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Hot summer days call for a nice cold scoop of No Churn Oreo Ice Cream! This no churn ice cream takes 10 minutes to make and is LOADED with Oreo crumbs, chunks, and mini chocolate chips! It’s absolute perfection!

Want to know what else is perfect? My Oreo ice cream cake and cookies and cream popsicles. Both are great summer dessert that are easy to make and super yummy… plus they have Oreo’s and everyone loves Oreos, right?

I can’t believe it took me SO long to try no churn ice cream. I’ve seen recipes floating around Pinterest about “no churn ice cream” but to say I was skeptical is an understatement.

My mind was made up that no churn ice cream was boring, flat, not creamy, and quite frankly a major cop-out to regular ice cream.

I was wrong.

I admit it! I was wrong. No churn ice cream is actually REALLY GOOD!

A favorite ice cream flavor of mine is Cookies & Cream ice cream. I chopped a handful of the Oreos into finer pieces and left some Oreos in larger chunks. Doing this means there’s TONS of Oreo pieces throughout the ice cream.

Ingredients needed for No Churn Oreo Ice Cream

No churn Oreo Ice Cream ingredients on a white and cream textured background.
  • Oreos (a given)
  • heavy whipping cream
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • vanilla extract
  • mini chocolate chips (not necessary, but highly recommended)! It adds the perfect crunch and texture, trust me!

How to make no churn ice cream

First, whip the heavy cream and vanilla. I like to use my stand mixer to do this because it requires zero effort on my part. I have a great blog post that covers everything you need to know about whipping heavy whipping cream at home.

A glass bowl with crushed and chopped Oreos.

Once the whipped cream has attained stiff peaks, add the sweetened condensed milk to the whipped cream. Gently fold it in.

Next, add the crushed and chopped Oreos and mini chocolate chips to the cream mixture. Mix it so that everything is evenly combined.

A metal bowl with freshly whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk creamed together.
Freshly whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk in a metal bowl, with crushed Oreos and mini chocolate chips mixed into the contents.

Finally, place the no churn ice cream mixture into a freezer safe container. I use a bread pan because it fits the ice cream perfectly! Just make sure to cover it with plastic wrap and aluminum foil before placing it in the freezer.

A rectangular bread pan filled with Oreo Ice Cream and topped with crushed Oreos and mini chocolate chips.

Freeze for 4-6 hours or overnight.

THAT’S IT! Done!

This recipe takes 10 minutes to prep and make, which is so nice! The hardest part is waiting for the ice cream to freeze and firm up.

Oreo Ice Cream in a waffle cone against a black background.
A glass bowl with homemade Oreo Ice Cream in it.

Trust me when I say, you’re going to love this Oreo ice cream!

I also suggest you try making homemade vanilla ice cream, I have an amazing recipe! Readers have been going crazy for it. Or if you want chocolate ice cream, I have that too.

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