Indulge in the Delightful Mickey Ice Cream Bar Loungefly

How deep does your love for your favorite Disney snack run? Whether you find joy in a Mickey Pretzel, Churro, Dole Whip, or the iconic Mickey Bar itself, your devotion knows no bounds. And now, Disney has answered your cravings with a brand new line of merchandise that celebrates the beloved frozen treat. Brace yourself for the ultimate ice cream experience!

A Melting Affair with the Spirit Jersey

Spirit Jersey
Who can resist the charm of the Disney World Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Spirit Jersey? Priced at $74.99, this irresistible piece showcases the Mickey Bar’s scrumptious design. The front captures the melty goodness, while the back reveals the iconic treat in all its glory. It’s a feast for the eyes and a delectable way to channel your love for the Mickey Bar.

A Taste of the Disneyland Magic

The back of the spirit jersey
For those on the West Coast, fear not! The Disneyland Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Spirit Jersey is here to satisfy your cravings too. At the same price of $74.99, this spirit jersey boasts a design that will transport you to the magical world of Disney. Let your love for the Mickey Bar shine through with every step you take.

The Perfect Match: Mickey Bar Ears

Mickey Premium Bar Ears
No outfit is complete without a charming pair of Minnie ears. And what better way to complement your Mickey Bar-inspired ensemble than with the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Ears? Priced at $29.99, these adorable ears feature sprinkles of eaten and un-eaten Mickey Bars. The bow showcases the delicious melted design, with an eaten Mickey Bar icon at its center. It’s sweetness overload!

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A Delicious Addition to Your Accessories: Loungefly Backpack

So Cute!
Carry the spirit of the Mickey Bar with you wherever you go with the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Loungefly Backpack. Priced at $80, this delightful accessory showcases the melted design on its front. The eaten and un-eaten Mickey Bars cover the rest of the bag, serving as a reminder of your love for this iconic treat. Plus, it comes with a GIANT Mickey Bar Icon on the front that doubles as a zip pocket. It’s both stylish and practical!

Step Beyond the Ordinary with Mickey Bar Crocs

Mickey Bar Crocs
Complete your Mickey Bar-inspired ensemble from head to toe with the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Crocs. Priced at $59.99, these shoes are a perfect match for the rest of the merchandise. Covered in the familiar design of eaten and un-eaten Mickey Bars, these Crocs feature an adorable eaten Mickey Bar charm on each shoe. Now, you can walk in delicious style!

Indulge in the world of Mickey Bars and treat yourself to this delectable line of merchandise. Visit Ice Cream to satisfy your cravings today!

What are your thoughts on this mouthwatering merchandise? Let us know in the comments!

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