Introducing the McBroken App: Your McFlurry Machine Savior

The Plight of McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine

Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of craving a delicious McFlurry from McDonald’s, only to find out that the ice cream machine is out of order? If so, you’re not alone. Many loyal fans of McDonald’s soft-serve have faced the disappointment of encountering a broken machine when they are in need of a sweet treat. But what causes these machines to constantly break down? While there have been several theories, the full truth may forever remain a mystery. However, there is finally a glimmer of hope for McFlurry enthusiasts in the form of an app called McBroken.

Unveiling McBroken: Your Real-Time Machine Status Tracker

McBroken is an ingenious app that provides real-time information about the status of the McFlurry machine at your nearest McDonald’s. Created by software engineer Rashiq Zahid, McBroken emerged from a frustrating experience Zahid himself had in the summer of 2020. He attempted to order a McSundae through McDonald’s mobile app but found the item unavailable. This led him to a revelation as he shared on Twitter, “I reverse-engineered McDonald’s internal API, and I’m currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every McDonald’s in the United States to figure out which locations have a broken ice cream machine.”

Through, you can now view a map that displays every McDonald’s location in the United States. Each location is represented by either a green or red dot, indicating whether the McFlurry machine is currently operational. Additionally, the app provides updates on the percentage of broken machines nationwide and offers a breakdown by major cities. As of now, a staggering 13% of machines are out of order nationwide, with a shocking 40% in New York.

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Decoding the Mysteries of the McFlurry Machine

The reasons behind the constant breakdowns of the McFlurry machine are multifaceted, though not all explanations align. According to a 2017 Wall Street Journal article, the most commonly cited reason is the extensive cleaning and sanitization process that the McDonald’s ice cream machines require. These machines must undergo a four-hour cleaning regimen every single day. As a result, when the cleaning process occurs during opening hours, ice cream service is temporarily halted. Moreover, during peak times, restaurant staff may not find the time to perform the necessary cleaning procedures.

Another contentious factor is that only technicians employed by Taylor, the company responsible for manufacturing the McFlurry machines, are permitted to service them. Wired magazine delves into this issue in a 2021 report, labeling it a “milkshake shakedown.” Essentially, Taylor sells intricate and delicate machines to franchisees, restricts them from understanding the cause of constant breakdowns, and profits from the repairs carried out by distributors.

In 2017, McDonald’s acknowledged the frustration caused by the malfunctioning machines and announced plans to replace them with more manageable alternatives. However, this proposed solution never materialized. Additionally, when a company called Kytch attempted to create a workaround for the machines, they found themselves embroiled in a lawsuit, as revealed by Wired.

Although the true reasons behind the perpetual out-of-order status of McFlurry machines may remain elusive for now, McBroken ensures that you won’t be caught off guard when seeking a sweet McFlurry fix.

With McBroken, you hold the power to satisfy your cravings by knowing ahead of time whether the nearest McDonald’s is serving up your favorite icy indulgence. So don’t let the heartbreak of a broken McFlurry machine dampen your spirits. Embrace the convenience of McBroken and enjoy your beloved McFlurry whenever and wherever it’s available.

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