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Video Mint Chip Ice Cream – David Lebovitz

One of my favorite summertime memories was having Mint Chip Ice Cream back when I grew up in New England, which we ate outside and had ordered from a window at our local dairy. Even though the ice cream was freshly made, they made sure it bright-bright-green, so we knew we were eating mint, I suppose.

I remember a few years later, after the dairy closed, when we bought a tub of ‘all-natural’ ice cream at the supermarket and I lifted the lid off the tub of mint chip ice cream, I was surprised to find that mint ice cream wasn’t really green at all, but almost pure, snowy white, save for the chunks of chocolate studded about here and there.

When I wanted to come up with my own Mint Ice Cream recipe, I used handfuls of fresh mint leaves for flavor, unlike what the store-bought stuff is made from, so it had a leafy, herbaceous flavor. A few people noted to me at various times that their mint-infused milk didn’t get the delicate green hue that mine has, but mint is a plant and most plants aren’t standardized—at least not the ones I want to eat.

So, naturally, there will be variations in strength and color depending on the mint that you use. If you’d prefer to have absolute certain, standardized results, you could simply make a plain vanilla ice cream and add mint extract or crème de menthe in lieu of the vanilla, but I’ll stick to using only fresh mint in my ice cream.

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I loved writing my ice cream book, The Perfect Scoop because when I worked in the restaurant kitchen, my very favorite thing to do was to make ice cream. I found ice cream to be a perfect backdrop for playing around with a whole bunch of flavors, not just chocolate and vanilla. And it seems everyone loves ice cream, including me.

Mint Chip is truly one of my fondest flavors, to this day, and this batch I recently churned up at home reconfirmed that. I could barely stop myself from taking copious samples as I was folding in the melted chocolate to make the crunchy little chocolate chips.

The French don’t have many chocolate-mint desserts in their repertoire (maybe we need a few Girl Scouts peddling cookies!) but at the outdoor markets, vendors sell huge bunches of fresh mint, which folks use to make mint tea and tabbouleh. They’re cheap, too; normally about 50 centimes per bunch. Of course, you have to put up with being jostled by the remarkably resilient women who are certain there is a better bunch located somewhere near the bottom of the stack (which always seem to be right where I happen to be standing…), that has an additional branch or a few more mint leaves on them than the forty-nine bunches of mint on top of the pile.

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Feel free to improvise and fold in any kind of chocolate chips you want, or go a little wild and add about two cups of chopped thin mints or crumbled brownies instead of making the chocolate chips with melted chocolate. One tip: When you melt the chocolate, make sure the bowl is clean and dry; any moisture or water will cause the chocolate to seize and harden. And if that happens, you’ll miss out on the fun of drizzling the chocolate and stirring them to make the homemade chips.

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