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Maple Walnut Ice Cream is a no-churn four ingredient ice cream that will win over your heart. It is full of rich maple flavor with crunchy walnuts in every bite. This is a crazy easy recipe, that doesn’t require an ice cream maker!

Maple walnut ice cream in a loaf pan.

I have an ice cream maker attachment for my mixer that I’ve used a couple times. I usually forget that I have it because I don’t have room to store it in my freezer. Good ice cream isn’t cheap at the grocery store so we haven’t been purchasing it regularly.

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

I did a little online research and discovered the wonderful world of no-churn ice cream. This is ice cream you can make without any special equipment and it is beyond easy. Best of all, it tastes out of this world!

I whipped up a batch of Maple Walnut Ice Cream recently and was so happy with the results! It’s creamy, smooth and sweet.

What Ingredients Do You Need For No-Churn Ice Cream

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All you’ll need is some whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, maple syrup and walnuts. I also use the Glad Freezer Safe Containers. I recommend Maple Lifestyle if you are looking for a good quality maple syrup.

Maple walnut ice cream ingredients.

I use my Kitchen Aid Mixer to beat the ingredients (minus the walnuts). It takes a few minutes before it gets to the right consistency. You’ll want it to look thick and creamy.

Steps to make maple walnut ice cream.

Steps to make maple walnut ice cream.

Maple walnut ice cream with a scoop in it.

How Long Do You Freeze Maple Walnut Ice Cream

You’ll need to freeze it for at least six hours for it to firm up enough to eat. I was a little anxious and checked the containers at five hours and it was still a little soft and runny in some spots. Later on that day, it was perfection!

Sprinkle with a few extra walnuts and drizzle with maple syrup, if desired. Now, my mind is going with other flavours to try. I’ve already made Caramel ice cream and it turned out great! I’ll watching for sales on sweetened condensed milk so I can stock up in my pantry.

Does the Maple Syrup Need to be Real

Yes, for this recipe you want to use real maple syrup. If you use the artificial syrup it won’t give you that deep and rich flavor you are going to desire. It will fall flat and won’t be something that will win you over. So buy real maple syrup for this recipe! Trust me, don’t skimp.

How Long Will Maple Walnut Ice Cream Store in the Freezer

Depending on how well you store your ice cream you can expect it to last anywhere up to two weeks. Just make sure it is an airtight container. You don’t want crystals to form on top of the ice cream and make it freezer burned.

Maple walnut ice cream in an ice cream scoop.

How to Make No-Churn Maple Walnut Ice Cream

You will add all the ingredients except the walnuts into a bowl and blend it up. I used my stand mixer for this, to really get the ingredients mixed well. Then once it is mixed you will fold in the walnuts.

Pour into the pan and toss in the freezer for about 6 hours or overnight. Then grab an ice cream scoop and serve it up to family and friends.

Want More Ice Cream Recipes

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Topping Ideas for Maple Walnut Ice Cream

  • Extra Walnuts
  • Sprinkles
  • White chocolate chips or butterscotch chips
  • Drizzle of caramel
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon

You could add on any of your favorite toppings. Or pair it with a plain white cake for the ultimate dessert. I would even think this would be incredible with a blondie brownie.

A hand holding a maple walnut ice cream cone.

Can I Make this Ice Cream in Advance

Of course. It is actually best to make this 24 hours in advance when you want to serve it up. That way you ensure it has fully set up before you go into scooping and serving the ice cream.

Can I Double this Ice Cream Recipe

Yes, you sure can. Just use a large enough pan to freeze or use multiple pans so that you get that even texture over the ice cream. This is a great way to make homemade ice cream for birthday parties, holiday events, and more.

Maple walnut ice cream in a parfait dish with maple syrup on top.

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Have you ever made your own ice cream?

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