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DURING the school holidays in a summer marked by record-breaking temperatures, surely there can’t be a gadget quite as exciting as an ice cream maker. We put Ninja’s ice cream maker, the CREAMi, to the test to see if it’s worth the price.

It certainly sounds intriguing, but how easy is it to get tasty results? As an ice cream lover with young children, I was more than happy to put this latest ninja gadget through its paces; Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Ninja Creami Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Maker, £199 from Amazon – buy here

Overall rating: 4/5


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Makes ice cream in minutes (after pre-freezing)
  • Creates a range of frozen desserts and drinks
  • Recipes for restricted diets


  • Requires 24 hours of freezing time
  • Can only make small batches at a time
  • Takes up space in your kitchen


Ninja Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Makers: Brief Summary

  • Ninja Creami Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Maker, £199 from Amazon – buy here

The Ninja CREAMi is a really clever and useful device for a number of reasons.

It’s really quick and easy to make the base, and there’s a wide range of recipes to choose from, including those for gelato, sorbets and smoothies, as well as traditional ice cream. There are also many healthier options, as well as nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free varieties.

On the other hand, pre-freezing your base for at least 24 hours requires some pre-planning (and wouldn’t work if your kids are craving ice cream NOW), but you could always have one ready in the freezer to pop in your maker whenever you need it.

The tub size is also quite small (sleeps four) so it would make sense to order extras and have a few in your freezer if you have a larger group to feed.

I loved the speed and simplicity of the process, the great tasting results, and the ability to be creative and have fun with the recipes.

Ninja Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Maker: Full Review

The machine comes with brief setup instructions and a recipe booklet


I was excited to open the box and unwrap my ice cream maker which looks very elegant; I would love to display it on my kitchen countertop.

The machine comes with very short and simple product instructions and a recipe booklet.

You can also scan a QR code on the machine to find everything online, including FAQs and links to order more tubs if needed.

Unlike some other ice cream makers, the Ninja CREAMi requires you to first make your base and freeze it for 24 hours before using the machine to make your dessert.

The recipes are quick and easy to make (just make sure you have all the ingredients); Follow the steps to mix or whisk the ingredients before pouring the mixture into one of the mugs that came with your ice cream maker.

Frozen dessert recipes include traditional ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and smoothies. Plus, you can make milkshakes that don’t require freezing time.

Once you have your frozen base, I found setting up and starting the machine super easy – and I’m generally not good at following lengthy instructions.

Plug in the machine, install your frozen tub (lid off) in the outer bowl, attach the paddle to the outer bowl lid, and then install the outer bowl, which means rotating it until you hear a click . Now you’re good to go.

The machine is quite noisy when the program is running, but it only takes a few minutes to prepare the desired dessert.

main features

  • Variety of recipes: Choose from ice cream (with toppings like chocolate chips, nuts, and cookies) or gelatos like salted caramel or coffee. There are also recipes for fresh fruit sorbet, smoothies and smoothie bowls.
  • Healthy and restricted diet: Along with healthier light ice cream and fruit sorbets, this is a great product for people with restricted diets. Dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan options are available in the recipe book.
  • Dishwasher safe: That’s a huge plus for me; All parts are dishwasher safe, so simply put them in the dishwasher after use. No washing up is required.
  • Fast and easy: The whole process, from mixing the ingredients for the base to making the dessert with the machine, is super quick and easy.
  • Experimental and fun: The possibilities are endless and experimenting with flavors and textures is part of the fun – plus, kids will love mixing ingredients and trying out the results!

Taste test for the home

I decided to do something fairly simple for my first try and was pretty happy with the results.

I followed the no-cook strawberry ice cream recipe, which meant mashing strawberries with sugar, golden syrup, and lemon juice before mixing in some cream.

The strawberry mixture had to sit for 10 minutes before adding the cream, which took some time, but otherwise it was very quick and easy.

I then put it in a tub and in the freezer for 24 hours. When I took it out, I followed the simple setup guide and selected the “Ice Cream” program.

It tasted yummy but I found it a bit crumbly at first so I dialed “re-spin” and then it was creamy and just right. The recipe guide highlights that re-rolling may be required to get the texture right.

What other ice machines can I buy?

Would you like to get into ice making but aren’t convinced by the ninja? Here are six alternatives at different prices.

  • Duronic Ice Cream Maker, £39.99 – buy here
  • Magimix Gelato Expert Ice Cream Maker, Silver, £500.00 at John Lewis – buy here
  • Cuisinart Iced Dessert Maker, £140.00 at Fenwicks – buy here
  • Buffalo Upright Ice Maker 2 Ltr, £299.98 at Nisbets – buy here
  • 5KICA0WH ICE CREAM MACHINE, £79.20 from Kitchenaid – buy here
  • 3 Mode Automatic Electric Ice Cream Maker, £138.95 at Castaway – buy here

Ninja Ice Machine Review: The Verdict

Although the Ninja CREAMi reinvents an ice cream maker, it works and produces great flavor results.

Price is a factor (it’s mid-range among other ice machines, and some also have a freeze function) and a 24-hour minimum is a long time, but for me the system works to keep it in the freezer for a day or more to ask two before i need it.

The small tubs might be an issue for some too, but again that worked well for me – there was plenty to provide desserts for my family and I liked the idea of ​​having different flavors in tubs in the freezer, ready for me to to whip up some gelato or a smoothie whenever I felt like it.

I think perfecting the texture will probably take some practice and making sure you follow the recipe closely, but I loved how experimental you could be with the flavors and textures of desserts – as your confidence grows it can become quite addictive to develop new and innovative flavor combinations.

Overall, I was struck by how quick and convenient the process was, from mixing the ingredients in minutes, to having preset options for the different desserts, to popping all the pieces in the dishwasher – done.

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