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Moose Tracks Ice Cream Recipe is arguably the easiest and most delectable vanilla based ice cream with ribbons of fudge, chocolate, and peanut butter cup studded in an easy no churn ice cream. This has quickly become my family’s favorite ice cream. I kid you not!

That was a mouthful – but so is this No-Churn Moose Track Ice Cream with 3 simple ingredients and the mix-ins; you cannot go wrong. Vanilla ice cream rippled with crunchy and smooth chocolate fudge sauces (much like the original Moose Tracks fudge) with creamy chocolate and peanut butter Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

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Pan filled with Moose Tracks Ice Cream with three scoops on top ready to go.

Why is it called Moose Tracks?

This easy homemade ice cream is called Moose Tracks because of the shape of the peanut butter cups when you cut them in half. They look like the tracks left by a moose – kind of, we’re just going to go with it!

Where did Moose Tracks Ice Cream Originate

Denali Flavors teams up with ice cream-producing dairies across the country to manufacture an array of regional and store-branded products, including many varieties of Moose tracks® ice creams.

However; it was back in the mid-90’s that the Original Moose Tracks took off. Original Moose Tracks is the unmistakable combination of Famous Moose Tracks Fudge and peanut butter cups in vanilla ice cream. Available across the country in many local grocery stores.

Moose Tracks is privately owned by a wonderful husband and wife team who have branched out with other flavors of moose tracks to include mint moose tracks, extreme maximum fudge moose tracks, chocolate moose tracks, brownie moose tracks to name a few. Check out their fun, bright website for more of the story.

This copycat Moose Tracks Ice Cream recipe will become your go-to recipe when you cannot find it in stores, or are just craving your favorite ice cream. Add as much or as little of the yummy mix-ins as your heart desires!

If you remember the “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” commercials- well, don’t raise your hand- but you surely remember the craze surrounding the invention of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. When Moose Tracks Ice Cream first came out, it was the same way.Just taste it, and you will see what I mean!

Moose Tracks Ice Cream Ingredients

What is in moose tracks ice cream? For the full list of ingredients and directions print the recipe card at the end of this post.

  • Heavy Whipping Cream | Real, heavy fresh cream makes the best ice cream consistency.
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk | Please do not mistake this for the evaporated milk. You need the sweetness and syrup texture of this sweetened condensed milk.
  • Vanilla | Use regular vanilla extract, or a richer variation would be to use vanilla bean paste.
    • Note: Most vanilla extracts are gluten-free, try my favorite brand Rodelle Vanilla or make your own Homemade Vanilla Extract with this recipe!
  • Hot Fudge Topping | Get your favorite brand from the store or try your hand at making homemade chewy hot fudge sauce.
  • Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups | Mini cups are the best for cutting in half and putting into the mixture! I also found some super mini peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. Allergic to peanut butter? Use almond butter cups!
  • Magic Shell Fudge | You can buy the Hershey’s or Smucker’s variety at the grocery store. Or you may want to try my recipe and make your own healthier Homemade Magic Shell.

These are my favorite mix-ins and what is traditional in the original moose tracks ice cream recipe.

In fact, after you see how easy this recipe is, you’ll likely be wanting to try other no-churn ice cream recipes like my Circus Animal Cookie Ice Cream.

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How to Make Easy Moose Tracks Ice Cream

Okay, it is this easy to make this delicious homemade chocolate and peanut butter ice cream right in your kitchen and enjoy all the creamy goodness in about 6 hours!

Step 1 | Mixing the Ingredients

Get a large mixing bowl or your stand mixer bowl and measure out the vanilla ice cream base ingredients. Begin with the heavy whipping cream and whip until stiff peaks form – as if you were making homemade whipped cream.

Slowly add the other two ingredients; sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla, and whip the mixture for less than a minute.

Whipping whipped cream in bowl with hand mixer, using a paper plate with hole cut out as a cheap splatter guard.
Whip heavy cream
Whipping whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk in bowl with hand mixer.
Mix to combine
Hand pouring in can of organic sweetened condensed milk into whipped cream mixture.
Add sweetened condensed milk
Adding vanilla bean paste into no churn moose tracks ice cream mixture.
Add vanilla or vanilla bean paste

Step 2 | Adding Mix-Ins Making Moose Treacks

Take out a loaf pan or an ice cream container, and line it with parchment or plastic wrap if desired. This will make scooping more effortless, and you can take the entire frozen solid mixture out and slice it if you want!

Now spoon in half the creamy sweet ice cream mixture into the pan. Here’s the best partOkay, get ready – now you will pour on the fudge sauce and sprinkle the layer with some of the mini Reese’s cups. This is also where you can add some of the Magic Shell if you want that crunchy fudge ripple in your chocolatey ice cream.

Folding in Reeses Peanut Butter cups into moose track ice cream mixture.
Fold Peanut Butter Cups into Batter
Scooping half of the Moose tracks ice cream mixture into prepared pan.
Spoon half into pan
Added magic shell and hot fudge sauce over vanilla ice cream base for Moose Tracks.
Add layer of fudge and magic shell

Step 3 | Add the Second Layer

Pour on the remainder of the ice cream mixture and then add the rest of the mix-ins. Use your judgment as to how much you use. Like it loaded, add lots — like it light, add a few and keep some in reserve for serving. That’s the beauty of making your own homemade ice cream, keep it lower carb by limiting how many mix-ins you add!

This will be your top layer, so grab a butter knife and give the top an excellent gentle swirl to make it gorgeously marbled!

Use a Figure 8 or twisting motion with the knife inserted shallow works best! If desired, add a few additional peanut butter cups.

Spoon rest of moose tracks ice cream batter on top and smooth out.
Smooth on rest of batter
More fudge and magic shell swirled on top of ice cream batter.
Add more fudge & Magic Shell
After swirling in the fudge and magic shell into the vanilla no churn ice cream.
Use a knife to gently swirl in
Moose tracks ice cream ready for freezer topped with swirls of fudge, magic shell and peanut butter cups.
Add a few more peanut butter cups

Cover with foil, wax paper or plastic wrap.

Now pop the pan into the freezer and allow it to harden to the consistency you would like, see below for recommended freezing times.


  • Adding marshmallows or other flavors would make it an entirely different “track” a rocky road moose track.
  • Add a swirl of rich, thick caramel sauce for Caramel moose tracks.
  • Make Chocolate Moose Tracks by adding 3 tablespoons quality cocoa powder when blending batter with a pinch of salt.
  • Add brownie bits for brownie moose tracks.
  • Try using my edible cookie dough for Cookie Dough Moose tracks!

Organic dairy products seem to have a creamier flavor and consistency. That is why I like to use them for my creamiest recipes, like ice creams!

If you are going to mix another batch for a second pan, be sure to wash the bowl well before beginning. If there are leftover oils from the cream in the bowl, the cream will not whip up easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended Equipment

  • A Hand Mixer or Stand mixer with a large bowl, this mixing bowl is my favorite.
  • This is my favorite ice cream scoop, it’s heavy duty and dish washer safe.
  • Ice cream container | You don’t need anything fancy, a simple loaf pan or a Tupperware will work just fine, but I must say I am yearning for one of these ice cream storage containers.

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