy milk for similar results.
  • Sweetened condensed dairy-free milk: There are two options available on the market: coconut condensed milk and oat condensed milk. You can use either one. If you want to avoid the coconut flavor, we recommend using sweetened condensed oat milk by Nature’s Charm.
  • Sugar: To achieve the perfect level of sweetness, opt for organic cane sugar or swap it with 1/2 cup of maple syrup.
  • Vanilla extract: Vanilla extract adds a rich flavor to the ice cream. You can also use vanilla bean seeds or Anima Mundi Herbals’ vanilla powder for an extra twist.
  • Sea salt: Just a pinch of salt helps to balance out the flavors.
  • Arrowroot starch: This thickening agent can be substituted with cornstarch. It’s heated before adding it to the custard base, which helps to thicken the mixture.
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An Overview of the Ice Cream Making Process

Making vegan vanilla ice cream is a breeze. Here’s an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Heat: Start by making the vanilla custard base. Simply heat all the ingredients in a saucepan until the arrowroot starch thickens the mixture.
  2. Cool: Give the mixture ample time to cool down before using your ice cream machine. If added while still warm, it could prevent proper churning and result in icy ice cream.
  3. Churn: Once the ice cream mixture is fully cooled, follow your ice cream machine’s instructions for churning. It usually takes around 35 minutes to reach a soft-serve consistency.
  4. Chill: Spoon your churned ice cream into a freezer-safe container and freeze for at least 2 hours until it hardens.
  5. Scoop & Enjoy: Once set, scoop your vegan vanilla ice cream into bowls and indulge in its delectable creaminess!

vegan vanilla custard

churned vegan vanilla ice cream in ice cream bowl

frozen vegan vanilla ice cream

Do You Need an Ice Cream Maker?

While an ice cream maker is highly recommended for the best results, you can still make this ice cream without one. However, the manual method involves stirring the ice cream every hour in the freezer, which can be a bit tedious. Investing in a quality ice cream maker, like the Cuisinart ice cream machine, ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Topping Ideas and Add-Ins

Enhance the flavor and presentation of your vegan vanilla ice cream with these delicious toppings and add-ins:

  • Homemade Vegan Caramel Sauce
  • Vegan Toffee Sauce
  • 5-minute Vegan Hot Fudge (vegan ganache!)
  • Vegan chocolate chips
  • Rainbow vegan sprinkles
  • Vegan cookie dough
  • Raw vegan brownie batter
  • Cherries
  • Fresh fruit
  • Strawberry jam or puree
  • Cashew butter or peanut butter (if you’re not nut-free)
  • Serve alongside a slice of vegan vanilla cake for the ultimate dessert experience!
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Save This Recipe for Later

Don’t forget to save this mouthwatering vegan vanilla ice cream recipe to your favorite recipe board on Pinterest for future reference.

If you try this recipe, please leave a comment and rating below ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Your feedback helps others discover these delightful creations! Feel free to share your beautiful ice cream pictures on Instagram and Pinterest by tagging me as well.

Print the recipe and get ready to enjoy a scoop of creamy oat milk ice cream that’s both refreshing and guilt-free. Happy ice cream making!

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