No Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream Recipe

Video No Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream Recipe

Learn how to make this easy no church Cotton Candy Ice Cream recipe. Enjoy delicious homemade cotton candy ice cream for a summer time treat everyone will enjoy.

Cotton candy ice cream recipe

Kids love cotton candy and they love ice cream. So, it seemed liked the perfect idea to combine these into this easy and amazing cotton candy ice cream recipe.

You don’t need an ice cream maker to make this and the entire recipe is super easy. Enjoy homemade ice cream without any fancy machines and complicated ingredients. It is so easy and really delicious.

Each bite is so sweet and tasty. It is a family favorite around here and the kids just love it!

Easy recipe for Cotton Candy Ice cream

If you can toss things into a bowl and stir, you can make this homemade ice cream recipe. It is seriously that easy. Let the kids help and everyone will have a blast.

Homemade cotton candy ice cream ingredients:

  • very cold heavy whipping cream
  • sweetened condensed milk, cold
  • cotton candy flavoring (I buy mine on Amazon)
  • Food coloring in pink and blue, optional

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That is all you need! It really is so easy to make this amazing ice cream. You won’t believe how simple it is and just a few ingredients.

Check out this quick how to video!

How to make cotton candy ice cream recipe:

Place loaf pan or container in freezer at least 30 minutes before you begin.

Place bowl and whisk in freezer at least 30 minutes before you begin.

Be sure whipping cream and condensed milk are very cold.

In a large bowl or stand mixer bowl, beat whipping cream until stiff peaks form.

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In a medium bowl, stir together the sweetened condensed milk and cotton candy flavoring until smooth.

Gradually add milk mixture to whipping cream by GENTLY folding into whipped cream.

Divide mixture into 2 separate bowls (it will be about 3 cups each).

Color one bowl of mixture with pink and one with blue.

Remove container from freezer and drop ice cream mixture by spoonfuls into the container. It is that simple!

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Freeze overnight. You definitely need to do this overnight to get the desired consistency.

Serve with cotton candy on the side if you like. This is optional but a fun way to garnish each bowl. If we are making this for a birthday party, this is so fun to do and everyone loves it!

Cotton Candy Icecream Notes:

This homemade ice cream is very soft and melts quicker than store bought ice cream.

Cotton Candy Flavoring can be found in the baking section at most craft stores, or in the candy making area.

You can also add sprinkles if you like. The kids love to add sprinkles and they go crazy over this recipe. They love when we make it!

Print this cotton candy ice cream recipe:

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