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When Alex and I were contemplating what flavor we wanted to try next in our Ninja Creami, we thought back to some of our favorite flavors. White chocolate peppermint ice cream, of course, was towards the top of the list.

Keeping that in mind, we knew white chocolate was a flavor we wanted to use. And what better to go with white chocolate than raspberry, for a delicious white chocolate raspberry ice cream!

For this flavor, we decided to keep it simple with the ingredients to really let the white chocolate and raspberry flavor shine through. The best part is, you can use some leftover white chocolate chips from all of the holiday baking and throw them in this ice cream!

The flavor of the white chocolate mixed with raspberries brings a great flavor to this creamy treat.

So grab some raspberries and white chocolate chips, and get spinning with this delicious Ninja Creami ice cream recipe!

To Make Dairy-Free White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream, Use the Following:

  • 1 tbsp vegan cream cheese for 1 tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 cup oat milk for 1 cup whole milk
  • 3/4 cup cream of coconut for 3/4 cup heavy cream

First Time Using the Ninja Creami or Looking for Tips?

While the Ninja Creami is a machine with only 7 buttons, it can still be intimidating! Here are a few tips and tricks Alex and I have picked up since beginning our ice cream journey with the Ninja Creami!

  • Do I need to melt the white chocolate chips on the stove? We tried just microwaving the white chocolate chips to melt them, but we found that they quickly hardened back up and would not mix smoothly into the ice cream mixture. By using a stove top pan, the white chocolate chips are able to melt into the mixture to create consistent flavor throughout the ice cream. So the recommendation is using the stove top to achieve the best white chocolate peppermint ice cream!
  • Can I use frozen raspberries instead of fresh? Yes, you can! Just make sure that the frozen raspberries are softened/defrosted before using them, so they don’t ruin the Creami blade. You can either let them sit for a while before putting them in, or microwave them for around 15 seconds.
  • If I put the pint back into the freezer, do I need to mix the ice cream up again before enjoying? Surprisingly, no! When using the typical base ingredients (whole milk, heavy cream), re-spinning is probably best to get the ice cream back to its original creamy consistency after freezing. However, we have found when using oat milk and cream of coconut, our first spin leaves the ice cream very creamy (almost like a soft-serve texture). After putting it in the freezer for 24 hours after this original spin, the ice cream is the perfect texture to enjoy without re-spinning! My suggestion is see how the texture is without a re-spin, and re-spin only as necessary!
  • What button should I use to spin my ice cream? This all depends on the consistency you’re going for! Each button operates the machine at varying speeds. For thicker concoctions (like ice cream), the ice cream button is best. However, if using eggs in the recipe (like a gelato), use the gelato button! The sorbet button is best used with fruit mixtures. For example, if mixing a can of pineapples in heavy syrup, use the sorbet button to make a delicious fruity creation! Overall, it’s something you can experiment with to find your personal preference for your ice cream consistency!

Looking for More Ninja Creami Recipes?

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If you’re like us and are running out of ice cream storage containers, grab a two-pack of Ninja Creami pints to keep your freezer full with all of your ice cream creations!

Or if you don’t have a Ninja Creami and are on the fence about getting one, check out my honest review!

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