McDonald’s Sundae Cone Costs RM2 Now And Netizens Are Not

Video McDonald’s Sundae Cone Costs RM2 Now And Netizens Are Not

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There’s something special about the McDonald’s vanilla sundae cone. The ice cream served as a quick pick-me-up for many, and you only need RM1 to buy a bit of happiness.

Twitter user @ZackAvaricious got shocked when he realized the McDonald’s sundae cone had a 100% price hike!

In a tweet, he shared that the sundae cone costs RM2 now and asked the fast-food franchise to explain.

Hey @McDMalaysia you raised your sundae cone price from RM1.00 to RM2.00, thats a 100% price hike. Any explanation?!

Netizens shared how sad they felt about the price hike and some even suggested other places to get their ice cream fix.

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A netizen joked and said it was horrifying to pay for the sundae cone with two pieces of RM1.

My shock came when I was about to buy a McD Sundae cone. I thought RM0.95 then tax whatever RM1. Now it’s RM1.80? That’s two pieces of RM1. The horror.

One expressed feeling shocked in 2010 when they had to fork out RM2.25 for ChocoTop. The price for ChocoTop in the diagram posted states it costs RM2.50 now.

Conversely, the McFlurry used to cost around RM4 but it’s now raised to RM6.60.

lama tak makan chocotop ttiba harga dah rm2.25 uhuk 😫🥺

Dulu oreo McFlurry 4 ringgit je mcm mana boleh jd 6.60 ni ,🥺

Another netizen dug up her receipt as evidence of the price hike while another showed the small amount of chocolate syrup in their cup of McD ice cream.

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Bukti sundae cone dah naik harga. 😭 Tbh I didn’t realize I paid more than RM1 for it. Hahaha. Baca tweet ni terus cari balik resit.

chocolate tu makin sikit. Bila tanya, mmg satu pam je kak. Mmg malas la aku mkn mcd lgi lepas ni.

A netizen complained that McDonald’s certainly did not increase the price to raise the minimum wage for the staff.

Another person pointed out the audacity to raise the prices and not fix their faulty ice-cream machine.

Jawapan yang TAK mungkin mcd reply, “We have to raised the price because we want to raise the minimum wages for the staff.”

Nak baiki mesin aiskrim yang everyday rosak

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Finally, someone pointed out that Malaysians are too meek when it comes to protesting compared to the Canadians.

Ingat lagi McD canada naik harga berapa sen je mengamuk canadians. Harga memang static je tak tukar. Malaysian punya suara tak kuat, kita lagi suka ‘takpelah’ ‘nak buat macam mana’ ‘tak mampu tak payah makan’. Senang ditindas. @McDonaldsCanada

Where else to get cheaper ice-creams?

If you don’t feel like forking out RM2 for a McDonald’s sundae, here are the other places where you can get delicious ice creams at a lower price.

Ikea still mantained 90cent

Eskrim legend ni tak pernah menghampakan 😭😭 harga pun bawah Rm2.

Sudah lama tak makan… Sudah tukar Mynews, Ikea, Family Mart punya sundae cone. Lebih enak dan lebih baik daripada Mcdonald

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