No-Churn Strawberry Ice Cream – So Easy and Delicious!

Video No-Churn Strawberry Ice Cream – So Easy and Delicious!

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Delicious no churn strawberry ice cream recipe with NO ice cream maker required! If you love no churn ice cream, you’ll love this easy strawberry ice cream recipe! And also check out my Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Biscoff Cookie Swirl (No-Churn), my No-Churn Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, and my Oreo Ice Cream Recipe (No Churn)!

no churn strawberry ice cream in a container with scoops
No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

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No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Whether it’s strawberry season or not, it’s the perfect time to make this no-churn strawberry ice cream! It’s so easy, made with just 6 simple ingredients and full of the bright flavor of ripe strawberries. And best of all, you won’t need an ice cream maker for this recipe!

What does no churn ice cream mean?

No-churn ice cream is ice cream that doesn’t require an ice cream maker or ice cream machine to make! It has the same rich, creamy texture as regular ice cream, but it’s so much easier to make! It also has a bit of sweetness from sweetened condensed milk that makes it so decadent.

This no-churn strawberry ice cream gets its creamy consistency from whipped heavy cream combined with the condensed milk. This combination provides a fluffy texture that, because of the sugar content in the condensed milk, doesn’t freeze completely solid. Add in your strawberry purée and you’ve got a delicious strawberry ice cream that you’ll be making all summer long!

strawberry no churn ice cream cones
No Churn Ice Cream

How do you make no-churn ice cream softer?

You’ll want to make sure that you’re using a full-fat heavy cream so that the fat can keep the ice cream soft. Another trick is to add a splash of strawberry liqueur, since alcohol lowers the freezing point of liquid. Finally, just let your ice cream sit at room temperature for a few minutes before serving to let it soften up.

no churn strawberry ice cream in a container with scoops
Easy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

What are the ingredients of strawberry ice cream?

  • strawberries – you’ll want to wash and hull about 4 to 5 cups of berries. Feel free to use frozen berries; just thaw them in advance and drain any excess liquid.
  • sweetened condensed milk – I like to keep my can of condensed milk cold in preparation for making this no-churn strawberry ice cream. It helps to keep the mixture fluffy before it goes into the freezer.
  • granulated sugar – we’re adding a bit of sugar to help enhance the sweetness of the strawberries. If you prefer to limit the sugar in this recipe, or if your strawberries are particularly sweet, feel free to leave this out.
  • salt – a bit of salt helps to bring out the strawberry flavor!
  • pure vanilla extract – vanilla is the perfect flavor complement to the strawberry flavor.
  • heavy whipping cream – make sure your heavy cream is very cold before you start. That will help to get the airy, fluffy consistency we want for this no-churn strawberry ice cream!


As I mentioned, there’s no ice cream maker needed for this no churn strawberry ice cream! You’ll pretty much only need a blender or food processor to purée the strawberries, an electric mixer to whip the heavy cream, and a container in which to freeze it all up!

How do you make strawberry ice cream from scratch?

This no-churn strawberry ice cream is so easy to make! Here’s how you do it:

  1. First you’ll purée your strawberries, strain out the seeds, and then heat the purée to reduce the mixture and evaporate some of the liquid. Then just pop it into the freezer to cool.
  2. Whisk together your milk, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Then you’ll just mix in your strawberry purée (make sure it’s fully cool at this point). Set this mixture aside so that you can whip your heavy cream.
  3. Beat your heavy cream with an electric mixer until it reaches stiff peaks, then fold the strawberry mixture into the whipped cream. Make sure you don’t deflate the whipped cream too much!
  4. Spread it all into a loaf pan and cover with plastic wrap or foil, and freeze! You’re ready to enjoy this no-churn strawberry ice cream after 4-6 hours!
no churn strawberry ice cream in cones
Easy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Tips and F.A.Q.

No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

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