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Using the Nostalgia Electrics 2 Quart Ice Cream Maker Is Easier Than The Instructions Say!

Nostalgia Electrics 2 Quart Ice Cream MakerThe Nostalgia Electrics 2 Quart Ice Cream Maker is a great machine that makes ice cream fast and easy but…if you read the instructions when you open it, they may lead you to believe that you have to do a lot more work than necessary. It can be so much easier and I’ll tell you how on this page.

This Nostalgia Electrics 2 Quart Maker is a very handy size for homemade recipes. Another plus is the semi-transparent lid so you can see what’s going on as the machine freezes the ice cream. That comes in very handy if you tend to overfill. You can see when it starts to breach the edges (which is a good time to turn it off actually, before it starts to run down the sides).

Opening up the 2 Quart Maker box, I read the instructions first and I was already exhausted! I wondered, Did the writer of these instructions even use the machine?

Then I sat and thought…my old Waring is basically constructed the same way and I don’t have to go to all of this trouble and extra cost so maybe I can use this the same way.

First the instructions say to chill the container. Not necessary. As long as your mixture is chilled it will turn out fine! I’m not saying not to do this if you feel the urge or a bit of OCD coming on…I’m just saying it isn’t necessary.

The instructions also say to break up the ice you’ll be using into small rough pieces with a mallet. Seriously? That just isn’t going to happen at my house.

Also, if I know I’m going to be making ice cream, I save my freezer-made ice cubes in gallon-size ziplock freezer bags. I usually use one and a half bags per batch (since I don’t know what the instructions mean exactly when they say it will take 1 to 2 medium bags of ice…what’s a ‘medium’ bag?).

Regular Salt and Ice Cubes Work in Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker
All you need is one cup of your everyday salt and ice cubes your freezer or ice cube trays make.

If you have an ice maker in your fridge that makes ice small enough to fit between the bucket and the canister with room to move, please don’t bother buying a mallet (or put that one you’re holding away).

And salt? They are correct in stating that you do need salt however, the instructions call for rock salt, adding that table salt works fine…(it sure does!). But then they say it takes…are you sitting down? …It takes 3 to 4 cups of salt?! Whoa! That’s crazy! Seriously…I used (and measured for your benefit) one cup of salt in this 2 quart maker and it works fine.

So, to test my theories, and this ice cream maker, I made my Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe custard to try in the new Nostalgia maker.

The parts that come with the Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker
All of the Nostalgia Electrics Ice Cream Maker parts – Motor, Bucket, Canister, Lid, Cap for Canister (you can leave the ice cream in the canister, cap it and put it right into the freezer), Dasher.

First I put the dasher in place since it is a bit hard to find that small indentation after the custard is in the canister.

I took my chilled custard out of the fridge and poured it into the canister. The instructions say to fill the canister two-thirds full.Fill Nostalgia Canister I agree that’s smart since the ice cream grows in mass as it churns in the maker. But as I poured I couldn’t tell where two-thirds was since there is no ‘fill to here’ mark, so I poured it all in since there was still room at the top.

Put the filled and lidded Nostalgia canister in the bucket and attach the motor
Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker assembled and ready for ice and salt.

Then I fit the canister into the right spot in the bucket, put the lid on the canister, and placed the motor on top in the slots so that both side met the top rim of the bucket.

Next, I took my regular old ice cubes and poured in about a 3-piece layer in the bottom.

Fill the Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker with layers of ice and salt.
You only need to fill the ice and salt to the top of the canister.

Using a regular spoon, I scooped 3 spoonfuls of salt for either side of the bucket, pouring the salt along the top of the ice. Then I repeated the ice and salt until I reached the top of the canister.

Then it’s time to plug it in, turn it on, and let the Maker do its job.

As the ice melts down, you will need to add more ice cubes and salt, again only to the top of the canister.

In less than 30 minutes, your ice cream will be ready!

Vanilla Ice Cream when Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker is Done
Soft Ice Cream when the Nostalgia Maker is done.

The instructions say 30 minutes but mine started climbing over the edge of the canister in about 25 minutes so I knew it was done.

Another nifty thing you can do with the Nostalgia is leave the ice cream in the canister after you’ve removed the dasher, put the lid back on, place the small cap that’s included over the hole, and put the canister in the freezer. Since I like using old ice cream scoops, I prefer a container with length I can scoop across but it’s nice to have this option 🙂

So I pour mine into my plastic container and into the freezer it goes overnight!

Finished Nostalgia Ice Cream in freezer container
Ice Cream just made with the Nostalgia Electrics Ice Cream Maker and ready for the freezer.

The result:

Nostalgia made Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
Totally scrumptious homemade Vanilla Ice Cream the next day!

Absolutely excellent ice cream! The texture is dense and soooo perfectly smooth! In my opinion, the finished, frozen ice cream couldn’t have come out any better. I’m really very happy with this maker…as long as I do it this quick and easy way.

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