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How does making your frozen treats easily and quickly at home sound to you? With Ninja’s ice cream maker, the Ninja NC299AMZ CREAMi, the dream of creating ice cream, sorbet, milkshakes, and more from the comfort of your kitchen becomes a fuss-free reality. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at this affordable ice cream maker that’s been voted the number one newly released ice cream machine by Amazon customers.

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The Features

Ninja’s latest ice cream maker allows you to choose your own ingredients, freeze them overnight, and then create delightfully delicious frozen treats in mere minutes. Here are some of the appliance’s main features and functions:

Seven one-touch programs

This ice cream maker is certainly versatile. You can choose from one of seven programs: Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato, Milkshake, Smoothie Bowl, Lite Ice Cream, or Mix-In. The NC299AMZ CREAMi utilizes the perfect combination of time, pressure, and speed to create yummy treats at the touch of a button. You must first freeze your chosen ingredients in the Pint (a 16-ounce container) for 24 hours; the rest is just a breeze.

Creamify technology

This is no ordinary ice cream maker; Ninja has created an innovative system that finely shaves and churns your chosen ingredients’ ice particles. In no time, the appliance produces luxurious or “lite” treats, including gluten-free or lactose-free options—the choice is yours.

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Re-spin functionality

Want your delicious treats even softer and creamier? Then you can use the re-spin function after processing to get the desired results.


Feel like adding some extra flavor and texture to your creations? Then the Mix-In preset allows you to add nuts, chocolate, candy, fruit, and more.


As we’ve mentioned, this ice cream maker is simple to use, so even kids (supervised, of course!) can easily use it. First, you fill the Pint with your chosen ingredients. Next, you freeze the contents in the Pint for 24 hours.

You then attach the Pint to the Ninja CREAMi, select your chosen program, and the ingredients are transformed into a scrumptious frozen treat in mere minutes.

Dishwasher-safe parts You can easily clean up with minimum fuss after creating your ice cream or smoothie bowl. The appliance’s container, lids, and paddle are all dishwasher-safe.

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The NC299AMZ is compact (6.52 x 12.07 x 15.95 inches) and lightweight, making it a perfect fit for any kitchen countertop. It can also be easily stored away when not in use.

The appliance comes with a motor base with dual-drive motors, the Creamerizer Paddle, the 16-ounce CREAMi Pint with storage lid, the outer bowl, the lid to the Pint while processing, and a 30-recipe guide.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

The Ninja NC299AMZ CREAMi ice cream maker is a great kitchen appliance at an affordable price (just under $200). Users love the fact that it produces tasty frozen treats at the touch of a button in just minutes. Not only is the ice cream maker easy to use but cleaning it (either by handwashing or in the dishwasher) is straightforward. Its compact design means it’s small enough to keep out on the countertop when not in use. Plus, there are loads of recipe options (including dairy-free and gluten-free), and users have fun customizing the ingredients.

The Cons

Although the Ninja CREAMi works a treat for most customers, some drawbacks have been noted. It creates treats from a frozen base, meaning you have to plan your creation in advance and allow 24 hours for freezing. Some users have complained that they can only make one Pint at a time. The machine also makes some noise, which some customers find irritating.

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The Verdict

Although not perfect, the Ninja NC299AMZ CREAMi ice cream maker is an excellent purchase for consumers wishing to make their own frozen treats at home easily. The base needs to be frozen for 24 hours, but once this is done, your creation will be ready within minutes.

The possible ingredient combinations are fantastic, as are the different types of treats you can pick from. All tastes are catered for, and you can have fun while indulging your culinary creativity. Plus, the machine is easy to clean and store. A simple process with delicious results—why not give the Ninja CREAMi a try!

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