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We were approached by Ninja Kitchen UK and asked to do an honest and unbiased test and review of the the Ice Cream Maker. We were sent the machine free of charge to do this. First thing first, it is hard not to be biased when we love Ninja, ice cream and gadgets but we have been as thorough as possible and totally honest about everything from the minute we opened up the box to making ice creams, milkshakes, sorbets and smoothies.

So let’s start from the beginning when we received the Ninja Ice Cream Maker. We created an unboxing video to give you a true view of what you get and how it arrives. In summary here are some of the things that we noted down about what we received and our first impressions of the machine before it was ever used:

  • The outer box was sturdy
  • Outer box size is Length: 47.4cm Width: 22.9cm Height: 46.7cm – so not massive, could be stored in box easily when not being used
  • Top marks for protecting the environment, around 90% of the packaging was recyclable, the only plastic were bags around the main unit, jug and dessert pots
  • It’s easy to repack the ice-cream maker back into the box
  • It looks stylish – in black gloss and brushed stainless steel with shiny silver accents it would look great in your kitchen and compliment your other Ninja products
  • It is lightweight but the machine does feel sturdy
  • The function button are clear
  • The quick start guide and recipe book are amazing, really detailed and with good photos, there are so many different recipes in the book plus guides on how to construct your own fabulous creations
  • The main unit is H:40.5 x W:16.5 x D:27 cm
  • The weight of the unit is 6.4kg
  • Each pot has a capacity of 473ml
  • The components are dishwasher safe
Unboxing the Ninja Ice Cream Maker NC300UK Video

First Impressions

So without even using the machine our first impressions were that it looked stunning and looks really easy to use, it was sturdy and had lots of different functions. There are 7 function buttons which allow you to press once to make ice cream, light ice cream, gelato, sorbet, milkshake, smoothie bowls and mix ins (where you want to add extras to your ice cream/gelato like fruit, sweets, crushed up biscuits or chocolate chips for example) – there is also a re-spin button which allows you to quickly run a cycle to make your ice-cream/gelato even smoother if it is frozen very hard.

You have to use a dessert pot inside the jug to use any of the functions and you get 3 provided with the machine. The dessert pots are made of a hard plastic with clear max line markers and have Ninja branded grey coloured pop on lids. These seemed quite small really at first look. The outer box and product information states that you can make up to 1.4L of ice cream which gave us the impression you could do this at once, but no, to make 1.4L of ice cream you would need to make 3 separate pots filled up to the max lines. The pots each make just over 465ml which is about the size of a tub of ice cream (like Ben & Jerry’s) you can buy from the supermarket. Each pot would make one milkshake realistically.

One of the benefits of the smaller sized pots is that there is a better chance of you fitting it in your freezer, but if you were making desserts for a large family or party you would need to make multiple.

Having a machine that lets you make your own ice cream, gelato, milkshakes, sorbets and smoothie bowls does give you total control over what you are putting in your body. This is ideal if you have specific dietary requirements like Vegan, Dairy Free, Paleo, Keto or are on a calorie controlled diet OR if you have allergies or intolerances that you have to careful with, without spending hours hunting the ice cream aisle at the supermarket looking at the ingredients only to find there is limited choice. You can make what you want, when you want easily, know what is in it and probably even at a much lower price.

Comparison To Other Ice Cream Makers

If you are looking purely at getting an ice cream/gelato maker with no other functionality there are many on the market from very cheap budget models to very expensive professional models. The budget models are often very small, not great looking and still require you to pre-freeze the mix before you churn it, you are limited to only making ice cream and gelato with these too. The professional models are larger and can produce 1.4L plus in around an hour including the freezing and churning but they are at least 2 to 3 times the price of the Ninja Ice Cream Maker and only make ice-cream/gelato, not sorbet, milkshakes or smoothie bowls as well. One of the best features, we think, of the Ninja Ice Cream Maker is the Mix In function, this allows you to mix in whatever you want to your dessert to make sure it is evenly distributed, just like if you got a McFlurry from McDonald’s but your own creation to your own taste, this is something that none of the other ice cream makers offers.

Using The Ninja Ice Cream Maker

Let’s talk about actually making some deserts/milkshakes with the machine and how it works. To make ice cream you have to prepare it first 24 hours before you want to eat it, but while you are waiting you could always make yourself a smoothie or milkshake! There are lots of recipes in the book you get with the machine and online on and of course you can use any ice cream or gelato recipe you can find too, the options are endless. So mix up your recipe, pop it in the dessert pot(s) and pop it in your freezer for 24 hours, then put the desert pot in the jug of the machine and click the button (ice cream for standard ice cream, light ice cream if you have used low-fat/skimmed milk, gelato for gelato) and it churns to a soft and fluffy dessert. You may have to click the re-spin button to get it super smooth but this is more of a personal preference thing We made 3 different ice creams to test this and only one needed a re-spin. Then if you want to add some crunch or texture just dig a hole in the middle of your pot of ice cream and pop in some choc chips, fruit or crushed biscuits and press the Mix In button – this evenly distributes them throughout the pot without smoothing them in (like it would if you put it in the blender or mixer). You can of course just buy some ready made ice cream from the shop and add some mix ins if you haven’t had time to prepare your own.

Making a milkshake is so easy, just add some milk, some flavour and some ice cream if you like and press the Milkshake button to get a super smooth and creamy milkshake, just like you can buy at a dessert restaurant or at McDonald’s.

Why Do You Want This Machine?

Well, if you are a Ninja enthusiast it is a must have! If you want to be able to control what ingredients go into your desserts and milkshakes again it is a must have. But what are the downsides or reasons to doubt buying the machine? Well if you have a Ninja Blender or Ninja Soup Machine you can already make milkshakes, smoothies and sorbets already in larger quantities plus with the soup maker you can also make hot chocolates really easily too… but you can’t easily churn ice cream or do the mix ins with a blender or soup machine – so you do need the Ice Cream Maker too. If you love making your own desserts/milkshakes and want full control over the ingredients this machine is perfect with lots of different functions to whip yourself up something quickly and easily, plus it is easy to clean, all the bits will easily go in the dishwasher. If you have kids it is ideal, they can make their own creation themselves without making a mess or using a much larger machine like a blender/soup maker which is very heavy and large, they will love the mix in too!

You can buy extra desert pots from Ninja Kitchen UK if 3 isn’t enough for you which gives your more options

Our Verdict

To test the machine we made 3 different ice creams, shown below. They were so fast to prepare, under 5 mins each. After 24 hours in the freezer they took under 2 minutes to churn and just over 1 minute to mix in the biscuits/chocolates. With a single ice cream churn the texture of the ice cream is like you would get at a luxury ice cream shop, smooth and a stunning creamy texture. If you do choose to re-spin the texture is much smoother like whipped ice cream you get from an ice cream van.

The Mix In feature blew us away – what an amazing button that is. We added our biscuits/chocolates and they were perfectly distributed throughout the ice cream and gave it an amazing texture and crunchy taste.

Comparing this to other ice-cream makers this one has so much more so it is definitely worth buying, we’d buy it just for the Mix In feature !

So lets have a look at the pros and cons now we have tested and reviewed the Ninja Ice Cream Maker

You can buy the Ninja Ice Cream maker from the Ninja Kitchen UK website – Click Here To Buy

If you want extra tubs you can buy 2 Extra Tubs or 4 Extra Tubs

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