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This no-churn keto avocado ice cream recipe is an easy-to-make, creamy, sweet, and refreshing low carb dessert that you’ll love on a hot summer day.

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Avocado ice cream ingredients

Avocado – We’ll need two ripe avocados to make 4 servings of keto low carb ice cream.

Heavy cream – Use heavy cream with at least 36% fat content. For a dairy-free version, substitute heavy cream with full-fat coconut cream or coconut milk.

Keto diet friendly sweetener – I use erythritol and stevia blend from Sukrin for this sugar-free ice cream recipe.

Vanilla extract – I love my vanilla extract! What else can I say?

Lemon juice – Lemon juice will keep our ice cream with avocado fresh and green and also add refreshing lemon flavor. You can also use lime juice.

Xanthan gum – Xanthan gum acts as a thickening agent in this gluten-free keto ice cream recipe.

Booze – Brandy, whiskey (or you can use vodka) will help our sugar-free ice cream soften much faster when taken out from the freezer.

Step by step directions

This low carb keto ice cream recipe will only take 5 minutes of your time and a little bit of patience! Start making our healthy ice cream made with avocados by placing all ingredients in a tall, slim cup. It should be, however, wide enough to fit in the bell blades attachment of your immersion blender.

Then, place the immersion blender into the cup and start blending all ingredients together on high. Keep blending, moving the blender up and down, until the mixture becomes creamy and thick (around 4 minutes). You should see soft peaks forming when you lift the blender up from the cup.

Next, transfer the mixture into a glass container (I use 17x12cm/6×4-inches glass lunch box from IKEA), brownie pan, or loaf pan. Cover the container with a plastic wrap, and freeze for 6-8 hours or until frozen.

Take out our no-churn and guilt-free ice cream 10 minutes before serving to soften up a little bit. Finally, scoop the ice cream and serve topped with some crushed salty peanuts or another topping of your choice.

Low carb ice cream is perfect for summer days

You’ll be surprised, but our ketogenic ice cream recipe doesn’t taste of avocados at all! Instead, it has a very refreshing and unique taste that everyone will enjoy during hot summer days.

It does, however, freeze rock solid if you keep it the freezer overnight. But, a little bit of booze that we add to our avocado-based ice cream makes it quicker (around 10 minutes) to soften it once out from the freezer.

Does avocado ice cream turn brown

No worries, frozen avocados don’t oxidize and therefore don’t turn a brown color. Also, using a very powerful antioxidant, aka lemon juice, helps with keeping our avocados fresh and green. Even if you decide to churn this ice cream in an ice cream maker, the result will be the same – pale-green, creamy, delicious, and healthy ice cream.

Toppings variations

Crushed salted peanuts fit so well with this low carb avocado ice cream!

Cocoa nibs are another keto-friendly ice cream topping alternative.

Toasted coconut flakes for extra crunch and healthy fats.

Lemon and orange zest with some mint for a refreshing summer flavour.

Dark chocolate curls, Lily’s dark chocolate chips, or just sprinkles of 100% cocoa powder.

Top this no-churn ice cream with my KETO NUTELLA CHOCOLATE SPREAD, because who doesn’t like chocolate?!

Carbs in keto avocado ice cream

This recipe will be enough to serve four people. Each serving will have around 4g net carbs.

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